Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stuff I Missed (Because I Was Sick...)

I know.  I do whine a lot.  But I hate being sick. I am a lot better now, after two weeks of sheer pain (body ache like you won't believe, head throbbing, nose dripping like waterfalls, coughing like a get the picture...gross nga...)Plus, I missed days in the office.  I am so looking forward to be on vacation leave pa naman this week.

Because I was so sick, I missed the following: Mom

Moms are not supposed to be sick, and if they do, who are supposed to take care of them? Surprisingly, moms don't stop being moms even if they are sick.  I still have to wake up early to prepare my daughter's school lunch.  I still have to go through the whole mom routine...I feel so uncared for...

And I miss my mom...I am so perfectly sure she is looking after me like she did when she was here "live" with me.  I want her so bad with me, physically....

 ... writing some blog posts, but thankfully, my daughter filled my spot., and got full work overload, naturally...

   ...watching John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo!!!

  ...watching teleserye (not that it mattered.  I seem to make wise choices    when I am sick ;) 

   ...watching America at the U.B. AU Gym on October 21. (I was so looking forward to it, too, sigh...


   ...and the Annual Baguio Zombie Walk...

   Hopefully, I will be much better (and saner) this week...(it is my birthday week, too, shhh...)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I saw this photo on a Facebook post of my son's preschool teacher who is now based in Singapore:

From Tin Zap's Facebook Page

"3 yrs old n studyante namin, naka iphone4! Seriously, kanya ung phone! Wwhhhaat??"
"(Our 3-year old student is using iPhone4. Seriously.  She OWNS the phone.)"
Her co-teacher called up the child's mom and kindly told her, "Ma'am, I think you left your phone in your daughter's bag blah blah blah..." and the mom went, "No, la.  That phone is hers."

Comments???Because I have a mouthful, but this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday. (whispering... a child that age shouldn't be having gadgets like that as her toy!I bet she doesn't even know how to call.  Why didn't the mom just buy her a toy phone (the one that says "Hello, operator" in a Chinese accent over and over again) and toss that old iphone to a low tech person like me hehe?)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Self-Confidence: Size Does Not, I Repeat,Does Not Matter

I have been feeling under the weather for over a week now... My eldest daughter is making a guest post, which I am posting right now before she changes her mind (hope she does not do a mutiny and turn this into teenage unwired or something creative-much more creative ;)


In our world right now, let’s just say, we are being judged by our looks. How tall or short we are. How pretty or un-pretty we are. And one of the biggest issues in the human race- how big or how small we are. 

There are always these three little words that always boom in my mind whenever that little judgment is being used- Size doesn’t matter

Someone says you’re small. So? What’s wrong with that? You’re big and bulky. You’re fat. You’re freakishly tall. Soooo what?! There’s nothing wrong with that. Just always remember: It’s those little imperfections you have that make you who you are. 

I’ve been in this world for about 16 years, 1 month and how many weeks, and I’ve seen people who are judged based on their size. The size of their jeans, their clothes, their hand writings… Life is just cruel like that. But then, I’ve seen a lot of people grasp success in their life with no relation to their size. Like, let’s say, Adele won how many freaking awards. Everybody’s out there criticizing her because of her weight, but she doesn’t care because she’s just freakishly awesome that way. (Btw, I adore her :)). I like people who are like that. You know, people with self confidence. They have this certain air around them that makes you like them so easily, you don’t even know why. Like there was this one girl in our school that I always see. Though she was being teased because of her weight, she was still smiling and I’ve never seen her frown. Not even once. 

Everyone is different in their own ways. If you were never born to fit in, why not stand out? :))


Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sting, my all-time favorite music man, won't let himself be "wrapped around" corporate greed's "fingers" and has moved his one-night show at the Mall of Asia to the Araneta Coliseum in support of the Baguio folk's cause! Their virtual "I'll send an SOS to the world, I hope that someone gets my...message in the bottle" petition has reached Sting's beach! And yeah, Sting wouldn't want to do anything with a corporation who "Murders" trees "by numbers."
You can read the details here, while I go dust off my old "Synchronicity" CD...I actually have it on cassette tape, too, which I bought at P19.00 (so go figure out my age lol I actually saved for it in grade school.  Back then, I was into much more serious stuff like Leo Tolstoy and Carl Jung lol). 

