Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{Fun Facts} How Does a Magic 8 Ball Tell The Future?

Magic 8 Ball

I have a Magic 8 ball on my home desk and sometimes shake it for some awesome fortune telling! On sleepovers, teen girls love to do the "shake that magic-8" thing and ask it if this guy likes the "asker" back or "Did I pass the Algebra exam?" and some other weird questions that only teens can think of.

But how does this magic-8 ball tell the future?

The mysterious ball is actually a hollow sphere that has a white, 20-sided die inside floating in a blue liquid.  Each side of the die has a statement like "Signs Point to Yes" and "Better Not To Tell You Now" on raised letters.  When you give the ball a shake, the liquid swishes about, making the die turn to give you an answer.

You can always try the Mattel Magic 8 Ball.  Got a burning question you really , badly need an answer to?  Ask the ball!  Here is how the entire asking ritual goes:  Turn the ball down with both hands so the number eight is facing you.  Concentrate on your question (only "yes" or "no" questions, though.)  and when you are ready, turn the ball up and the answer will float up!

Have fun!


  1. i would love to have a magic ball. i was looking for it sarap lang na libangan with friends.

  2. Oh, SM toy stores have that. Sometimes, you'd find me tinkering with it, whispering something then shaking it...looking at the answer and shaking it some more until I get an acceptable "response" lol! I must look like a cuckoo hahahah! Not that I believe in fortune telling...just one of those instances when I have nothing better to do and am not actually shopping but just wasting time lol!