Friday, September 19

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Who loves Audrey Hepburn’s style?

Everyone does, right?  Her look transcends time.  Years after she died, her classic beauty, elegance, style and grace continues to live on.

Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, September 14

What’s With The Scary Dolls?

What’s with the Scary Dolls?

A couple of weeks ago, my teen daughter showed me the trailer of Annabelle, that scary doll that made a brief appearance in the Conjuring.

This week, local TV was full of scary trailer of “Maria Leonora Teresa” about three haunted dolls.

Did you ever have scary dolls?

When Nicole was like around three or four years old, she had a Hug and Glow Baby Ariel Doll.


baby ariel

Friday, September 5

Four Steps to Happy Holidays–No Matter What

September 1 was a big holiday for us Baguio folks.  It was the day the city turned 105. And like any holiday, I woke up to…

Christmas songs?

Four Steps To Holiday

Now we all know that the Christmas season is celebrated the longest in the Philippines (from September to the first Sunday of January), but I thought it was a little over-the-top and downright weird to hear Christmas songs this early.

But anyway, since I am generally a happy person and I do love Christmas, I really do, I thought of these awesome ways to have a happy holiday – no matter what:

  1. Give thanks.  If you’re ever tempted to be in a sour mood over something this Christmas, reverse it quickly by thinking of something you’re thankful for this year.
  2. Give love.  It doesn’t solve everything, but it does solve a lot of things.
  3. Get busy.  Boredom can be a big problem during Christmas vacay (especially if you have outgrown waiting and expecting for Santa)-ad can actually make your mind work overtime to turn teensy problems into big deals.  Fight off the blues by doing something helpful – like helping your mom order wonderful Christmas decors from this site.  You will be so busy being helpful and kind, you won’t have time to complain or whine.
  4. Get over it.  Don’t be haunted by Christmas past – last year’s disaster gift, the day your sister told you something about Santa… Christmas is the season of hope, after all.  So enjoy yourself and starting this September, resolve to make this year’s Christmas the best Christmas ever.


MarieRed heart

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