Saturday, April 20, 2013

Teen World: Body Reality Check 101

I used to be the only one in the family who loses her mind when she shops.  Not anymore.  As much as I discourage my sixteen-year old from shopping and let mom do it for her (like I have always done in the past fifteen years), she wants to shop for clothes without me.

Sweetest Pictures Ever

And, being the mom who loves to do talks (even when my teens only pretend to be listening), I told her that:

  • Fashion is something you grow into.  Experiment, be patient, then wear what you feel best in, and stick to what makes you happy.  Trends are never designed for everyone-don't force one on you if it doesn't feel right.
  • Wearing heels make a big difference.  They make you look longer, leaner, more feminine and even more confident.  If you are scared to trip on them, use wedges.  Don them even with your casual outfits-you'll feel ready to conquer the world.(Although I sort of changed my mind about this because she does walk to her university.  Now, she is bugging me about those scary-looking Celine Memorata shoes and the Skechers SKCH Plus 3.  By the way, those Skechers wedge shoes do look cool...)
  • It takes up to six hours, and a team of five or more people (makeup artist, facial care expert, hair stylist, manicurist, and professional tanner), for a Hollywood celebrity to look red carpet-ready.  Stars aren't naturally flawless-but it's their job to look like they are.
  • Some models are gorgeous in person but end up not so pretty in pictures.  Other models look very average in person, but transform unbelievably on-cam.
  • Models are never as perfectly shaped as they seem to look like in magazine covers.  Stylists always have to do a lot of sneaky pinning and folding in order to make the clothes fit better.  After that, photoshop is used, too.


  1. My daughter who's soon to be 7 wants to pick out her own clothes and loves clothes shopping. It scares me. She's the girly girl who loves heels and all that, I don't know where she inherited that trait. Definitely not me.

  2. It gonna come to the point where I don't have any control what my little baby gonna wear, she's kinda picky at her age, she have color preference and style of clothes, It's kinda cute I would say:)

  3. It's good that you keep your daughter grounded when it comes to beauty. The beauty product companies are pushing us to see the flaws in ourselves with the commercials and we, as moms, need to guide our daughters to see beauty in themselves, in how God made us.