Thursday, January 31, 2013

What You Need to Know About Baby Bedding from New Arrivals Inc.

At New Arrivals Inc., many of our visitors wonder if there is anything they don’t know about the website and the products featured on it. For this reason, the following highlights of the site have been identified. Whether you are new to the site or a long time customer, you will probably find something you didn’t know about that will interest you. 

Acclaim from Around the Country

With many unique products for babies and nurseries, stores and magazines everywhere jumped at the chance to feature some of them. You can find bedding, décor, and many other items in magazines such as Life: Beautiful, AKA Mom, American Baby, Buyer’s Guide, Pregnancy and Newborn, Pregnancy, Baby and Kids, Mom, and many more. You can also check stores like BabiesRUs, PoshTots, Rosenberry Rooms, Target, Daisy Baby and Kids, Gigglebrush Designs, Anna Bean, My First Room, Spoiled Rotten Too, Oh Baby, Sugar Babies, and many other locations.

Discounts Galore

If you become a Facebook fan of New Arrivals Inc., you will receive a 10% discount code to apply to your purchase. To become a fan, simply log into Facebook, search for New Arrivals Inc. and press the ‘like’ button on our page. Feel free to comment on the page or like anything you see on it. Once you are done admiring our page, take note of the discount code, and head back over here for a great deal.

Ten percent off is a good deal, but saving on shipping can be even better. If you spend more than $100, you will receive free shipping when you enter FREESHIP into the promotional code box at check out.

If you’re still looking for more discounts, you can find baby items discounted up to 70% in our “Sale Items” section of the site. Simply browse the sale items, and add the ones you’d like to purchase to your cart. All items are marked with the sale price.

Choose Gifts for Yourself

Nursery décor and baby bedding from New Arrivals Inc. make perfect gifts for a baby shower. To receive exactly what you want, you need to tell people what you want. You can do this easily by setting up a baby registry. You can set up your account, choose the items you want, and add them to a list. When people want to purchase you and your baby a gift, they can simply look over the list, and choose what they want to buy you.

Giving Back by Sponsoring Charities

Due to the success of New Arrivals, Inc., it only makes sense to give back by sponsoring six charities. These charities are Children’s Home Society of Florida, Compassion, Monique Burr Foundation for Children Inc., Childhelp USA, North Florida School, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Now that you know more about New Arrivals Inc., browse the site to find exactly what you need for the baby in your life. You’ll find many different products and styles that will suit you, so take your time to choose the perfect items for you and your baby. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Shower: Host It Like A Pro

Most of us well-meaning friends or sisters of ladies who got married in June would love to host a baby shower for the expectant moms.  It can a very daunting task, however, but this guide can help you plan this very special event which will truly make your friend or sister feel special and loved like a queen.

Having a child is always a reason to celebrate.  It is one of life's greatest miracles and we want to be part of it! Through a baby shower, we join with the expectant mom's joy and at the same time, help her prepare for the birth of baby.   I always cherished baby showers my cousins and friends had for me.  And oh, don't believe that you only host a baby shower for the first baby.  Every mommy deserves a baby shower, may it be her second, third or fourth baby.  It is a perfect way to make the tired and anxious mom-to-be relax and have fun.

Things You Need To Know

Your friend's expected date of childbirth.

Plan on having the baby shower at least two months before the expectant mom's due date.  A little later than that and the mom may deliver her baby before the baby shower is held. Also, make sure to hold the shower before the mom is done buying birthing and baby needs since baby shower gifts are also meant to lessen the things the mom needs to buy.  

Once you have the date, set a place for the shower.  I usually had mine in my house, since my friends and I are given the freedom to decorate the place, plus it is more comfortable and private.  If holding the baby shower won't cut it because of space limitations, especially if you have more than 20 guests, then a better choice would be a club's function room, a restaurant or a hotel.

