Monday, September 30, 2013

Leading a Digital Life: The Joys of Online Shopping at

Today, I intended to get that spaghetti sauce for the spaghetti Adrian was requesting plus those liquid detergents for the clothes I failed to wash yesterday plus that hair conditioner Paula was bugging me to buy since last week plus that dozen of items still on my grocery list.
Except that past noon until 6 PM, the city was enveloped in fog.  It was nearing zero visibility in the city I would rather lie down on my comfortable bed with a good book than risk my life driving in the fog and rain.

I hate going to the grocery store…(okay, that zero visibility excuse is just one of my many excuses for detesting to do some grocery shopping.  I also hate waiting in long lines and the big crowd)

{Money Mondays} Lifestyes of the Young, Fabulous and Broke

A clip from ANC On The Money.  If you are not watching it yet, do it now!  Invest in your Financial Literacy (and it is free, too)

When I was younger, I loved watching prime time soap operas like Dynasty and Falcon Crest.  I was not even in my teens yet, but I was in awe of how beautiful, fabulous and cunning (although the setting and not the story fascinated me.  I mean, these series ran up for years! ) rich people are.  My mom used to drag me to Sharon and Gabby movies and in the movies, they were rich!  They went to Brent School, had big houses with pools, end up with the person –equally rich, by the way – they love and live happily ever after, in their mansions, of course.  I was soo inggit!

Fast forward to the present decade and I am still in awe – with the Kardashians’ lifestyle, the girls of Upper East Side, heck, I am even in awe of Daniel Padilla having his own sports car at eighteen!  I see kids as young as eight having their very own iPads (latest versions), a toddler at age 3 with her own iPhone, and young employees buying their own car and latest gadgets.

Which makes me wonder.

Are they better off than me?

{Money Mondays}Are You Broke? Lifestyles of the Young, Fabulous and Broke Part II

Are You Broke?

You are broke if you worry where to get money to pay for this month’s rental for the condo or apartment. 

You are broke if:

  • You get a cash advance from your credit card to pay your utilities
  • Your retirement pay is not enough to pay off your housing and car loans
  • You can’t make a transaction using your card.  Maxed out na!
  • You regularly ask your parents for a regular monthly allowance
  • You used to have savings, but it is ubos na
  • You “pawn” your ATM card one week before payday.

{GIVEAWAY open WORLDWIDE } Magazine Subscriptions of your choice from Zinio.Com

As this blog officially turns one (I can’t seriously recall the exact date since I encountered a blogger glitch when I got my custom domain, but it must be around September 19, 2013.  I got my dot com on September 2, by the way, but something went wrong with Google’s DNS settings and my blog disappeared in the blogosphere for over two weeks!),  I think this is a perfect time to give –

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Yup, you read that right!

The world’s number one digital magazine distributor, Zinio, with thousands of magazines from around the world and where you can purchase issues instantly from your computer or iPad to read wherever and whenever you like, is giving away to nine Mommy Unwired readers a free subscription to ANY MAGAZINE OF YOUR CHOICE ! (Subscription length depends on which title you choose.  In the description of a particular title at, you will find how many issues come in the subscription)

I used to detest reading anything in digital format.  I used to love the feel, the weight, and hoboy, the scent of a new book or magazine.  But after getting my ancient Kindle keyboard three years ago and after I discovered the genius of Steve Jobs in the Apple iPad, I began to embrace anything digital. Hey, we are in the techie age!  It is about time I discover what you techie pioneers have discovered years ago J.

Here is how your magazine from Zinio would look on your iPAD.

Cool, right?  And don’t complain about missing out on the fresh ink and perfume sampler scents on a real magazine.  You can bring your digital magazine anywhere and access it even on your smart phones. On that long wait on your next medical check-up, your digital mag would come really handy.

And Zinio has every magazine you can think of.  They have Marie Claire, Hello, Shape, Vogue and hey, they also have Philippine editions of your favorite mags!

And they also give incredibly awesome deals like the 2 for 1 where you can get two years for the price of one! This offer is only until September 12, 2013, though, so hurry and get your favorite mags!

2 for 1

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

{Tripping Around the Philippines} Surfing San Juan, La Union

I spent my summer vacays at San Fernando, La Union.  Back then, the happening beach resorts were those over at Bauang, La Union.  The old folks refused to bring us to neighboring San Juan because of the really strong waves!  Now, riding the waves of San Juan is every water lover's must do!  I still am in fear of balancing on a surf board, so I will just settle on riding a kayak in comfy kayak seats with my little boy.   For the girls and the hubby though, they would love to get their sufin' fill even if they are not yet a board pro.

Surfing instructors are there to teach willing surf board students and boards are available for rent, so there is no reason to pass up a surfing lesson.  Scuba-diving, snorkeling and kayaking are additional activities to try if you a re a water sport enthusiast.

Learning to surf remains to be ticked on my bucket list.  I might just do it this Christmas break.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Asbestos in Schools

A photo by David Castillo Dominici via
September 26, 2013 marks the observance of the 9th annual Mesothelioma Awareness Day.  Mesothelioma Awareness Day became a national holiday in the United States in 2010 with the passage of H. Res 77 introduced and supported by Minnesota Congresswoman, Betty McCollum whose predecessor Congressman Bruce Vento, died of mesothelioma in 2000.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

{Teen World} Break Free! Do and Be Anything You Want

A photo by meehpoohfoto via

Two  hundred years or so  ago,  girls weren’t allowed to speak their minds.  Back then, girls only had to look their best to be accepted by society.  Their main purpose was to help carry on their husband’s lineage by having children-and so they didn’t have to read books or learn too many skills like play beautiful music, be part of a marching band and don Field Accessories .

