Sunday, February 03, 2013

Things a Mom Waiting to Give Birth Should Do

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By the time a pregnant woman hits seven months, she can start to relax because she is no longer at risk of miscarriage.  Her miserable stage of extreme nausea, vomiting, fatigue, hating every spicy smell is so over.  It is the perfect time to be happy, hit the malls and run free, right? Not exactly. 

A woman in her third trimester will get very huge.  Trying to stand up or get out of the bed is an entire production number! This is also the time when she feels bloated and ugly, and traveling is out of the question either.  Just sitting in a car travelling for even an hour seems torture.  

And well-meaning people can be so tactless sometimes, as they give you different versions of "You are so huge you are no longer cute.", like: 

"You're bursting at the seams!"

"You are so big!"

"You are about to burst."

I actually cried and wanted to give birth really bad when somebody told me I would soon be bigger than hubby!  Pregnant women can be sensitive sometimes (not only during the first trimester), you know.  I couldn't wait to give birth!

Waiting can be long, mind you.  Days would seem like weeks!  But you can try the following and before you know it, you are on your way to the hospital and getting ready for the special moment you have been waiting for so long.

Go to work as usual.  Continue to work until a week before your estimated date of delivery (EDD).  It may sound difficult for you at this point when getting up can be such a struggle, but you can make ways to make yourself feel more comfortable.  Other people will be more understanding, too.  Don't give in to temptation and take a leave a month before your EDD.  If you chose to stop working and just stay home, you will be bored out of your head and wished you shouldn't have gone on leave that early. 

Shop for baby stuff.  I shopped for baby stuff usually on the seventh month.  Make a list  of basic stuff you and your baby will need:  clothes, receiving blankets, onesies, bottles, bottle warmer, a crib, and maybe an iCandy Stroller.  Sales people in the malls will practically pounce on you and will entice you to buy everything you might never need anyway.   Stick to your list and politely refuse them.  Some of those cute things will be given to you as presents anyway, either during your baby shower or during your child's baptism, so don't get too excited and buy every cute thing you see.

Prepare the baby's room.   Or corner, if you are planning to have the baby sleep in the same room with you.  Preparing a baby room is loads of fun, especially if you have conceptualized a theme.  Have somebody help you because you might need to move some big furniture along.  Don't do it all in one day, though, because you will just tire yourself out.  

Walk.  I used to do Pregnancy Yoga when I was pregnant, but on the third trimester, doing even those simple stretches can be such a chore. Walking is probably the only exercise you can do now that you are so big.  Remember to walk in a pace that is comfortable for you.  In the last weeks of your pregnancy, walking will help the baby engage in a lower position to prepare for birth, so walk whenever you can!

Relax.  Every mom is scared of giving birth.  And when other mommies tell you their childbirth tales, it is so easy to be fearful and anxious.  You may even lose sleep thinking about giving birth.  But you know what, just snap out of your fear.  Those moms who told you their horror tales are all right.  Their birth stories are no indication of how yours will go.  Learn how to relax.  It is not going to take the fear away, but it will help you cope.  

Enjoy the final days before you give birth.  There are a lot of things you are going to miss about being pregnant, like your husband's extra sweetness, the special treatment from relatives, friends and even strangers, the privilege to leave home without feeling guilty about leaving a little baby behind.  Enjoy these moments.  Take your mind off being bored and focus on the bright side of being pregnant.  Take this time to return other people's kindness, take plenty of rest.  When you give birth, you won't have lots of time anymore. 


  1. Good tips. I can't imagine being pregnant. Mataba kasi ako, and ngayon palang hirap na, pano pa kung magbuntis no? But if I want to experience the joy of motherhood, i will have to be healthier than I am today. :)

    1. I have a friend who is mataba but got pregnant. I dont think weight matters naman,..

  2. These are interesting tips especially for those who are planning to have a baby or is already on their pregnancy period. The best thing to do is don't stress out yourself.

  3. I should take note all of this! I want to be pregnant hopefully, and if God permit, by 2015! yay

  4. Wonderful tips for all moms to be... Don't stress is really important. ;-)

  5. The last 3 points is a must for moms giving birth, especially for the first timers. Great info ate MArie!

  6. Great tips, especially for first timers in terms of giving birth. Thanks ate marie!

  7. for me, it's giving birth that scares me, not the pregnancy ;-) the hell with those mockeries.

  8. I remember when I was pregnant with my son. Nun nasa 8th month na ko inip na inip na talaga ako kasi I can't sleep anymore at night tapos un balalakang lahging nangangalay. Parang you have no choice, pag tumayo ka masakit pag umupo ganun din. Lalo na pag humiga ka. Hehe. And un pagiging bloated isa pa un. At that time, nakalimutan kong takot pala ako manganak. hehe

    Mommy Maye

  9. very informative post; i'll keep this in mind

  10. Oh I miss this time of pregnancy! Very good tips!

  11. Leaving home without feeling guilty... I so so so get that! Whenever I am out, half my mind and heart nasa bahay dahil I know baby will be looking for me.

  12. This are good tips. I agree with you with the childbirth experience is not the same with all moms. As a matter of fact, it is different for every childbirth. The best thing to do is to relax so when the right time comes, the expectant mom is not stress and can deliver faster and easier.

  13. I heard that there is this so-called 'nesting" by preggers. This happened before they they give birth. Like mommy, she used to clean the house even she was on her 9th month. She wants to clean and organize everything. Some said that this is one of the sign that she was already near to give birth.

  14. ALso to always THINK HEALTHY... whatever you do always think you are living for two!

  15. Just find ways to feel happy. Don't get easily offended when you hear not-so-good, not-so-sensitive remarks from others. What matters is how you feel. :) After birth, workout na lang to go back sa dating figure.

  16. Yup, glad that Im done with kids:). But nothing looks awesome than a glowing moms. THanks for sharing!!

    Hey Marie! I nominated you for the Liebster Award...come to my blog post to see whats its about!!


  17. I remember myself na super taba during pregnancy, hanggang ngayon mataba pa rin ako para pa ring buntis. hehe :)

  18. Great tips! It really is so tempting to buy every cute stuff, especially now that there are so many things for the baby that weren't really needed. I was on a budget and we have so many hand-me-down baby clothes that I didn't buy too much while I was pregnant.

  19. I did all of these, Marie! I shopped like there's no tomorrow. I figured out I wouldn't be able to do that after giving birth, and tama nga. And I continued working, too, until the week before I gave birth.

  20. The thing I hated most during the last trimester was being so heavy that my feet hurt from walking too much carrying my weight. But I enjoyed my pregnancy from beginning to end.