Baby's Gender

free digital photos by m_bartosch

Knowing the baby's gender can guide you on your party theme, decorations and gifts.  All things blue would be associated with boys and pink for girls.  When I had my first child, I didn't undergo ultrasound because I wanted my baby's gender to be a surprise, although I secretly wished for a girl (wish granted!) while hubby of course wanted a boy (so he will smoke a pipe haha).  I ended up with yellow baby stuff,which works for both boy and girl babies, although I ended up buying pink stuff anyway, because she looks so pretty in pink.

The mom-to-be's WISH LIST

Know the mom-to-be's wish list.  This saves her a whole lot from receiving too many items which she needs only a few pieces of, like receiving blankets and small sized newborn clothes.  Babies do look tiny when they are born, but they do grow up fast.  As in, really fast.  What fits her this week won't fit the next week.  Consider buying baby clothes in various sizes and in different styles.  Sporty Steelers baby clothes or classic onesies are perfect for any baby. 

freedigitalphotos by claire bloomfield
Baby wipes, diapers and toiletries are also perfect, and oh, with my three babies, I was constantly in need of bibs.  I swear, my babies burped and drooled like crazy that I always ran out of clean bibs.  Little things like them bibs, mittens and socks mean a lot, too.

Decide On A theme

Baby-related themes are perfect.  Teddy bears, choo choo trains, cars, and Disney princesses are just some of the themes you can go with.  

Get Ready With The Invites

You can create invites using your favorite computer program, and print them out or e-mail them.  You can also purchase ready-made baby shower invites at bookstores and you can include the mom-to-be's wish list in your invite, too.

Rock the place

Unleash your inner child and decorate the venue.  Use stuffed toys, baby stuff, loads of pink and blue ribbons and balloons to get the place ready for a rockin' baby shower.  

If you are hosting the baby shower along with close friends, you can have a potluck party instead.  

Plan Fun Games

Just because the celebrant is heavy with a child does not mean she can't have fun.  Some fun games you can play on a baby shower are: 

  • Guess the girth.  This is the time a lady (the mom-to-be) won't get offended if somebody measures her waistline!  A long ribbon is passed around as each guest will try to approximate celebrant's waistline by making a mark on the ribbon.  After everyone has made her guess, the ribbon will be tied around the mom-to-be's belly  to see who made the nearest guess.  

  • Pictionary.  A take on the traditional Pictionary game, make a list of baby-or-pregnancy-related stuff.  Be creative.  Use difficult works like postpartum depression, sterilizer, breast pump.  You may need whiteboard, whiteboard marker, manila paper or pentel pens.
  • Guess the baby food.  You will need bottles of solid baby food and disposable spoons.  Remove labels of commercial baby food and have guests guess what these are by tasting them.  
  •  Guess who.  Require each guest to bring their baby pictures.  Have the celebrant/mom-to-be guess which guest is in the baby picture.  


You may give a souvenir to each guest as a thank-you gesture for attending the baby shower.  

A baby shower for a friend or a sister is one of the best gifts a mom-to-be could receive. It was, for me. I felt very special and I was very happy to know that they were sharing my joy in having a baby.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Homework Help:i Study On The Net

In the dark ages (or your life before Google), doing homework and research can be an awfully tedious process of going through thick books at the library.  I had to endure an hour of staying at my all-girl Catholic high school library with a life-sized statue of St. Marie De Goretti with her piercing eyes (Urban High School Legend goes that those were real eyes and she would roam the campus at night.  Nobody.ever.goes.home.late., by the way) and hands clutching a dagger and a lily (which I later learned symbolized virgin martyrdom.  Not that she used the dagger to cut the lily j/k).  

I had to continuously repeat my point to my children and their friends on how we were better at research then because we worked by reading and digesting information on various books, not by clicking and googling the exact homework question, although I did fail to ask them if the life-sized statue is still at the old library. 