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feeding Your Child's Love For Theater Arts

BTLC's An Emperor's New Clothes Production

When my daughter was five years old, all she ever wanted to do was sing, dance and act.  She was my little Ariel and Melody, Mulan and Jasmine.  I guess most little children love to role-play.  Practically every little girl I know loves to play-act and wants Daniel Padilla to be her leading man (I frankly can’t understand why these little girls like him!).

Saturday, September 21, 2013

{How To File Your Income Tax Return in The Philippines}Tax Exemption of Minimum Wage Earners
On October 4, 2013, the daily minimum wage rate for workers in the National Capital Region will be increased by P10.00. Labor groups insisted that the increase was so low (in Baguio where I live, there is no increase and at P280.00 per day minimum wage, it is a whole lot lower than the National Capital Region’s).

Tables below revised as of March 20,2015.

Some comments in a television show included:


Nope.  Hindi mapupunta sa tax ang increase.  The statutory minimum wage earned by minimum wage earners is not taxable.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cancerous Asbestos Still in Philippine Schools’ Laboratories Amid Officials’ Word to Ban it

TUCP News Release

Facebook Page Ban Asbestos Philippines

Asbestos-laden wire gauzes are still being used by students in their Chemistry and Biology classes despite assurance of the Department of Education in November 2011 to remove it from campuses and save millions of students, teachers and non-teaching staffs from exposure to cancer-causing mineral banned in many countries, the Associated Labor Uninons-TUCP and Building And Wood Workers International (BWI) has announced.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

DO Mosquitoes Love To Bite You?

A photo by SweetCrisis via freedigitalphotos

I have a friend who gets bitten by mosquitoes a lot.


In a room with people of ten and maybe two mosquitoes, she will end up with more bites than any other (hopefully not with the dengue strain!).

And it gets her so frustrated and wonders why she gets bitten a lot. (“I smell good naman.  I take a bath twice a day pa…”)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Creating Wonderful Memories With Our Kids Through Toys

Over the weekend  at my folks’ attic, my brother and I unearthed a huge box filled with our favorite toys.  As I took each special piece out of the box, a surge of happy thoughts came flooding in.

Seeing my Playmobil sets helped me to relive a time in my childhood when December meant an exciting trip to a toy store where Mom and Dad would have exciting kids gift ideas and happily help us figure out which piece to add to our growing collection.  My Barbie roller skates reminded me of how my dad patiently held on to my hands until I finally learned to balance on my own.  Then there was our stash of Fisher Price’s Little People that helped teach my brother and I to get along, cooperate and share because fights over these communal toys usually meant an end to playtime.  Monopoly taught me about playing fair, following rules and taking turns-and made me remember the hilarious times my family would gather around a table to determine who really was the champ.  And of course, there was my lovely cooking set – and all the out-of-this-world dishes my playmate neighbors and I invented and served to our seemingly hungry dolls.

Now that I am a mom, seeing my old playthings made me realize something really important about the way toys play a role in our children’s lives:  That integral to the toys we give our kids are the memories we create with them; and that the way our kids experience their toys really does have an impact on the little ones.  And the best way to experience them?  With Mommy and Daddy, of course!

I think a toy truly becomes special to a child not because of its hefty price  tag or its size or uniqueness.  A child learns to treasure a toy because of the countless times you spent tinkering with it, assembling it, or exploring it – together

When we are involved during our kids’ playtime, they learn to cherish the moment – more than just the toy itself.  Something  I will definitely keep in mind when I hand down these old favorites of mine for my own kids to enjoy.

Parenthood is certainly not a walk in the park, but with play and attention on your kids, you will discover the fun side of parenthood.

Bloggers, Earn and Win With The Lazada Affiliate Program

I have been shopping online like forever!

Okay, maybe, for five years already.

And I shopped with a prayer of hope.

Hope that I would get my item intact.

Hope that it is not broken (but I did get lip glosses half-full and unsealed! Homigod! They sold it used na?).

Hope that it won't get lost.

Hope that I won't get scammed.

Hope that I won't get taxed big (I once paid for tax thrice the amount of the item I purchased!).

But with Lazada, I am a happy customer!

That is why I am now a Lazada affiliate!

And if you have a blog or website that has been active for more than three months, you can be a HAPPY Affiliate, too!

Yup, you can earn your commission and have a chance to win an iPad mini or one of three PHP 10,000.00 Lazada vouchers!

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Friday, September 06, 2013

{R.A. 10586} The DUI (Driving Under Influence) Law

Sometime around May (I think it was around the 31st), I was on my way to work when I saw this car at Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City in front of The 45 Hotel:

Photo grab here

It doesn't look like much, right, but that car came from the road above (going to SM Baguio) and landed on the road below!  Either the driver wanted to do a Flying Car thing or desperately wanted to do number 2 and did a shortcut  or he was driving "under the influence".

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Happy 104th Birthday, Baguio!

I was born and raised in Baguio City.  My folks were from the Ilocos Region (dad from Santiago, Ilocos Sur and mom from San Fernando, La Union), but I am truly, deeply, madly a Baguio Girl.  I grew up smelling cool pine breeze, trying to catch hail stones falling like pebbles from the sky during hail storms in the afternoon, hiking at the yellow trail in Camp John Hay and getting lost, burying a treasure chest made of shoe box full of coins , smelling roses on our pathway, picking and eating wild strawberries, walking home from school on a road I can barely see because it was blanketed by fog, and seeing my breath on a really cold day.

Happy 104th Birthday, Baguio!  You may have changed, but you still continue to have that old country charm which makes you forever my home!