Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How To Manage Your Time

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I'm not too good at scheduling my time.  I always start each day feeling that I have all the time in the world,only to find that my to-do list doesn't match the hours available.  If you experience the same time-shortage phenomenon, try these tips to keep the minutes in check.

Get Organized
  • Get up 15 minutes early so you can get things done in the moring.
  • Sit down each day and decide what you want to accomplish, starting with what is really important.  Don't take on additional activities that have nothing to do with your goals
  • Set up a spot in the house for anything that needs to be cleaned, repaired, or returned.  You won't waste time looking for these items when you're rushing out the door.
  • Carry a list of things you need to buy, listed by store.  If you're running an errand that takes you by one of those stores, you'll have your list ready for a quick stop-and-shop.
  • Book the first appointment of the day with the doctor, dentist or hairdresser to minimize waiting time.

Cut chore time
  • Give each family member a different color sheets, towels and socks.  sorting laundry goes much faster.
  • Run the dishwasher at night.  In the morning, take the dishes you need for breakfast right out of the dishwasher.
  • Open mail near a wastebasket and dump what don't want as soon as it is opened-or before.
  • Cook more than one meal at once.  Make double or triple batches of foods that freeze well.
  • Keep a basket near the top and bottom of the stairs.  Put any stray items in the baskets to carry with you later instead of running up and down the stairs all day.
  • Make a list of 10-minute chores that always need to be done, like cleaning out a junk drawer or handwashing some delicates.  When you have a few spare minutes, finish one of the jobs.
  • Cut down on ironing by keeping some hangers near the dryer.  Hang the clothes as soon as they come out.
Find it fast.
  • Immediately put store receipts in one section of your wallet.  Once you get home, stash them all togeth er  in an envelope.  For big-ticket items, attach receipts to the warranty or instruction booklet.
  • Keep a set of cleaners and rags in the rooms you use the most.  You don't have to search for them when you want to do a quick clean.
  • Put keys on a rack or in a basket near the front or back door, out of view from the outside.


  1. we really need to have time management for us to do all the things that we want to accomplish everyday.
    i have a checklist so that i won't forget my tasks.

  2. My time biorhythm has changed a lot... now I see myself working till night but I prefer early morning for my "me" time! I think I should start thinking of rearranging my time again!

  3. I think the tips will cover the 5S of good housekeeping too.

  4. Every tip you wrote is correct and important, but I agree the most about waking up earlier in the morning. I find that my day gets cluttered and more stressful when I (or Yuri) oversleep!

  5. These are great tips sis. Ako naman sa gabi palang iniisip ko na ano ba gagawin ko for the next day. It's already a routine pero most of the times nagccram kami ni Daddy A sa umaga. Yan ay dahil sa walang hanggang kwentuhan haha.

    Mommy Maye