Monday, November 19, 2012

Locked Alone Overnight! Which Place Would You Choose?

NaBloPoMo’s prompt for today: “If you had to get locked in some place (book store, amusement park, etc) overnight alone, where would you choose to be locked in?

Crib by valentinapowers
                                                          Crib, a photo by valentinapowers on Flickr.

First of all, the idea of being locked alone overnight creeps me out. 
It is an adventure I would not even want to have.
I would like to say I would love to be locked in a book store (which was my first answer to this question actually), but on second thought, no way.  Sure, I love books.  I live and breathe books.  However, I am also a nervous kind of person who worries about little (!) things like “What if overnight turns into every night???” and “There will be an earthquake and the bookstore people will not see me buried under a ton of World Book Encyclopedia.” (I read a lot.  I have great imagination) I will be worrying myself sick I won’t even understand a word in the book I intend to read.
wouldn't want to be locked in an amusement park, either.  All those scary movies I have watched involving clowns and magical rides operating on their own with some blood thrown in doesn't sit well with me. (I am still having a big Halloween hang-over, okay?)
Being locked in a mall sounds fun, but only if I have somebody else with me and I am given a shopping privilege to pick up anything I like and keep it.  Which reminds me.  The mall here in our city used to be a hotel that burned down in the mid 1980s, torching alive a lot of old war veterans. (I told you.  I have a big Halloween hang-over!)Nope.  On second thought, I wouldn’t want to be locked in a mall. Not even if I have limitless shopping privileges.
The truth is I wouldn’t want to be locked alone overnight anywhere else.  I wouldn’t even want to be locked in my own home!
How about you?  Do you have in mind a great place where you would want to be locked in? Why?


  1. I also don't want this to happen to me but if it does, I hope I would be locked someplace where food, water, electricity and internet connection are available. Aside from my family, these are the four things that I can't live without.

  2. It wasn't a difficult choice for me. I'd pick the bookstore anytime. I just hope they have lights on so I could read hehehe....As for you, be very, very careful not to be locked in. I think you wouldn't last a night being locked up with your imagination going wild lol! What's worse? Being locked out of your own house in a raging there goes my imagination hehehhe

  3. I literally laugh after reading your article :D your one fearful Mommy. Fear leads to anger, anger to hatred, hatred to suffering - I think its Yoda who said that hihihi... But come to think of it, no one would be comfortable to the idea of being locked in any circumstances. So your fear is understandable :)

  4. It is one of those good things turn bad moments. Sure you have the choice of where you will get locked in but heck, you're locked in. That can't be good. :) Great post!