Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fit For Life: Boost Your Fat-Burning Power

Can you look back to the day when your weight just started to creep up on you? 

I can blame my age-it does gets harder to lose weight when you are older, or I can blame a stressful event (my dad’s death) that turned me into the Z-(zombie) mode- just going through the motions, eating junk food and chocolates, forgetting my daily 3K run, losing sleep, just totally losing the happy, trying-to-be-fit mommy that I was meant to be.

And so I tried to understand my feelings and cope with my current depression and food obsession.  I began to realize that everyone is gifted with an amazing body that can be restored and nurtured with the right food, nutrition and exercise.

The problem is I have such a slow metabolism!  Getting to a certain age, plus being a mommy (and hanging out with friends who love to eat!) must have slowed it down that I sometimes would attempt to do weird things like sprinkling cayenne pepper on my salad and drinking cups of coffee and green tea which my friend swear are thermogenics - fat burners that help bust calories since they produce heat when eaten. Now I understand why this one TV actress in her late forties claim that she has been including an incredible amount of spicy foods in her diet.  And now I know why this girl I work with who cannot eat without Chinese chili oil never seems to gain weight.

The good news is that your metabolism can be increased with a combination of proper nutrition and exercise.  Here are some ways I will be trying to make my metabolism soar through the roof:

Eat Breakfast Without Fail.

I usually skip breakfast on busy days, simply because I am running out of time and I am honestly not hungry.  Since studies have proven that skipping breakfast will not result in weight loss, starting today, I will be eating something nutritious-like a vegetable omelet and yogurt to start my day right.

Eat More Lean Protein.

More calories are burned as protein is converted.  Studies claim that as the body burns more calories, the higher will be your metabolism. Now, if only I can get through my i-hate-eggs phase-an offshoot of my recent protein diet.

Eat More Fat-Burning Foods.

Reaching out more for the chili oil and cayenne pepper, plus drinking green tea may do wonders for my sluggish metabolism. I mean, it worked for my co-worker!

Eat More Greens.

Veggies are full of fiber which can make you feel fuller and for longer. Plus, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals which make your body function well and look good! 

Get More Sleep.

Time to get out of the Z-mode!  I am so totally sleep-deprived!  Studies again show that not getting enough good quality sleep will wreak havoc on your metabolism!

Get Moving!

A year ago, I was into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  It is an interval training which you can do in five to fifteen minutes.  It alternates periods of short, intense heart-popping aerobic exercise composed of jumping jacks, burpees and mountain-climbers with less-intense recovery periods.  I intend to do it again, but after I have properly conditioned myself.

I intend to be back to my old, fitter self! What about you?


  1. Love the "statement". Thanks for sharing this one. I am on a weight-loss process right now kaso medyo mahal ang greens dito sa amin. hehehe

  2. I'm still battling the bulge...stubborn abdominal fat just wouldn't let go that easily...I miss my abs lol!

  3. I'll start losing weight again next year.. :)

  4. I want to burn all my fats, actually! :(( But I have not done anything to begin! :(

  5. Ha! Love the caption. Just have to start now and do it. Burn, bat, burn.

  6. The only thing that I know I can really do is to have more sleep. It's easy! I can't function well enough during the day when I am sleep deprived so I make sure I get enough sleep. I am also not that fat, but still I need to be more active and can have some exercise in to my routine. But that would be a little hard and means more determination for me.