Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PhotoJeepney: An Online Photo Studio Plus a Giveaway!

There is nothing that captures emotions, feelings, moments and memories than a photograph!  My family and I had a blast looking at old photographs of ourselves and our parents during my dad’s wake.  Though we were grieving, captured moments like my dad and mom’s wedding, our baby pictures, bicycle and boat rides at Burnham Park, trips to La Union and Santiago Cove, graduation pictures, our wedding pictures, and photographs of my dad and mom with their apos literally brought them back to life and made us feel like they are still with us. 

The old photos I found are priceless and literally narrate our family history…my brother in that bike when he was eight?  That was that same bike that hit me accidentally and caused the scar above my lip.  That old photo with my cousin Anton’s toe bandaged?  That was because he was trying to throw a big stone at my cousin Didi during a fight, but he dropped it instead and it landed on his toes!  Oh, we had a grand time looking and reminiscing at the old photos.

 Sadly, some of the photos have faded.  Some old color pictures literally got stuck on each other with the color fading.  It is time for Project: Restore.  Fortunately,  I found Photojeepney.  

Photojeepney is your one-stop online photo studio committed to transforming your photos into priceless pieces.  It offers Photo Retouching/Photo Restoration/Photo Reconstruction (the service we badly need for our old photographs!) where color correction, color restoration and even whole body cropping are done to restore, enhance or make your old photographs look like new.

And for those who are not into photo restoration, here are just some of the fun art services that Photojeepney can magically do for your photos:

The all-time favorite caricature fun art turns your photo into caricature!

Photo Surreal

Favorite of moms! Magically transforms their little ones’ photos into a magical character!  (I would love to have mine, on fairy wings like Tinkerbell!)

Cartoonized Art

Your photos are “cartoonized”, perfect for social network avatars and profile pictures!


A photo mosaic with squares having their own individual colors and contrast giving the photo a totally different look!


Random color splashes on your photo makes your photo “you-nique”!

Photojeepney, aside from offering digital files, also has print with frame services for services such as Photo Splash, Puzzlefects, Photo Surreal, Photo Splash and Picture to Oil Painting Services. 
Just visit, register for free and have fun browsing over the many services offered.  All transactions are done online, with “how-to” guidelines provided.  The services are very affordable and are payable via VISA/Mastercard, PayPal, Cebuana Lhuillier and BPI bank deposit payment.

Oh, and hey, I got Instafects for free from Photojeepney.  Instafects is another fun art service of PhotoJeepney which gives your photo a variety of photo effects from the oldest to the latest! My photo below comes in four different effects:

(OPEN WORLDWIDE!) is giving away 10 FREE DIGITAL VOUCHER CODES which you can use to get your own caricature, photo montage, cartoon art or instafects! (You can check out their services here.)

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Super-Easy Way to Give Your Kids Vitamins: Champs Chewable Vitamins

How many of you mommies have an extra-difficult time giving your kids vitamins?

I bet a lot of you have the same problem as mine.  Giving a multi-vitamin syrup to children is such a pain.

My son is such an expert in rejecting vitamins.  He would either run away from me, throw tantrums (rarely, thankfully) or pretend to drink it (but he asks for a glass of water and would spit the syrup on the water!)

I would try to convince him that the vitamin syrup tastes good, but I tried tasting it and I swear I would never try to taste his vitamin or medicine syrups anymore!  Yes, they are that bad! (and that is why as a child, I never was into vitamin syrups, too!)

Some people would say that vitamins, minerals and nutrients can be provided by eating the right foods, but try convincing kids to eat fruits and veggies the whole time.  Even if they do love to eat them, it would never seem enough.

Thankfully, a month ago, Mylene and Alina Iledan of CCM (International Philippines), Inc.  sent me samples of their company's flagship brands CHAMPS.

CHAMPS line consists of vitamin preparations for kids.  What is so cool about it is it comes in chewable, fun-shaped and nice-tasting flavored tablets!

