Sunday, March 3

Teenage Dream: A Girl Band


Okay, since I got started on that drum thing and my little boy, I have a confession to make.  

When I was younger, I wanted to form a girl band really bad. Which girl didn’t?  That was the time when girl bands like The Go-gos, Wilson Philips and The Bangles were big. And I wanted to do a cover of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and be cool! I thought everything fits! We have a tight group of four, where one would play bass, another one would play lead, one would play drums and the other would do vocals and keyboards.

The problem?  Not one of us play those instruments, actually!  The furthest we got may be a few piano lessons which we had to ditch because the piano teacher had a wooden ruler to sort of, err, make us play the right keys.  I wished we had a music production software which would take care of everything so that all we would ever think about is getting the perfect pitch and making the best band logo.

I had to laugh at that dream!  My friends and I never realized that you can form a girl group without the musical instruments.  Think Pussycat Dolls (although we will have a big problem with that sing and dance thing lol).


  1. I saw my niece holding a guitar just like in the photo, we'll I hope she'll learn the instrument well.

    1. Guitars attract teens! It sort of makes them cool too :)

  2. One of my dreams too is to play the guitar or a piano. Hopefully I can learn either of the two. I think it not yet late to learn.

    1. It is never too late, Allan! I want to learn the piano naman. I was discouraged when I was little because super strict ang mga piano teachers.



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