Monday, August 18, 2014

Find Your True Bargain!

While blaming the Chinese Ghost Month for my endless gastos and thinking about how to save money, spend wisely and spot bargains, I was inspired to go through the clutter in my room and closet and sell all my junk.  More than making a few extra bucks, it was the thought of making room for bigger and better things that excited me.  Five days, countless cramps, three migraines and one huge backache later, I had a humongous Toss pile and a relatively small Keep pile.

What I learned

True Bargains

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Babypalooza Bazaar is Back! Plus a Giveaway!

Update:Hey,peaches, guess what? We have a winner!!!Joy D. won the Princess and the Pea dress!!! Joy, the organizers will be contacting you soon, and looking forward to a photo of your princess wearing the beautiful dress!

The Babypalooza  Bazaar is Back!  

With a giveaway from the Princess and the Pea Shop!

Ang ganda, di ba?  Perfect for your princess!  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stay Cool with Sunsella Mighty Pops Silicone Molds

Do you have childhood memories of eating ice pops during the sweltering hot summer days?
I do.  After spending the whole day on the fields in my grandparents’ place, I just had to raid my grandma’s freezer and get some ice popsicles.  We have a funny name for them, too – we call them ice candy! (Give me the pink one please! )

We just make them ourselves, too.  We had these little plastic wrappers where we put what we made – usually a delicious concoction of milk, sugar, pieces of fruit in season. (I know!  Everything tastes soo good if you are a kid, especially if you made it yourself!)



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