Champs Vitamin C 100 mg Fun Vitamins For Protection

  • Contains 100 mg Vitamin C
  • Comes in Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Natural Orange Flavor
  • Fun-Shaped Heart
  • Protection against common illnesses

Champs Multivitamins Fun Vitamins to Maintain General Health

  • Contains Vitamin C, Plus 9 Essential Dietary Nutrients
  • Comes in Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Natural Pineapple Flavor
  • Fun, Triangle Shaped
  • Promotes General Health

Champs Omega-3 Plus Brain Vitamins For Kids

  • Contains 9 Essential Dietary Nutrients as Vitamin C and B-complexes plus Omega-3
  • Comes in Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Tutti-Frutti Flavor
  • Fun, Heart-Shaped
  • Boosts brain development and performance
Champs C + Lysine Fun Recovery Vitamin Combination

  • Contains Vitamin C and Lysine
  • Comes in Chewable Tablet Forms
  • Great-tasting Tutti-Frutti Flavor
  • Fun, Donut-Shaped
  • Enhances appetite during sickness for fast recovery.

Champs Multivitamins + Lysine
Fun on Taste, Big on Appetite

  • Contains Lysine 50mg plus Folic acid
  • 9 Essential Multi-Vitamins
  • Comes in chewable tablet forms
  • Great-tasting orange flavor
  • Fun, Donut-shaped
  • Boosts Apptetite

My boy loves the vitamins.  He loves the taste, although he does have a thing over the pink chewable tabs.  Maybe they could make it in blue?

I think the vitamins also helped him from recovering from dengue fever.

Would I be buying this in the future?  I sure would.  I have tasted them myself and I love them (hope they make them in adult dosages, too.)

They are available at your suki drugstores at prices you can afford!


The Chemical Company of Malaysia International Philippines, Inc. (CCMIP) is the largest generic company in Malaysia.  It has 4 big manufacturing plants in Malaysia that have been recognized by both local and international bodies for its good manufacturing practices.  The company shares the advocacy of offering to the general public general versions of medications that are equally effective but at an affordable price.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why Continuing Your Legal Education Online Makes Sense

E-Learning Concept Photo via Freedigitalphotos

Continuing legal education online makes sense these days because traditional colleges are really just becoming too expensive for anyone to be able to afford them. 

If you want to cut the overall costs of your education of the law, there is no reason not to take your educational path online. There are plenty of online schools that are able to help anyone get back on the right track with their education, and sometimes this is exactly what someone needs to get their life back on the right course. There are a variety of different law courses that you can take at an online school, and most people are amazing at the low costs of this new form of education. Although many people felt like online degrees were not worth much in the past, the fact of the matter is that they are now starting to increase in value over time. As more people decide to skip traditional schools and go online for their education, employers are going to continue to understand that this is just how things work now. There is no reason to put yourself into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt just so you can get a job after you graduate college. 

If you want to figure out a way to get that degree without putting yourself in an endless amount of debt, then you definitely need to start taking your classes online.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Luxe Retreat: Finding Fun, Peace and Contentment in a Summer Home

In my city where old country homes and log cabins are still common, it is so rare to find modern and contemporary luxury homes in residential areas. Since summer spells fun and relaxation, I think it is about time to turn these dumpy homes and cabins into dreamy summer retreat homes while retaining their old charm. 

Just take a look at this infographic. Creating your very own summer haven may not be your typical dwelling, but you can create an atmosphere that evokes your simple and laid back mood with a relaxing water fountain and a gazebo while reflecting your fun, raring-for-summer attitude with an outdoor pool / hot tub. Believe me, your kids will love staying at home more during summer days and nights! Certain design elements like adding a fire pit and a gazebo help in creating a summer home that spells comfort and class. Installing an outdoor kitchen and creating shady areas to just lay back and relax also help to create a whimsy and relaxed vibe that makes the home very personal and unique. 

 No matter how many installations an design ideas were put in this beautiful summer home, everything seemed to have fallen into place. All these things and the different styles combined gave this haven a homey eclectic feel and its very own unique charm.

