Sunday, March 24, 2013

Private Domain Registration

Filipino actress-TV host Kris Aquino’s official website, was hacked Saturday afternoon, with a large banner blocking her website with the words “We are Anonymous”, complete with a headless guy in a suit as logo. 


Her images on her site with products she endorses have also been vandalized. I am sure most of you know about the latest controversy she is in, and a lot of you probably have a say on this. but this made me think. 


Outside of the Kris Aquino-James Yap controversy. 

What if your website or your entire digital life would be wiped out by hackers?  

I mean, it happens. 

And it must be horrifying. 

Because these hackers can systematically lock you out of your website, your e-mail, your social media accounts, and even your iPhone and other digital gadgets. 

One of the easy ways they can get your vital information is by performing a whois search on your personal domain. 

And one of the ways you can protect yourself is getting your own private domain registration. 

What is private domain registration? 

Registering your domain name requires that the contact details related to the name should be published in a Whois database which is publicly accessible. Whois provides information related with domain names and IP addresses which could include the contact information of the registrant. 

Which means your personal data, including your e-mail, telephone/cellphone numbers and even your home address will be open to the public. 

You will be vulnerable to calls from telemarketers and spam mails. And it is horrible to even think about strangers knowing your home address. 

Private domain registration will mask any personal and vital information other than those required by domain name registries. When someone will look up for you domain name, they won’t see any personal contact information. 

Giving you privacy and peace of mind.


  1. I come from the blog of CJ Sullivan and I love your space.
    If you do not mind, I'd like to be a follower of your blog.

  2. Oh yes, thanks for this tip, Marie! I am actually thinking of getting my own domain name. :) You are right. What happened to Kris's site could happen to anyone of us, and it's alarming and sad.

  3. It is so sad when that happens and I hope Kris was able to resolve the situation... Good tips from you too. TY!

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  5. Registering the domain with whois protection is known as private registration.It enhances the privacy of the domain owner.When one avails the private registration the domain owner's details are hid from the public view.So,when someone searches for the particular domain using a whois search with they will not be able to get the real owner's details thereby the owner is revealed of unwanted calls and emails....