                        To our pine trees!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Kindle Keyboard: The Day My Best Friend Almost Died On Me

My Kindle Keyboard is my best friend (aside from my two live best friends, of course, although don't ever get me started on the benefits of having a gadget instead of a live person as a real friend lol).  I had it for over a year ago, and that pink case might look shabby now, but I love it to bits.  In fact, I have been with my kindle keyboard countless times more than hubby (oops, now, he, the real live best friend, my hubby, is glaring at me). In fact, I never had to get myself quarantined from it (I am still sick, folks, with a really nasty cough this time.  Hope I won't contaminate the blogosphere!).  I have read countless Young Adult books on it.  I finished 39 Clues, plus all of the currently available "Cahills vs Vespers" on it (I am weird that way.  I have fun reading children's books and abhor "Casual Vacancy" and "Fifty Shades").  I have stuff like Buffy and Angel in there (the entire series), all of Dan Brown, Emily Griffith, the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers, "Anna and the French Kiss", "Lola and the Boy Next Door", "Hunger Games trilogy", you get the picture.

Not that I am proud of showing off my Kindle, though.  I am more like a teenager, embarrassed of her mom.  My brother would go, "Have those guys ever heard of touch technology yet?" (I am perfectly fine with the buttons and the keyboard, thank you.  Besides, they do have Kindle Touch and the Fire) and there was this one time when I had to attend a seminar in my daughter's high school.  I was waiting for the program to begin and I brought out my Kindle, and this older man (he was like in his sixties or something) brought out his iPad and played Temple Run! I have to return mine inside my bag.  (But, iPad does have a Kindle App which makes the entire iPad look like Kindle, so there!)

Anyway, my Kindle must have made "tampo" since I didn't like to be showing it off, that it actually almost died on me.  The screen got literally frozen. I did a couple of resets and it still won't work! I had to get in touch with the customer service representative of Amazon, although I did realize I am so over my warranty period.  They probably, definitely won't replace my Kindle.  (Amazon, though, has very good CSR.  They do replace damaged Kindles within the warranty period, which makes me want to get the Fire rather than the iPad, because I am soo sure Apple won't even care to replace a smashed iPad)

If you guys love buying online, you must consider Amazon.  They have the best CSR, I swear.  The CSR offered remedies on how I can make my Kindle Keyboard work again, and then offered me substitute Kindle products like the Kindle Wifi 6" Display at around $69.00 and the Kindle Touch at $120.00, if my Kindle won't work.  I was about to tell him that okay, I give in, my best friend is dead, my Kindle suddenly (like on cue!) suddenly came back to life.  The CSR was like, "Are you still there?" and I was, "Hey, it is alive.  I am so glad I didn't say yes to you yet."

So, my old Kindle Keyboard, with its shabby pink case (which probably picked  up the nasty virus during my hospital visits to my dad) remains to be my best friend.  (My office mate, who used to be a loyal Kindle Keyboard Owner ditched it, though, for a Kindle Fire HD, and it does have such great graphics and sound, way better than the good kindle keyboard...).

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I have been meaning to post (a lot), but I have been sick for the past two days.  Taking in some medicine with phenylephrine HCI and chlorphenamine maleate didn't make me better, they just gave me nightmares (I know!Nightmares in full, vivid color and it is not even halloween!).  I am thinking of skipping work tomorrow and just sleep.

Anyway, since this is supposed to be a "wordless post", let me share grainy pictures I took last week outside my dad's hospital room (he was confined for three days.  Yup!must have gotten the virus in the hospital.  They do breed strange mutants there!Ha!).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LSS: Just the Way You Are

I have been watching the blind audition round of “The Voice” the other weekend, when I saw a very electrifying version of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” by a guy from Anchorage, Alaska.I kept insisting to my daughter he is Filipino, just because he goes by the name JR Aquino (I mean, we do get lots of Juniors and JRs around here, right, and the Aquino surname is a given.Filipino tiyak yan)and he does look Pinoy. Turned out his folks are from the Philippines nga. Gee, I hope he grows big like Bruno! 

And speaking of Bruno Mars, he does have a Baguio connection. His real name is Peter Hernandez, born in Waikiki, Hawaii, but Hernandez (like Aquino, which we all automatically think of as Pinoy) is actually Portuguese, not Filipino. His mom’s name, though, is Bernadette San Pedro Bayot-Hernandez.The Bayots are from Cebu, but the San Pedro part is the Baguio connection.Uncle Sonny San Pedro (no relation.In Baguio, we call friends of our folks Uncles and Aunties, the way you guys call them titos and titas)is the brother of Bruno Mars’ maternal grandmom and he was, in fact, at Bruno Mars’ concert here in the Philippines over a year ago. He told me he even got some fans getting his autograph backstage, just because he is the lolo!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Fire and Grace:Blessed Sunday Everyone!