   How to Turn Your Home Into a Summer Paradise by Legacy Lending Group

{Fun Facts} How Does a Magic 8 Ball Tell The Future?

Magic 8 Ball

I have a Magic 8 ball on my home desk and sometimes shake it for some awesome fortune telling! On sleepovers, teen girls love to do the "shake that magic-8" thing and ask it if this guy likes the "asker" back or "Did I pass the Algebra exam?" and some other weird questions that only teens can think of.

But how does this magic-8 ball tell the future?

The mysterious ball is actually a hollow sphere that has a white, 20-sided die inside floating in a blue liquid.  Each side of the die has a statement like "Signs Point to Yes" and "Better Not To Tell You Now" on raised letters.  When you give the ball a shake, the liquid swishes about, making the die turn to give you an answer.

You can always try the Mattel Magic 8 Ball.  Got a burning question you really , badly need an answer to?  Ask the ball!  Here is how the entire asking ritual goes:  Turn the ball down with both hands so the number eight is facing you.  Concentrate on your question (only "yes" or "no" questions, though.)  and when you are ready, turn the ball up and the answer will float up!

Have fun!

Starting A Coin Collection

A photo by renjith krishnan via FreeDigitalPhotos
A lot of older people wanted to start a vast coin collection as some sort of investment.  My dad was one of them.  He started to collect coins when he was a teenager.  He always claimed that those metal coins will be worth a lot in years to come. Strangely, he has not sold them, but continued to collect them, sometimes bidding at online coin auctions website here to get some precious coins he has his eyes on.  He had intentions of giving the coins to his grandchildren as some sort of inheritance.

I was so interested in his coin collection hobby that he gave me some tips and how-tos on coin collection.  He emphasized that building a valuable coin collection would cost A.LOT.  He usually sets an amount and figure out if he can afford to spend some amount for his coin collection.  If he does, he would usually check coin auctions here.  He also emphasized that I must have some kind of ultimate goal if I were to embark on a coin collection frenzy.  Do I want them to be family heirlooms or as some sort of investment which can be sold in the future at a much bigger value?  He also told me that there are a lot of fake coins out there!  He told me that if I am serious with coin-collecting, I should study the hobby first, educate myself by reading books and other references, and be discerning to determine if I am getting the real deal or not.

Although collecting coins seem to be a worthwhile hobby which some investors claim could tide you over “biggest crashes in world history”, I think the amount needed to spend on this hobby is extremely daunting for me.  I would probably take up the hobby when I will have lots of extra cash.  As of now, I will just stay with investing at the stock market.

What I Learned From My Teens

Raising teenagers can be tough. As a mom of two teen daughters (a fifteen and a sixteen year old) - plus, of course I have an eight-year old boy still untainted from teenage angst-, I spend a lot of time reading on the best way I can raise them.  I realized though that it is important to learn a thing or two from them, too.  Here are some of what I learned from the Teendom School of Life:

Friendship doesn't have to be hard.

So often, we worry about making a good impression, saying the right thing or being liked, but my teens showed me that sometimes just being friendly, understanding them (although not necessarily trying to act like them), and hanging out with them works wonders.  I have seen them meeting with cousins they have not seen for a long time giggling, gossiping, dancing, taking crazy photos and gushing like they had known each other forever!  And all it took was a pizza, a funeral (my dad's) and a smile!

There is always something new and fun to learn.

As you grow older, raise a family, you become jaded and begin to think that you know it all, which can keep you from seeing life with curious wonder.  My teens bombard me with questions and no matter how simple the question or answer was, they always seemed to think whatever they learned was absolutely fascinating.  Whether you like it or not, you can't know everything, so you can either stop learning and continue to bloom.  It is really up to you

The difference between work and play is attitude.

My teens practically do everything-like study, do their share of housework, shop, baby sit their little brother-stuff we moms do everyday.  But while we sometimes get cranky, complain and wish we were on an island paradise sipping fruit shakes, my gals made each "chore" seem like such fun just by chatting, singing, and laughing while they worked. I will definitely try their strategy the next time I am stressed with house and office work.

Don't just dream. Do!