But since I am in a generous mood, since I just found out my kids' friends read my blogs, too (that or they are sooo kidding me), I am sharing these list of websites that will feed their brains with awesome facts that will hopefully make them do their home works and research papers fast! is the website to go to for information, especially if you need to get quick answers because you procrastinated on finishing the homework given to you a week ago which will fall due tomorrow.    This site, which is like an oline library, covers a whole bunch of facts like a country's topography to calculating fractions. Now, do your research and be thankful you can sing the new One Direction song without somebody ordering you to zip your lips!
Kids (and adults) almost always find Filipino and other Filipino-related subjects hard. is the Filipino version to Wikipedia, wherein all the articles are written by users in straight Filipino.  This website is the place/site to go to for Philippine History and Culture, heroes, the works.  It is a valuable resource for your Sibika (Civics) and Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies) homework! 

Homework Hub
Homework Hub  is homework heaven!  It is loaded with tips on how and what to do with your school research and reports and guides and resources on how to get your perfect A's. It is practically a student's ultimate study manual because it just does not give answers to stuff you ask, but it helps you in preparing to polishing your final drafts and organizing your study areas.
When I was younger, I used to go to Ask Jeeves, yup, the butler dressed like Batman's butler, Alfred, who practically gives answers to any question you may ask.  I don't know if the site is still online. Now, there is  Ask your basic what, who and where question and the site will search the worldwide web for answers as it searches for the keywords you gave.
Taking care of the environment should be on your top list. gives you ways on how to keep the earth clean and green for you and the future generation.  News, information, and eco-challenges are in the website which can surely help you a lot to be earth-smart.

When doing your homework using the web, always check your facts!

The internet is a vast resource for information, but these info are not always accurate or entirely correct.  Always do the following to determine if you are researching from a dependable site:

  • Is the writer an expert on the field you are researching about?  Look for page sources or footnotes to determine if the site is trust-worthy.
  • A lot of sites link with other influential sites to support their information given.  If you are not sure about what you have researched, always try double-checking your facts by searching for them at Yahoo or Google or Bing.  The more accurate the info is,  the more it appears on other sites, too.
  • Always check on when the article, study or research have been published.  They may be outdated, published years or probably decades ago with data that may not be true anymore today.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Breastfeeding Help

freedigitalphotos by papaija2008

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had an image inside my head of what kind of mom I was going to be.  I was going to take care of her, love her like crazy and of course, I will exclusively breastfeed her. 

Breastfeeding scared me though.  A whole lot.  Women I work with told me stories of how breastfeeding hurts and how I would need to stop breastfeeding my baby anyway after my maternity leave would be over in two months.

I had to undergo emergency C-section after efforts to induce labor because of oligohydramnios, a condition wherein there is a deficiency of amniotic fluid and because there was meconium in my amniotic fluid.   Meconium, which is a baby’s very first poop, is expelled by the baby usually after birth.  Meconium in the amniotic fluid is a sign that the baby is in fetal distress.  The normal fetal heartbeat is between 120-180 bpm, but my baby’s fetal heartbeat would go above 200, which was a sign that she was in fetal distress.

After walking around Burnham Lake for 20 minutes and doing “Yoga for Pregnant Women” practically every day with dreams of going through normal labor, I went under the knife.

She had to stay at the nursery for a day, because she ingested her meconium.  Luckily, the stuff didn’t get into her lungs, but still, she has to get antibiotics.

I made it clear that I was going to breastfeed.  However, this was sixteen years ago, and the breastfeeding campaign here in the Philippines was not that big yet.  Multi-national companies actually gave hospitals samples of baby formulas!  When the nursery staff gave formula to my baby and my hubby approved, because the baby was crying and needed to feed, I wasn't able to object.

This developed nipple confusion, and when I tried to feed my baby with breasts hard as rock, she refused.  Not knowing any better, I finally gave in and agreed to give her formula with a heavy heart.

I tried to re-introduce breastfeeding to her, since I have read that you can battle nipple confusion, but me being young and scared to see my baby screaming hungrily and refusing my milk, formula won.  And here’s the downside, when she finally decided to breastfeed, I no longer had milk.