I have been in the blogosphere for around three months now (minus the two weeks when I decided to get a custom domain and got lost in the blogosphere instead :), but I bet a lot of you don't know where my hometown is...

It is in a cold mountainous city in the North, with spectacular skies like this at twilight (when it is not raining):

and a  beautiful Cathedral on top of a hill:

where little boys can play cowboys:

and teens can have the ride of their lives:

I am blessed :)  Have a great Sunday everyone!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Zac Efron on Dating, Going Shirtless and Having More Fun in the Philippines!!!

Zac Efron, LOVE NA KITA! I literally watched Zac Efron grow up (well, since High School Musical started anyway).  Way back when my daughters still adored The Disney Channel (ETC, with its Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, was practically non-existent back then ) and were crushing on regular, wholesome looking high school guys and not on some blue-eyed vampire who everybody thinks should play Christian Grey.  I did the countdown with them before "High School Musical" premiered (oh, yes, there was a countdown and  and by the way, it was a Disney TV movie) and indulged them by buying the original soundtrack and the Disney High School Musical Magazine. I even bought a dance and sing-along DVD!!! (It was fun learning their moves!!!It resurrected my inner High School Spirit!)

Zac Efron was in the Philippines a week ago to shoot with Penshoppe.  I honestly don't know what happened to him and his career after High School Musical III, except that he and Vanessa Hudgens are no longer together. I am so over my fan girl mode for over 15 years now (ha!) and you know, I thought he was one of those "has-been celebrities" who do commercial print ads in foreign countries (like Lindsey Lohan?).

Imagine my surprise when he can't stop talking about his Philippine trip, over a week after he did, at Ellen De Generes' show! He was actually gushing!!! Talking about how great the Philippines while he is in the country is  the norm, but if he can't stop talking about the Philippines way after he left, well, that just means he genuinely loved it here. He was talking about having lunch on top of a volcano (okay, I will add that to my bucket list) and meeting two super cute girls who suddenly appeared out of nowhere in full fan mode.


Zac described the Philippines as a magical place (and he is eating balut, too!)

Old HSM fans are fangirling all over again.  And hey, he did turn out nicely :) Great abs, too.

Monday, October 01, 2012

What Books Are You Reading?

I have been so busy lately I rarely found time to read books (but I did have time to watch local tele-seryes. I ALWAYS make time.  Does that have something to say about my state of mind lately???). I had my eye on this book for weeks, though. I mean, J. K. Rowling!!!I had to get this one. I really should. Even if they say it is not a kid's book. I have read Harry Potter my entire adult life. Read, re-read, then re-read again. I enjoyed J.K.'s magic by reading the books three times! And now, they are saying Harry Potter, my beloved Harry Potter series ( where I had to reserve my copies at the National Book Store, be there the first hour the store opens, and pretend the books are for my daughters and enjoyed every single, magical moment of each and every seven books) are for kids??? Anyway, I did get J.K. Rowling's latest, "The Casual Vacancy" last weekend. Because I am an adult and it is an adult's book (Ha! and HP is for kids.  Got it. I never did get over Daniel Radcliffe admitting he was drunk most of the time while shooting Harry Potter.  I was literally crushed.)They say it is full of profanity and other really dark things. I haven't started it yet. I just had to comment on the Kindle version's price, though. The price is ridikkulus. I mean, you don't need to cut trees, use ink, and bind the e-book. The price is hype, I swear. E-books should be cheap and if they sell an e-book for $27.00, I'd rather get the real hard-bound one (which is actually cheaper at $20.00). I will devour this book this week (but then, one teleserye, which I don't even enjoy anymore is ending. Geez, I love torturing myself...I have to learn how to cry with tears flowing over one of my eyes only, though, which the guy in the teleserye does. Always.)
If you like Percy Jackson and all the Greek and Roman Gods jazz,which I did (I read lots of Young Adult fictions. And. Pretend. That I read them because I had to know what my daughters are reading), you should get "The Mark of Athena". The Greek and Roman demigods will have to work together to defeat the giants released by the Earth Mother, Gaea after which they will have to sail to the ancient land and look for the Doors of Death.

I have always liked Rick Riordan's books.  They are so easy to read (cause they are kids' books?) and they give valuable lessons on Greek and Roman mythology (which I never really did get in high school.).  This book will be released tomorrow, October 2, 2012.

So, what book are you reading?