Some people are fine with just dreaming, while other people kick off the blankets, get on their feet and go after their dreams, whether that means being brave enough to try something new (like learn to surf which one of them wants to do) or write a book and have it published or learn French which Nicole is trying to do.  I realized we can wish all we want, but we have also got to be willing to do the work when it is needed.  

Teens Rule.

Okay, that is nothing new.  Despite the dread of parents when their kids finally reach their teens, it is not difficult to convince any mom or dad that teens are actually smart, stylish, sweet, fun, friendly, kind, responsible, confident and with good heads on their shoulders.  So this article is for my teens, for all the Nicoles and Paulas out there-and all other teens just like them!

Taking Selfies.

Okay. I am not on that stage yet. Lol.  But, if you are into photos and the wonderful, wacky effects that make your blah-photos look cool - like this caricatured photo:

Join my digital photofile giveaway here.  Open Worldwide!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fit For Life: Boost Your Fat-Burning Power

Can you look back to the day when your weight just started to creep up on you? 

I can blame my age-it does gets harder to lose weight when you are older, or I can blame a stressful event (my dad’s death) that turned me into the Z-(zombie) mode- just going through the motions, eating junk food and chocolates, forgetting my daily 3K run, losing sleep, just totally losing the happy, trying-to-be-fit mommy that I was meant to be.

And so I tried to understand my feelings and cope with my current depression and food obsession.  I began to realize that everyone is gifted with an amazing body that can be restored and nurtured with the right food, nutrition and exercise.

The problem is I have such a slow metabolism!  Getting to a certain age, plus being a mommy (and hanging out with friends who love to eat!) must have slowed it down that I sometimes would attempt to do weird things like sprinkling cayenne pepper on my salad and drinking cups of coffee and green tea which my friend swear are thermogenics - fat burners that help bust calories since they produce heat when eaten. Now I understand why this one TV actress in her late forties claim that she has been including an incredible amount of spicy foods in her diet.  And now I know why this girl I work with who cannot eat without Chinese chili oil never seems to gain weight.

The good news is that your metabolism can be increased with a combination of proper nutrition and exercise.  Here are some ways I will be trying to make my metabolism soar through the roof:

Eat Breakfast Without Fail.

I usually skip breakfast on busy days, simply because I am running out of time and I am honestly not hungry.  Since studies have proven that skipping breakfast will not result in weight loss, starting today, I will be eating something nutritious-like a vegetable omelet and yogurt to start my day right.

Eat More Lean Protein.

More calories are burned as protein is converted.  Studies claim that as the body burns more calories, the higher will be your metabolism. Now, if only I can get through my i-hate-eggs phase-an offshoot of my recent protein diet.

Eat More Fat-Burning Foods.

Reaching out more for the chili oil and cayenne pepper, plus drinking green tea may do wonders for my sluggish metabolism. I mean, it worked for my co-worker!

Eat More Greens.

Veggies are full of fiber which can make you feel fuller and for longer. Plus, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals which make your body function well and look good! 

Get More Sleep.

Time to get out of the Z-mode!  I am so totally sleep-deprived!  Studies again show that not getting enough good quality sleep will wreak havoc on your metabolism!

Get Moving!

A year ago, I was into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  It is an interval training which you can do in five to fifteen minutes.  It alternates periods of short, intense heart-popping aerobic exercise composed of jumping jacks, burpees and mountain-climbers with less-intense recovery periods.  I intend to do it again, but after I have properly conditioned myself.

I intend to be back to my old, fitter self! What about you?

Five Tips That Will Help You Last Through The Day

Face it.  There are mornings when you just feel plain lazy.  You refuse to get out of the bed, bargain with your alarm clock for some extra snooze, and feel so slow for the first few hours of the day.  On worst cases, you may not feel like showing up for work, and decide to just enjoy the day inside the comforts of your home.

So, how can you beat this state of mind?  How can you push yourself to rise up early when necessary, feel energetic to report for work or school, and happily tread your way on your day’s to-do list.
Here are some sure-fire tips that works for me.

