Friday, March 01, 2013

Silk Dresses: Time For A Freshness Check

Spring Freshness

So, you work 8+++ hours a day, five days a week, running dangerously high on caffeine, and wishing to be the beach bum you long to be (but can’t because tax season unfortunately coincides with the warm season!).  That’s more than enough reason for you to relax and freshen up, girl!

Say hello to a fresh new you as you dare to break free from stress by splurging on beautiful Printed Silk Dresses.  Silk dresses are so soft, so delicate, so fresh, so light, and perfect for this warmer weather.  Their light-as-air feeling, with beautiful floral and geometric designs in eye-candy spring colors of pinks, blues and other pastel colors, will give you the extra bounce on your step and extra freshness mileage.  Wearing these beautiful spring and summer silks from Issa would literally make you bloom! 

Silk dresses are a must-wear for this warm season.  Feminine, delicate, sheer and soft, they are the ultimate indulgence.  Wearing your silks will definitely make every day your special moment!

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  1. I seriously wanted to invest in silk dresses but i have this connotation that silks are for women aged 30 or so.. haha..