Had I known there were ways to increase milk supply, I would have persisted. I had Nicole, my second daughter, one year and ten months later, but I knew a whole lot better.  I persisted in breastfeeding her, giving clear instructions to the hospital staff that I will breastfeed even if I gave birth through C-Section again.  I breastfed her until she is around seven months, and I only have to stop because I had to be at work on field full time (breast pumps during those times cost a fortune.)  With my third child, I breastfed him for over three years, and that was while working full time on field. 

Breastfeeding is not easy, though.  Problems like blocked milk ducts, a bout with mastitis, and problems on how to boost milk supply almost pushed me to quit.  Had I read about Milk Up! Secrets to Increase Your Milk Supply, I would probably be able to re-lactate and re-introduce breast milk to my first child.  This breastfeeding book includes ways to solve low milk supply, what to do when you cannot feed your baby right after giving birth (like what happened to me with my first child), and methods on how you can produce sufficient milk.  It is like your own support group, because this book addresses a lot of your breastfeeding questions.  This elevates your belief that, yes, you can breast feed and dispels doubts that you are not producing enough for your child.

Breastfeeding is not just about milk or nutrition.  It is a moment of connection, that special moment when your child looks at you, with milk dribbling on her chin, with a smile especially for you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Smoking May Damage Your Child's DNA

freedigitalphotos by pat138241

Practically everybody knows that smoking is totally bad for your health.  This is especially true for women who are trying to conceive.  But have you ever considered that you could have genes that are most probably damaged, and you are more susceptible to cancer and other genetic diseases just because your dad smoked? A research I saw online conducted by researchers of the University of Bradford in England disclosed that if your dad smoked like crazy even way before you were conceived, he would have probably warped up your genetic information.  These changes in the DNA could most probably make the child in the womb most likely to catch diseases in later life such as cancer and other genetic diseases. (uh-oh.  My dad smoked and only stopped when he retired!)

This study should make women attempting to conceive to convince their partners to stop smoking. A fertile sperm cell could take about three months to fully develop.  To avoid a genetic mishap, quitting should start way before trying to conceive. 

Quitting would probably be hard, especially in a culture where smoking is considered “macho”.  I mean, when my son was born, my older relatives urged hubby to smoke a cigar. Just on that moment when our baby boy was born anyway. It is a tradition, I think, that whenever a male is born, the father should smoke a cigar.  Cigar essentially became a symbol of the males! 

Trying electronic cigarettes may help, though.  Although ecigs are not sold as products that will make you stop smoking, it has no tar, smelly odor and ash. This may help you in your way to completely stop smoking.

This study may not be conclusive, but quitting smoking may be the greatest gift you may ever give to your future child. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Raising Hopes for Cancer Cure

Where were you a decade ago?  Ten years ago, I was a mom to two cute young girls (I still would have my precious little boy),  I was perfectly happy with my job (although my wish of being a Stay At Home Mom has been my forever wish, even ten years ago), I have a wonderful husband, my mom was still around.  My life was just starting to begin.

Sadly, for one high school friend, her life had come to an end. Because of breast cancer. 

I have never really known her pain, although I have heard about how she accepted everything with grace.  Many times, she may have felt angry and wondered why she had to suffer much while the rest of us led our perfectly normal lives.  But, having cancer never made her felt defeated.  It made her hopeful.  Her family made her believe she would be cured. Sadly, it was not meant to be. The following year after she moved on, her mother passed away, and in 2011, her sister also died from breast cancer. An aunt of hers also succumbed from the same disease. It pains me to think how one family can lose four beautiful women to cancer.

Somehow, knowing that somebody your age; with a child, a family, with dreams, wishes, goals and aspirations like yours, would go too soon; would practically turn your life around.  I shed tears for her, myself, her child and her family.  I began to take care of my body seriously, subject myself to annual physical exams (physical exams for women like mammograms and pap smears can be pure torture), and I began eating healthy food.  