Do Not Snooze.

The alarm goes off.  What do you do?

Don’t even think about hitting the snooze button, and get up immediately.  Studies claim that sneaking in addition sleep after waking up will just make you feel sluggish.

Instead of using the first few moments of your waking time with a self-debate of whether you should get up or stay in bed a little longer, use it to open your eyes and take in the beauty of the morning, and then do some stretching.  This will help wake your body up, loosen your muscles and increase flexibility.

Stretch and Work Out.

Stretching leads us to my second tip, and that is to do some morning exercise!  It may be an early morning stroll or walk along the neighborhood or a jog.  Exercise pumps oxygenated blood to our tired cells.  Exercise and stretching are the perfect activities to release your energy and prevent you from feeling dragged or lethargic in the next hours of the morning.

Take an Energizing Breakfast.

An energizing breakfast is complete with whole wheat grains, fruit such as banana, egg, combined with a glass of orange juice for some Vitamin C or a cup of tea.  This kind of well-balanced breakfast gives fuel to the body so that it can keep you going through the day.

Lose yourself in the Music.

Music has a powerful effect on the body.  Various studies prove this, too.  It can make you feel calm, wild, or energetic.  In the morning, why not try listening to some of your favorite cheerful tunes? Not only can this help put you in a good mood.  It can also increase your energy and motivation for the rest of the day.

Ban Bad Vibes.

 Making yourself happy and contented is most important!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Do Men Like Shopping With Women?


How often do you go shopping with your hubby? 

One survey online says that almost 70% of men hate shopping with women.

My hubby is in that 70%.

I mean, I don’t get it.  He offers to drive me to the mall and would even walk with me around, but after the second store, he would go to the hardware store and look at car tools and a toggle clamp (oh, joy!), while he tells me to go ahead and go to my third store.

After several minutes, (and this always happens!), he calls me telling me that he is in the car parking lot with a bad tummy ache and that he needs to go home really bad!  Either I cut my shopping short or I tell him that I will just get a cab.

Of course, he gets really bored when I ask him how this twentieth blouse at the tenth store we went to looks like on me…

Now, tell me.  Does  your hubby love shopping with you?

{Quick Tips] Letting Your Tot Read To You

A photo by Boians Cho Joo Young via FreeDigitalPhotos

Get your tot hooked on books by taking his books from his room and putting them where he usually stays during the day.  The more he sees them, the more he will want you to read to him.  He may even attempt to "read"  (I know, it is pretend :) , but hey, it is a start!) all by himself!

Get him excited with this role-reversal activity!  Go on with your routine of story-telling sessions, but this time, ask him to read to you!  Of course, he will just try to make his own story by looking at the pictures, but give him his full attention!  Be excited and enthusiastic and give him your full attention.  React to his story as he "reads" it.  After he is done, commend him for a job well done, treat him to something he likes, give him a small prize and preserve this wonderful moment by taking a picture!

You can have his picture cartoonized or caricatured in digital file by joining my Digital Photofile from Photo Jeepney Giveaway here! (Open Worldwide Until August 16, 2013)

Have fun reading with the little one!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lazada Philippines and MegaLink Inc. Launches New Payment Method

MegaLink Head of Relationship Managers Jennifer Tantan, MegaLink President Benjamin Castillo
Lazada PH CEO & Co-founder InancBalci, Lazada PH Marketing VP Paul Mendoza

The country’s biggest online shopping mall, Lazada, is officially the only e-Commerce company in the Philippines accredited by MegaLink, a major ATM Network in the country.

Purchasing goods at is now made easier as the recently signed partnership introduces a first in local e-Commerce. It allows online shoppers all over the country to conveniently choose a payment option most convenient to him/her, adding MegaLink to Lazada’s proven and flexible existing methods: Cash On Delivery, Credit Card, Installments and PayPal.

CEO and Co-founder InancBalci states, “We, at Lazada, want to continuously improve the shopping experience for our customers. MegaLink payment option will make shopping at Lazada more convenient. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.”
Through this new payment method, customers can pay for their orders using their MegaLink ATM and Cash cards.

