Saturday, May 21, 2016

May’s Greatest Hits

For me, May is practically a perfect month.  The first week involved  a long weekend (Hello, May election day), and in between we celebrated…

Mother’s Day.

voted for the country’s future,



witnessed Adrian Move Up in a grand way (2 major awards plus an endless list of best in’s,

When you realize that yes,he is wise beyond his years.Congratulations,Yoda err, Adrian!

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catched a glimpse of him in a short Indie film called the “bullfighter,”

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May also means long, sunny days playing outside and fresh, yummy desserts…

"Strawberries are the angels of the earth" #day39

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#blessedsunday #day59

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#westietude #day51

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May means rain…


And my eldest daughter having her graduation pic…

Darling, you're a queen. Don't let any man half love you. #vsco #vscoph #vscocam #vscogrid #vscophile

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It means puppy kisses


lazy days,

Lemon water or strawberry slushie? #day53

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and beautiful memories.

Coffee,pizza and selfie #day52

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Here is One Way To Look Great and Confident

Ever feel like there was just something missing from your new bikini or whenever you wear a low cut blouse or dress?  They might be your favorite color, it flatters your butt and  and yet, you like to be more showy in a way.  Ladies are always on the vain side and looking good boost up our confidence.  For those who use ruffles, push-up tops, and even gel inserts but they never seem enough, let me tell you about this one website which can give you a great boob job to make you looking good and great! 


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Losing (even a little) Weight Can Save Your Life

It is almost halfway through the year, and I bet that you guys have stayed faithful to your new year’s health resolutions.  I probably did way better last year when I started setting goals like running for around 2 km for 30 days, adding a kilometer for another 30 days until I reach five.  I am still running now, although I miss a day or two when I am super tired, but I need to work more on the diet.  I am glad I maintained the daily run (although there are some weeks when I can’t run everyday).