Monday, February 13, 2017

Can You Trust Your Financial Advisor?

Is your financial advisor pitching you financial advice with your best interests at heart?
Here’s why I asked this.
A report released by the Consumer Federation of America who sampled 25 major brokerage firms and insurance companies said that brokerage firms and insurance companies may call their professionals “financial advisors” BUT 
“these individuals often are actually sales representatives who pitch mutual funds, annuities and insurance products.”
So the question now is:
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Can you trust your financial advisor?

We always get a pitch from financial advisors.

And we are not sure if they TRULY care for us or if they only truly care for their commissions.

Are there ways to learn if they really are knowledgeable and competent and not just trying to make a sale?

Monday, February 06, 2017

Are Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) Good Investments?

Have you decided about getting a VUL yet?  I hope my post here will help you make an informed decision.
I probably have written about how much I love Mutual Funds and UITFs as investments for beginners, but some people need a point-by-point explanation.

So, are Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds good investments?



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Mutual Funds and UITFs are basic investment tools for growing your money.


Here’s one thing.  My eldest, 20 year old daughter, who has graduated and has passed the board  in one of the courses offered by SLU’s College of Natural Sciences, has NO IDEA about Mutual Funds and UITFs and may be prone to make the 4 Money Mistakes that even I do all the time.
And her 11 year old brother knows these beginner investment tools. (They actually teach Money in my son’s school!)
To be financially free, everyone, whether you have a finance or science degree, whether you are still going to school or a new college graduate, whether you prefer science lingo to boring finance terms (my daughter lol) SHOULD know Mutual Funds and UITFs and how they work.
Because MUTUAL FUNDS AND UITFs are your basic investment tools to GROW YOUR MONEY!

Saturday, February 04, 2017

A Baby Exposed to Beautiful Music is a Happy Baby

I bet you will agree that kids and music go together.  They are literally a musicians fruend!Music is what you use to successfully comfort your colicky baby.  It is that groovy song or nursery rhyme that you used as your toddler gingerly tries to stand up and walk on his own. 

But what really goes on when a baby is exposed to music?


A lot, experts say, since studies -  although I bet you know them by now – prove that music makes a child happier, calmer, makes him understand language, be good at math and a lot more.

I will detail the effects in a future post.