Currently, accepted MegaLink cards areUnionbankATM Cards, UCPB ATM and Cash Cards, MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center ATM Cards and Pacific Ace Savings Bank ATM Cards. More MegaLink cards from the rest of the MegaLink network participants will be available before the year ends.

Lazada will shoulder all service charges making this feature a very enticing option to the millions of Filipinos bearing cards within the MegaLink network.

Do check out Lazada Currently, accepted MegaLink cards areUnionbankATM Cards, UCPB ATM and Cash Cards, MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center ATM Cards and Pacific Ace Savings Bank ATM Cards. More MegaLink cards from the rest of the MegaLink network participants will be available before the year ends.
Lazada will shoulder all service charges making this feature a very enticing option to the millions of Filipinos bearing cards within the MegaLink network.

About Lazada
LAZADA, a venture of Rocket Internet, is Southeast Asia’s biggest online store, with presence in five countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. LAZADA PH offers over 20,000 consumer products, ranging from electronics, appliances, to health and beauty items, as well as apparel and school supplies.

About MegaLink
MegaLink is one of the largestATM networksin the Philippines providing electronic financial services to its participants enabling them to transact in various electronic channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MegaLink was formed in 1989 and was the first operational shared ATM network. Currently, MegaLink has a shared resource of more than 3,000 ATMs, over 40,000 POS terminals and 16 million cardholders.

About Lazada
LAZADA, a venture of Rocket Internet, is Southeast Asia’s biggest online store, with presence in five countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. LAZADA PH offers over 20,000 consumer products, ranging from electronics, appliances, to health and beauty items, as well as apparel and school supplies.

About MegaLink
MegaLink is one of the largestATM networksin the Philippines providing electronic financial services to its participants enabling them to transact in various electronic channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MegaLink was formed in 1989 and was the first operational shared ATM network. Currently, MegaLink has a shared resource of more than 3,000 ATMs, over 40,000 POS terminals and 16 million cardholders.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

{Baby Care} Giving Your Baby A Bath

Sweetest pictures ever
Baby Bath time is the perfect moment to bond with your little one.  Every baby loves to splash with all the bubbles and suds in that tiny little tub with mommy lovingly smiling and supporting his tiny body.

A lot of new parents do get scared of giving their little babies a bath though.  I was.  I mean, they are so tiny!  I was scared they might slip out of my hand or something.  Tick off that image of me and my first baby having a lovely time at her first bath time.   It honestly was my hubby who expertly gave her a bath, swaddled her in a blanket and laid her on his chest as she slept.  I was so jealous.  It didn’t count that I didn’t have younger siblings and hubby did, and he had his share of baby sitting and I didn’t. 

Three kids later, I am an expert at baby baths (I think!).  Expectant and first-time mommies have this vision of immediately bonding and quietly giving their babies their first bath.  I did.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I got teary eyed at TV commercials featuring a mommy giving her little one a bath.  I was determined to replicate that TV moment with my baby’s first bath.  However, nobody told me (I should have listened to my mother!) that little babies squirm and cry and wiggle a lot during their first bath times. 

I did begin to get that baby bathing groove a couple of bath times later. For first-time mommies, it pays to be organized.  Prepare all your bathing essentials before giving baby a bath.  You should never leave baby on the tub even for just a moment just to grab that baby sponge!  Uncapping a baby liquid soap would seem to be a daunting task, so try to get bottles with their built-in pumps.  Make sure you are using  a hypo-allergenic, PH-balanced formula soaps or baby cleansers, with nourishing ingredients like aloe vera.  You would not want baby's sensitive skin to have rashes or allergic reaction.  Always check the room and bath water temperature.  Babies get cold easily! Some mommies I know used baby bath tubs with built-in or attached safety holder.  I think babies can sense your distress and would become distressed as well.  Just relax and throw your related mommy-worries away.  Enjoy your moment with your little one, and soon, she will enjoy her bathing moments, too, and you are on your way to a fun and bonding experience with her!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Your Emotional Compass

