Monday, September 1

Live Within Your Means. or Expand Your Means?

I have a confession.

I have plugged the leaks in my personal finance.  I have taken stock of my finances; I have more than enough in my emergency fund, I have properties I am leasing out, and I am investing in the stock market.

But I still have a hard time living below my means and within my needs.

You see, I was a shopaholic.

The mall was my therapy!  I get stressed, I shop.  I have nothing to do, I shop.  I need to get this same blouse I am wearing in a different color, I shop.

Shopping made me happy!


I have curbed my addiction, thankfully.

Kind of.

You see, I have gone through times when money would magically fill my wallet (of course, it was not magic, but I sure did go through those times when money came easily), and I would literally go on a rampage in the mall which was why I ended up with unworn shoes (stuck in boxes in the dark corners of the shoe cabinet) and enough makeup for a family and five kikay daughters. 

Until, of course, tough times came and I had to really really think hard if I needed another extra pair of those cute wedges or that new CC Cream.

That was why I secretly resented this:



Friday, August 29

Find Your Happy Girl Secrets!


It’s Girl Power in the B household as I dared my girls, V and G, to find their #happy girl secrets!

V Red hearts beRed roseng a   Dork

My Happy Girl Secret

Be comfortable with who you are and open about the things you nerd out over – no matter how silly they may seem!  My sometimes dorky bro and I love listening to happy songs and watching the best cartoons like Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

G Red hearts Sweet EndMartini glassngs 

My Happy Girl Secret

I’m a big dessert lover and I always make sure there’s room for a yummy treat after a meal!

Me   Red heart  Ha ppy People

My Happy Moments

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, believe in your dreams just as much as you do, have faith in you despite your mistakes and imperfections, and bring out only the best in you! (in my case, I really love hanging out with the teens!)

What is your happy girl secret?

Wednesday, August 27

How To Tame Tantrums

The crying.  The kicking. The screaming.  The stranger stares.  A child melting down in  public can make you feel helpless – and ashamed.  Is there any way to calm a child suddenly melting down in public?


temper tantrums


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