Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Makeup Tools and Brushes Every Beauty Junkie Must Own

Lots of girls make the mistake of splurging on expensive makeup while doing without the right tools to apply them. You won’t see professional makeup artists applying eye shadow with their fingers or using a powder brush to apply blush—and for good reason! Using the right makeup tools and brushes helps you make the most of your products and gives you better control when applying them.

For novices, choosing from the vast array of different-sized brushes can be a bit daunting. To start you off, I've narrowed down the essentials to these nine brushes:

1. Foundation brush

 For a smooth and even application of liquid foundations, BB creams or CC creams, a foundation      brush is a must! Dip your brush on a pea-sized amount of product and blend with soft, downward  strokes.

2. Powder brush

For a matte, shine-free finish, a light and even dusting of powder using a large powder brush with soft, fluffy bristles is a must. You can use this type of brush for loose powders or with compact powder foundations.

     3. Concealer brush

Avoid using your fingers when applying concealer to blemishes or to the under eye area. Your finger will only serve to irritate a zit further and pull unnecessarily on the sensitive skin around the eye. Use a good-sized concealer brush with a rounded tip instead. I found this super easy tutorial on how to use a concealer brush; you can check it by clicking here.

4. Angled Eyebrow brush

Eyebrows are everything! Never leave the house with un-groomed and sparse-looking brows. Avoid using pencils directly on your brows but go for small angled brushes with firm bristles for better control.

For super cute inexpensive brushes, you can check out Zalora’s make-up brush collection from your favorite beauty brands.

      5. Eyeshadow brush

This medium-sized eyeshadow brush is great for getting color on the lid and right along the crease and will work with cream and powder types of eye shades.

      6. Eyeshadow blending brush

Also called a bullet brush, this fluffy eyeshadow blending brush will get rid of any harsh lines and will give your eyeshadow application a softer finish.

Proper care is key to making these brushes last. Store them away in a bag or in a drawer to keep them away from dust and dirt. For tips on how to properly clean your brushes, click here.

     7. Eyeliner brush

This small and versatile eyeliner brush is great with gel or powder liners. The size and the angled design also make it ideal for lining the tricky waterline.

      8. Blush brush

A blush is meant to be applied at precise points on the apples of the cheek or right along the cheekbone, not all over the cheeks! For that, you will need a perfectly-sized angled blush brush.

      9. Lip brush

Your lipstick will last longer and will bleed less if you apply it with a good lip brush. Choose one with short enough bristles so you’ll have better control when you do your cupid’s bow and the corner of your lips.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Have fun experimenting with these babies!


  1. This is pretty cool stuff! I only have a brush that I used for everything..hehe, Thanks for very helpful list, Marie:)

    1. This is actually a guest post, but yes, I also own lots of brushes. Fiber optic/skunk brush is not mentioned in the post lol.

  2. I don't own any of these as I'm not really into make-ups! Thanks for the Beauty 101 anyways. :)

  3. Yaiks, ang dami pala! I didn't know it was this complicated, hahaha!

  4. i only use two brushes. one for foundation and one for the blush :)

  5. have you tried the 2 it in 1 facial brushes? Love those...it is soft on the skin.

  6. I have a few brushes but seldom use it..as only use eyeshadow and blusher.

  7. I only have two kinds of brushes...toothbrush and hairbrush. Hahahaha! These 9 brushes are all too much for a plain Jane like me. I rarely use make up kasi (I don't know how and it can get expensive hehe). I'm just not used to it.

  8. i actually don't have any. hahaha. but i remember when i was a little girl, my mom sent me a set of make up brushes (i was living with my grannies in the province and she's in manila), i don't know why she sent me those but i had fun playing with it, it felt so soft. of course, back then, i didn't know what it was for, i thought those were toys! hihi!

  9. Thanks for these useful tips! I'm guilty of some of them. LOL

  10. Very informative, reminds me of my cousins' stash of brushes. I have a few that I get as gifts but other than that, I don't really wear makeup.