Everything you want, you want because you believe it will make you FEEL happy! ~ M

(If you have been reading this blog, I am sure you know that this past month has been terrible for dad got confined to the ICU and eventually passed away on June 25, 2013.  My two kids got hospitalized for dengue fever mid-June, with my youngest, Adrian, having to celebrate his eighth birthday in the hospital.  Needless to say, most of the time I think I was in the Z (zombie) mode.  I went through the motions, prayed hard, wished for the best, barely even had time to laugh...I wish I can say I am so over everything, but I can't, because it is not true.  I am learning to "Play after the storm", though and it is awfully hard, but I am getting by.  One of the books that got me through my"storm" is Morgan McKean's "Becoming Princess Charming".  I am sharing with you here a guest post from, yes, Morgan herself with her thoughts on emotions and feelings!)

Have you ever found yourself in a really happy place, I mean the kind of space where you felt on top of the world and that anything was possible... or, felt so sad and low that all you could see was dark skies ahead?  While our emotions can take us through an up-and-down roller coaster of feelings on any given day, the one thing that’s consistent, is that we always have them.

So, if emotions and or feelings are a part of who we are, at least to some degree, you would think that we would automatically know what they’re for, and how to work them. However, if you’re like many of people I know and work with, while you probably have some idea of their purpose.... on the whole, not really.

So, what are emotions, and why do we even have them?

Whether guiding us towards making simple day-to-day choices or influencing us on which path we take in life, our thoughts have a direct effect on how we create and experience our physical reality.  For example, if you wanted to become an interior designer, then it’s not likely that you would engage in thoughts and ideas that would lead you towards accounting school, but rather, you would be focused on those thoughts, ideas, and opportunities, like taking art classes, that would support you in your ability to become an interior designer. 

The reason it’s important for you to first understand how your thoughts effect your life experience is because it is your thoughts that influence your emotions, or how you feel.  You see, similar to a compass that lets us know when we are, or are not, on course with our desired destination, our feelings serve as an internal feedback system letting us know whether or not the thoughts we’re thinking are leading us in the direction of our desired experiences.

When we feel off-balanced, stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, that’s our emotional compass letting us know that the thoughts we are thinking are not on course with the reality we want to experience. Accordingly, when we do feel happy, joyful, contentment, or bliss, this is our compass letting us know that the thoughts we’re thinking are on track with our desired reality, and that we should continue along this particular thought stream.

While it’s tempting for us to only want to experience feelings love, success, and happiness, because they make us feel good, every emotion or feeling that we experience is meant to let us know the direction that our thoughts are leading us in. When the thoughts we think are on track with our desires, our emotional compass provides us with an array of positive feelings, which helps support our belief that we can create our life the way we want it to be.  However, when our thoughts are leading us towards an experience we don’t want, we will receive a plethora of negative feelings that make us feel afraid or unworthy of manifesting our dreams. Therefore, whenever we feel anything less than happiness, that’s our cue to check into our thought stream to see what kind of ideas we’re entertaining.  When we do this, we are better able to identify limiting ideas and beliefs that we need to release, so that we can refocus our thoughts and ideas on creating our life the way we want it to be.

Feeling less than happiness while creating your current experiences?

Try the following to recalibrate your emotional compass ::

    Still your body and quiet your mind
    Close your eyes and take deep breaths (Count 5 on the inhale and match it on the exhale)
    Remind yourself that you are the author of your story, and you have the power to create it the way you want it to be.

May your happily ever after be as fabulous as your dreams!

With love,

Watch video book-trailer :

Author of Becoming Princess Charming :: Creating the Magical Mindset for Your Happily Ever After,  Morgan McKean is also an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and sassy self-help guide, who specializes in working with women to expand their consciousness, so that they can create their lives the way they want them to be.