Sometimes I question if trying to live healthy is the cure to becoming cancer-free.  Persons I love who are practically in the best of health became cancer victims, like my friend Gee who died of colon cancer a year ago and my dad, who is still bravely fighting prostate cancer for two years now.  I still have to understand why my high school friend, who has no previous family history of cancer, will have her, her mom, her aunt and her sister die of it.  

Licking deadly cancer may still be a dream, but thankfully, there are online communities, like cureLauncher, who are exerting efforts to raising funds for cancer treatment and providing latest information for people who are struggling to fight a very serious disease.  cureLauncher gives cancer victims a fighting chance by doing advance medical research on new treatments.  It likewise makes you find free clinical trials for new medical treatments that can save a cancer victim’s life. You can also choose to donate to cancer research.  At cureLauncher, where your donation will be used is your very own choice and 91% of it will go directly to advance treatment research.  

Hopefully, and I say this with a lot of optimism, in the future, parents won’t need to bury their children, children won’t have to grow up without the loving guidance of their moms and children won’t need to go through the pain of watching how their mom or dad are suffering.  Hopefully, in the future, we can defeat the big C.

Friday, January 18, 2013

So Cold! I Need My Coffee in Pots!

Being in a mountain city in a tropical country did not prepare me for this:

I woke up at 5 A.M. with a temperature of 9.5 degrees Celsius.  I wanted to get back to bed so bad, until mommy-duties jolted me to extreme wake-up mode.  Breakfast and lunch boxes need to be prepared, plus I have to wake up the kids who want to stay in bed as badly as I do!

freedigitalphotos by Jeanne Claire Maarbes

Makes me want to get my  favorite Starbucks' Tall Cafe Moccha Hazelnut, but since I am in extreme saving mode and I already got my planner, I will just brew my coffee and pray I won't have a nervous breakdown till midday lol.

And I would probably head over at McDonald's to get my free coffee coupon for Monday, because I am pretty sure it will still be this cold on Monday!

Every Monday in January and February, McDonald's "Hooray for Mondays" will give customers a free cup of McCafe Premium Roast Coffee at all McDonald's nationwide.  (Wow.  This will make me love my manic Mondays after all.)
Just visit any McDo store every Friday to Sunday to get your free coffee coupons.  Present your coupons at any McDo on all Mondays of January and February from 4:00 AM to 10:30 AM to get your free cup of coffee dine in, to go, or drive-through.
I am a coffee lover, I dread Mondays and I love McDo, so I would probably be starting my day with my 100% premium Arabica beans in every cup of McCafe Premium Roast Coffee.
Excuse me as I go get my coupon! 
And oh, don't forget to like McD on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Get Kids To Go To Bed and Stay There

Jumping on the Bed
It seems I am not the only procrastinator here.  Kids are brilliant procrastinators at bedtime.  When we adults constantly crave for sleep, our children just want to play and think of brilliant excuses to stall sleep. I can't say I am a veteran  in  getting kids to bed and letting them stay there, but here are some tricks I tried that worked (fortunately):  

Help kids unwind before bedtime

Don't ever attempt to let your child do anything that's too stimulating, like watching wrestling and funny cartoon shows.  Set a soothing bedtime routine that will cue your child's brain that it is time to sleep, like a bedtime story and a warm cup of milk.

Homeworks, ironically, make practically every child sleepy.

freedigitalphotos by photostock

Make sure that kids get their required number of hours of sleep a night.

Do the math, so your child will have his needed number of hours' sleep.  Practically every 6 or 7-year old, for example, needs around 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night.  If he has to get up for school at 6 AM, make sure he is in bed and sleeping by 7 or 8 PM.

Avoid interaction with your child when it's time to sleep.

As a working mom, this is so hard!  I love to play and tickle my child when we are in bed, and I love asking him how his day was.  Usually, though,  he gets over-excited with our horseplay that he has a hard time sleeping and would continually bug me about completing his Bat Cave Lego and how he will beat the villains in his Wii game. Once the lights are out, seriously avoid discussing stuff with your child, especially if the topic interests him so much.  When it's time to sleep, absolutely no talking!

freedigitalphotos by Tina Phillips

Practice what you preach.

