Saturday, November 1

Join Momble Philippines and Win a Lamaze Multi-Sensory Toy and Momble products


Happy October (and can’t wait for December)! 

Let’s start this wonderful month with a giveaway from Momble Philippines!

Momble gift pack
The giveaway pack will contain customized Momble merchandise and a Lamaze multi-sensory toy! (I like, I like!Nyah-Nyah)

What is Momble Philippines?

Momble Philippines Giveaway
Imagine signing on to your facebook or Twitter and connecting to mommies from all walks of life.

Momble Philippines is like that.  It is a social media site dedicated to turning all 7,107 of our islands into ONE BIG MOMMY COMMUNITY.

Tuesday, October 21

Beautiful DIY Flowers From Bloominous

One of the most important “ingredient” to a memorable wedding is a beautiful floral arrangement.  The price tag for the floral arrangement of your dreams can be very steep, though, making many brides-to-be resort to DIY.  However, with zero or little knowledge on how to make floral arrangements, the entire process just isn’t worth the stress and the dollars. 

Bloominous to the rescue!


Bloominous makes DIY wedding flowers beautiful, affordable and easy for the budget- conscious bride and groom.


Another Reason to Hug Your Hubby

A happy marriage makes a woman handle job stress way better than those who handle stress at the office and the home, says a research.  The study conducted over three years disclosed that wives who had a harmonious marriage have normal blood pressures while those who stress about practically everything at home and on the job experienced higher blood pressures.

happy couple

This must be the reason why my blood pressure is normal!  I work out, I am trying to eat right and I hug hubby a lot, especially if he will buy now my own guitar!

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