This article is based on the new book Becoming Princess Charming © 2013 by Morgan McKean, and is being published with her permission.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Interview with Morgan McKean, Author of Becoming Princess Charming

Known to her clients and friends as a “Vitamin B12 Shot for Your Dreams,” most people refer to Morgan McKean as an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Mentor, and Sassy Self-Help Guide, and today I get to share my interview with you about her new book, Becoming Princess Charming :: Creating the Magical Mindset for Your Happily Ever After. 

First dipping her toe in the human-potential movement and spirituality at the age of six, Morgan has been using her intuitive and spiritual gifts to help people navigate their story in business, love, and life for over twenty years. Host of the weekly online show Living Clear with Morgan McKean, Morgan’s mission is to expand women’s consciousness to a place of being, where they can create their lives the way they want them to be with spiritual ideas for fabulous living.

Question :: What inspired you to write Becoming Princess Charming?

McKean ::Well, after a couple of false starts in my twenties, and a lot of resistance to writing anything longer than a blog post or magazine article in my early thirties, last Summer, as I was contemplating how I could best share my spiritual ideas for fabulous living, as I believe that when we understand how magnificent we really are, we can create our life the way we want it to be, I received over eight requests, and two demands, from clients and friends, in less than a two week period, to write a book.

Then, as I finally sat down to write, and the book was essentially pouring out of me, I began to see that I was finally at a place in my own life, where I could allow myself to be the catalyst or messenger to deliver these ideas.  And, when the book was completed in less than fourteen weeks, having very little to do with me personally, I really got the message, it was time.

Question :: What can people expect from this six-session guidebook?

McKean :: I believe that living the life of “Princess Charming,” is first about learning to love and accept yourself, and then, being able to create your fairy tale, or life, the way you want it to be.  Accordingly, I’ve broken this guidebook down into six sessions, including; fun, food, and fitness, and men, money, and meaning, so that you can see who you are being in each of these areas of your life.

In each “session” with me, you’ll go on a trip of self-discovery as you learn more about your fear-based ideas and thinking, and develop the ability to identify old programing and limited beliefs that are currently holding you back from living your life the way you want to be.  Additionally, through out each chapter, and at the end of the session, you will have access to real-world exercises and new ideas that will help you shift your perspective, or expand your awareness so that you can create your happily ever after.

My dedication to embarking on this journey of self-discovery and spirituality, as well as doing the work daily, has transformed every area of my life for the better.  I’ve learned to have more compassion, love, understanding, and appreciation for who I am, what I’m capable of, and how what I really believe about myself and the world around me influences how I experience our physical reality.

Question :: I understand that you work with a people from a variety of different places on their spiritual walk. How did you make the information in this book accessible to every woman, regardless of where she is on her path?

McKean :: Because so many of the women I come into contact with have shared with me that many of the spiritual books they read are so “heavy,” deep, or just plain boring, I purposely designed Becoming Princess Charming to be a fun and inviting read, pairing fantasy, spirituality, a little bit of pop-culture, and real world common sense so that no matter where you find yourself in consciousness, you will receive exactly what you need to move your fairy tale forward. 

Additionally, my session-chapters are based on the areas I know to present the most challenges to women. So, even if you’re not really interested in spirituality, if you want to eat cleaner, be more in-tune with your body, better your relationships with family and friends, increase your finances, or just to find a better way to balance it all, you’re going to find viable solutions and exercises that will help you create a life that’s closer to your happily ever after.

Question :: Why do you do this work?

McKean :: Even though I was born an intuitive, and have been studying spirituality for over thirty years, I developed a victim mentality in my late teens / early twenties that took me on a roller coaster ride of epic proportions.  Then, as becoming a mother brought that ride to an end, I realized it was time to get off my self-indulgent pity-potty, and use the tools I had to become the person I always knew I could be so that create my life the way I want it to be, which based on my dad calling me his princess since I can remember, I playfully dubbed “Princess Charming.”

Then, as I got better and better at being this new version of me, I gradually got the nudges from the Universe or Source Energy that other women needed this information, as there is some part of most us, that wants to live like Princess Charming, the woman who can create her life the way she wants it to be.

So, to that end, I designed a guide book to help you create your very own happily ever after, by becoming the woman you KNOW you can be.

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