Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Broken Pipes and Being Helpless

Water drop
Have you ever tried to sleep, but wake up in the middle of the night listening to the constant drip of your faulty faucet?

Annoying, right?

But what if a sudden burst of water pressure (which rarely happens in our area, I swear) would bust a water pipe, in the middle of the night, without hubby (who is on a business trip) or any male specie in sight?

Way beyond annoying, I know.  It is panic beyond the first level.

Especially if you just had that pipe fixed a week ago.

I just realized, while I was trying to wrap my daughter’s pajama (I thought it was long enough!) around the broken pipe while I was given a glorious shower by the water gushing out of it that I shouldn't have relied on my friend’s friend who claimed he can fix my pipe and did. Sure. For a few days and hours, it did stay fix.

My hubby did insist that I call his trusted plumber who did the pipe works in his family home decades ago (and he swore there never was a major pipe bust! Only those tiny, minor repairs).   Sadly (and he seems to gloat about it now that I did not listen to him), I should have listened to him. 

I was reminded of a similar story by my friend, who moved to Toronto a year ago.  The sewage pipe broke on her, and finding the trusted plumber was difficult because she is new in the country.  Thankfully, neighbors were kind (and very much eager.  I sure wouldn't want any sewage stuff oozing from any pipe, too) enough to recommend a reliable plumber with reasonable plumber rate toronto.  The quality of the work done by the plumber plus the professionalism accorded to her made her plumbing toronto problem a piece of cake.  The plumber soon became her trusted plumber, one who does his work well and is always on call, with contact info at Priority Plumbing-1594 Dupont St. Toronto, ON M6P 3S7 (416) 762-8662. 

Hub’s trusted family plumber eventually fixed the broken pipe at home.  Indeed, your house does not need to be turned into a geyser.  You just have to call your trusted plumber .


  1. I'd panic if I hear water drips too. The water bill would be a nightmare at the end of the month!

  2. Oh my! I will panic as well! In my case, to the highest level. haha

  3. I used to panic...until I realize, it's all a matter of finding the main valve and closing that with a handy pipe wrench until the plumber comes in...you get to learn to be a plumber and handyman when you live by yourself mostly heheheh... In fact, you also learn to be tough you are able to stave off major sickness bouts hehehe...

  4. so it ends well...
    we really be prudent in our water consumption, this March our water bills as well as electric bills will increase again

  5. i dont know what to do if that happens. hehe :)

  6. This reminds me that I need to fix the faucet in our bathroom this weekends.hehehe