Monday, January 07, 2013

Learning Nail Art Designs

I have always been fascinated with nail art, but never had the heart to do it.  It looks so complicated.  I have it covered with mineral makeup and hairstyles.  I can do them on my own and do them perfectly.  My nails, though, they are a totally different story.  They look bad.  I do laundry and dish-washing, gardening and lots of housework.  I have old mommy hands.  My hand and nails are in dire need of a total revamp, I swear.
Will and  Mommy
Mommy Hands
When I was younger, I learned to do French manicure on my hands.  On my own.  It didn't matter that the French tips on my right hand look a little lopsided.  From afar, they looked perfect with my ring and my bling-blings.
Nail designs in recent years have become so big, though, and evolved into designs so beautiful.  Truly, nail design has been turned into art!  I was like, “I want to learn that, too!”.  I had my nails done once on a high school friend’s newly-inaugurated Nail Salon and I was in awe.  They made beautiful little daisies on my nails, with faux gems and they looked so beautiful I wanted the design to stay forever.

Hello Kitty Nail Art
I want this Hello Kitty Design
The problem is the cost to having salon-perfect nails is steep.  I would much prefer doing nail art on my own, but I want them to look like I had them done in a nail salon.  The first time I tried doing them on my own, they were not perfect and my nails got so weak.  I tried acrylic nails since I tend to chew my nails when I get nervous.  I found out after many trials and errors that applying acrylic nails and taking care of them is actually quite easy.  I always use this link as a guide for the proper maintenance of acrylic nails.
I have been visiting You Tube for nail art tutorials, and intend to unleash my inner (nail) artist in a few days.  In the meantime. I have been purchasing some 3D nail stickers with fake gems, designer nail tips and a variety of nail polishes.
You can also try these, guys.  A mommy deserves diva hands! It may be hard doing it at first, but you will love your nails! Check out the original source for total rockin’ diva nails. 


  1. good luck to you sis.. I am also addicted in nail art these days.. currently i am into water marbling.. Singlemom Reviews

  2. For me, making manicure last more than a week is very hard! Dunno why it gets chipped so easily. My pedicure lasts longer but you know little kids, they always step on my toes.

  3. Good for you! I'm really proud of you! Thanks for the links also. I'm a clear polish kind of girl because I know I can't hurt anything with clear polish. So I REALLY admire you! Reia from

  4. We need pampering too. I love manicures and pedicures also but I'll never have the talent to put nail art.

  5. im just beginning to be obsessed with my nails too!!! but i dont think i would have the patience to do my own nail art... hehehe but i want to try it on though! :-)

    im excited for your posts once you have your own nail masterpiece!!! :)

  6. i also like nail art, but i don't like to try it in my own nails, i just like my nails unpolished... i like the hello kitty nail design, cute!
    what is a french manicure by the way?

  7. How is that hello kitty done? so cute.
    I have only tried the cracked nail polish. If I have the time, I might venture into nail art.

  8. This is something I want to try as well. And I love that Hello Kitty design too. But I don't have time even to just clean and cut my nails. Mommy's life, hehe.

  9. I love nail arts! I'm still in the process of learning and every nail arts I did make me feel satisfied and beautiful. hehe