Set a good example and do not skimp on sleep, because your children will do the same!  Get yourself to bed at a decent time, in a dark, cool, quiet room.  

Rule out medical conditions.

If your child always seems sleepy, snores loudly or breathes through his mouth, or wake up tired no matter what time he goes to bed, talk to your pediatrician.  It may not be as serious as Kleine-Levin Syndrome (a rare sleeping disorder that could cause one to sleep weeks at a time), but an underlying health issue may be the cause.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Watch I Wanted for Christmas

I think people around me believed me when I said that all I want for Christmas is peace and goodwill to all mankind, because nobody bothered to give me this:

Philip Stein Women's 'Modern' Steel and Leather Quartz Diamond Watch

(and oh, yes, it has to be in pink!)

I have never worn a watch ever since I lost my watch at the veggie counter at the local grocery a few months ago(believe me, I tried to look for it under all the broccoli, zucchini and cucumber-but that was after an hour, when I realized that my watch was gone.  I never found it...)!

Oh, well, I hope somebody (shout-out to hubby) is reading this and realize that luxury watches are a girl’s best friend (my best friend, anyway).  I would appreciate it so much if he/she would remember I want the watch around either Mother’s Day, my birthday in November or Christmas in 2013.

Luxury watches have gone beyond their purpose of telling you the time.  They have evolved into fine timepieces that blend elegance and innovation. While relatively lower-priced watches are mass produced, luxury timepieces are intricately made and crafted by an expert horologist (an expert maker of timepieces), assuring you of top-quality watches so intricate and so durable they will practically last forever.

Since they last for a long time, luxury watches can be family heirlooms which can be passed from moms to daughters, like rings, necklaces, and other jewelries. I remember my mom using a beautiful watch given by my Grandma.  I have that old Rolex watch of my grandma in my jewelry box now. Truly, this watch is proof that high quality and exquisite craftsmanship will last for generations.

Everyone will have their own reasons for wanting a luxury watch.  It could either be an investment or an indulgence.  For me, it would probably be as an investment and as a reflection of my personality and style. I would also like it to last long, so that I can pass it on to my daughters.

And of course, I want it in pink!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Did You Own One Of These?

This is practically a relic! Before there were e-book readers, i-Pads, tablets, in the Jurassic era of the '70s, we had this! Mine was blue.  Actually, it was my brother's, because back then, my uncle preferred to give me a Malibu Barbie instead of this! But, since girls grow faster than boys (until they catch up and grow faster when they turn around sixteen), I would grab this from my brother.  He is much much taller now, but I bet he will remember how I tried to get this from him and watch stills of Adam West in Batman!

And oh, this is called View-Master.  Mine (my brother's, actually) was battery-operated (there was a tiny bulb like that of the flashlight's that would turn on), and if the double-A batteries wouldn't work anymore (even after I let them bake under the sun!), I would remove the back cover, go out (in the daylight of course.  Nighttime and you wouldn't see anything!) and view stills.

Did you own a View Master way (waaaaaayyyy) back then?

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My Inter-Connected World

I am sure not a lot of you know yet, but one of my many New Year’s resolutions is to get organized. I want to be a clutter buster! You see, I have come across a study that mothers who have “messy” and “cluttered homes have higher levels of stress hormones.

My first agenda: get rid of all the old appliances.  Our house is literally cluttered with all kinds of appliances-we have the old Sony Betamax, around three VHS players, old box televisions of various sizes, PC monitors, boom boxes, turntables.  Maybe, I should turn the house into a museum! (j/k)

The very reason why we have amassed a mountain load of old, non-working appliances is because of the sentimental attachment to such appliances. The 14-inch box television? That was my elementary graduation gift.  The old Sony Walkman? It was my friend as it comforted me through my teenage angst.

Looking at all those old appliances with sentimentality made me wonder about the evolution of radios and televisions and how they work.  I just found out that Radiall, founded in 1952, is one of the companies who made SMP coaxial connectors that revolutionized the emerging television industry. Coaxial cables are used as a transmission line for radio frequency signals and they are pretty much responsible for the images you see on your television. You cannot enjoy the latest episode of your favorite TV series without these connectors and cables.


Decades later, Radiall continues to be a global manufacturer of interconnect components for various industries that include Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Medical and Telecommunications.  “Our Most Important Connection Is With You”, the company’s tagline, is proven true in the launch of its new website which is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a complete description of the company’s products such as antennas, fiber optics, microwave components, multi-pin connectors, RF cable assemblies, RF and SMP coaxial connectors, and space qualified components.

Looking at how highly-evolved the electronics and communication industry now, I was wondering if I should have been an Electronics and Communication Engineer instead of an accountant.  Everything about technology and inter-connectivity seems fascinating.

Now, excuse me as I begin my quest as a clutter buster ;)!

mccarson used appliances
Pack Rat

Monday, January 07, 2013

Learning Nail Art Designs

I have always been fascinated with nail art, but never had the heart to do it.  It looks so complicated.  I have it covered with mineral makeup and hairstyles.  I can do them on my own and do them perfectly.  My nails, though, they are a totally different story.  They look bad.  I do laundry and dish-washing, gardening and lots of housework.  I have old mommy hands.  My hand and nails are in dire need of a total revamp, I swear.
Will and  Mommy
Mommy Hands
When I was younger, I learned to do French manicure on my hands.  On my own.  It didn't matter that the French tips on my right hand look a little lopsided.  From afar, they looked perfect with my ring and my bling-blings.
Nail designs in recent years have become so big, though, and evolved into designs so beautiful.  Truly, nail design has been turned into art!  I was like, “I want to learn that, too!”.  I had my nails done once on a high school friend’s newly-inaugurated Nail Salon and I was in awe.  They made beautiful little daisies on my nails, with faux gems and they looked so beautiful I wanted the design to stay forever.

Hello Kitty Nail Art
I want this Hello Kitty Design
The problem is the cost to having salon-perfect nails is steep.  I would much prefer doing nail art on my own, but I want them to look like I had them done in a nail salon.  The first time I tried doing them on my own, they were not perfect and my nails got so weak.  I tried acrylic nails since I tend to chew my nails when I get nervous.  I found out after many trials and errors that applying acrylic nails and taking care of them is actually quite easy.  I always use this link as a guide for the proper maintenance of acrylic nails.
I have been visiting You Tube for nail art tutorials, and intend to unleash my inner (nail) artist in a few days.  In the meantime. I have been purchasing some 3D nail stickers with fake gems, designer nail tips and a variety of nail polishes.
You can also try these, guys.  A mommy deserves diva hands! It may be hard doing it at first, but you will love your nails! Check out the original source for total rockin’ diva nails. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Detoxifying After The Holidays

I refuse to weigh myself.  After all the holiday merry eating with practically zero exercise (although there were times I feel so stuffed I would work out for an hour, but those times were very few, like once?), I most probably gained just a little (although my loose jeans do feel tight now).

The truth is I feel so big right now I am seriously considering detoxifying myself by trying Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse.

For the meantime, though, (because Dr. Oz's Detox Plan is not meant for Asians who have a hard time looking for kale and raspberries), I decided to use my dad's Barley Juice, which I drank while I was working out (and very tired and so in need of water, so I won't notice how bad it tastes).

Barley juice is made of barley grasses, which makers claim have a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients than other raw vegetables.  They claim that barley juice is a powerful cleanser, which helps to gently detoxify the liver, kidney, and the intestines.

I am so sold on the "detoxification" pitch that I would probably drink this everyday...

Adrian: "Yuck, mom, what's that??? Is that sewer juice???"