Thursday, October 31, 2013

Difference Between A Regular Holiday and A Special Non-Working Day

Hey, Peeps, if you ever decide to plunge in and go to work tomorrow for that extra Christmas shopping money, please do take note that tomorrow, November 1, 2013, is a SPECIAL NON-WORKING DAY.  

And in case you are a MINIMUM WAGE EARNER, you are exempt from paying income tax on your taxable income, including your holiday pay, night differential pay and hazard pay.  ARE YOU A MINIMUM WAGE EARNER? Find out here.

Here is an INFOGRAPHIC on the difference between a Regular Holiday and a Special Non-Working Day. (Magkaiba pala yun? All the while, I was thinking a holiday is a holiday.  Yun pala, may Regular Holiday, Special Non-Working Day, Additional Special Non-working Day, and Special Holiday For Schools)

And oh, if you want to get into the nitty-gritty on how to compute your holiday pay plus a list of 2013 and 2014 Holidays, you can check it here.

Make Your Own Haunted House!

A photo by Salvatore Vuono via

Happy Halloween!!!  More ghost stories in a little while, but first, would you like to "conjure" your own haunted house???

One-way mirrors, real flying bats, rockin' slime, glow juice for fountains and a Morph Box that really changes one object into another?

Science is behind all these and I am sharing with you a website which I have been following since Adrian was a little boy (yup, we did some of the experiments in the site.  You will learn the science behind the movie special effects that you see in a way that your kids will totally comprehend,without all the stuffy words your Science Teacher used to throw on you.

Check out Aurora Lipper's SUPERCHARGED SCIENCE.  Aurora, a Rocket Scientist and an educator takes the word BORING out of Science as she offers countless experiments that will make your child (and you) be totally hooked on science.

By the way, I am in no way connected with the website.  I just want to share this site to all mommies out there who have children who are struggling in their Science subjects and who want to teach their children Science in a way that the little ones will comprehend.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Terror Tuesday: A Halloween Ghost Story

The Fog

I grew up to this sight.  I remember walking home from school not seeing what was in front of me.  Back then, I truly dreaded the fog, because I, like any kid with over-active imagination in a world with no internet , would imagine creepy creatures coming out of the fog.

We used to ghost hunt when we were in our teens.  We would sneak out late at night when the folks were asleep and speed away in my dad's white Volkswagen Beetle.  We would drive through the site of Hyatt Hotel which crumbled like dominoes in the 1990 earthquake , through Loakan Road looking for the White Lady and Marcos Highway.  Of course, it was not like the real ghost hunting stuff that other folks do.  We just drove over, my cousin would pretend the car's engine stalled (but there was a couple of times he did not pretend!), and we would scream our fright out. At midnight.

I will be coming up with a Halloween Special: Creepy Stories in Baguio City in a couple of days.  During those ghost-hunting days, I never did see a real "live" (or "dead"???)  ghost, although we did experience some real weird stuff.  Have you ever seen a real one?

I am glad I did not and I hope I never will.  But oh, there was this one time that something really creepy showed itself to me.  To this day, I am still wondering if I have seen a ghost, but most probably I did...

January 2007 has been a pretty bad month for me... My mom got diagnosed with meningioma (which I found out on Christmas Day 2006) and had to stay for three days in the hospital practically the last days of December.  She never recovered when she got home and I had to deal with her slowly losing her memory and motor strength...On the third week, Adrian, who was around one year old and six months around that time suddenly started vomiting and pooping at the same time.  I had to admit him to the hospital because he was getting really dehydrated.

Adrian was confined at the old Pedia Wing of the SLU Sacred Heart Hospital

You know how difficult it was to have a toddler with an IV?  The funny thing was that SLU Sacred Heart Hospital where he got confined never gave him a plastic IV bottle.  He probably broke a couple during his stay there because he was sobrang likot.  Besides, he was well when he was in the hospital.  He was not vomiting and pooping anymore.

On our third day when we were about to go home, I was carrying Adrian by the door. (I was bored silly I felt the urge to ogle at people and see what kind of illnesses they had)  A boy who must be around twelve or thirteen in a hospital gown passed by and looked at me sharply.  

I said, "What happened to you?!"  He had bumps and bruises all over his body and his eyes were sunken.

Hubby came to me and said, "Sinong kausap mo diyan?"

I told him, "You did not see the boy?"  He had bump and bruises all over his body. Parang nabugbog or naputukan lang naman sa mukha ng firecracker ang peg.

He went, "Walang pasyente sa wing na yan ano!  Di ko nga nakita kausap mo!"

I gave Adrian to him and went to the hospital wing where the boy went.  

The place was deserted.  There was nobody there.  Apparently, the hospital will be renovating that pedia wing and turn it into a laboratory.

To this day, the way the boy looked at me still haunts me...

And to this day, I still wonder if he was a ghost for real...

Oh, wait till you hear about that time I went inside Mario's bathroom (Mario's relocated at the old Lonestar Steak House at Camp John Hay in the late '90s after a fire gutted their original resto at Session Road)...

And that time I got confined at the SLU Hospital because of anaphylactic shock (dahil sa fish ball, which I will make kuwento in a future post) and a "mambunong"  (a native witch doctor or something) suddenly barged in and started chanting mumbo-jumbo over me and my bed.  The people he was with later told me that apparently, anyone who gets confined and uses that bed - yes, the bed I was lying in - dies.  I have to contact my doctor (who was out playing golf on that sunny Sunday) and beg him to discharge me that day.   

Monday, October 28, 2013

{Money Mondays} Teaching Your Child About Money


When do you start teaching your child about money?

Teach her as soon as she understands that she can use the money to buy the things she wants.  When she shows some interest, you can start teaching her how to handle it wisely.  The simple lessons you teach today will give your child a good base in financial literacy.


Very young children think that the coin is better than the paper bill and more paper bills are better than less paper bills.  My then three-year old daughter preferred a 10 peso coin to a P20 bill and she thought 3 pieces of twenty pesos are a whole lot more than a hundred pesos. 

I personally think we should start exposing our children to money early.  Not so early that they do crazy slash dangerous things to the coins like put them in their mouth (there is a stage when kids love to put stuff inside their mouth or their nose or their ears.  When they are this age, please get rid of tiny things they can easily grab! I have heard a story about a pencil eraser-that little cylindrical eraser on the tip of a pencil being found inside a child's nose!  I am digressing again...), though. 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Burying Your Negative Thoughts at "The Lost Cemetery" in Baguio City

Do you watch #Forevermore?

I think Xander and Agnes' #roadtoforevermore will include burying their past hurts at the Lost Cemetery.

Would you like to bury "parts of you" at The Lost Cemetery?

I tend to obsess about things that might go wrong.I put off my morning runs when it is raining because I have this vision of me slipping and banging my head on the pavement, bleeding, with people just walking by and not noticing me. I worry about this little mole on my cheek and my tummy and if I would finish my office report on time. I obsess about my freckles, which I had since I was a kid, and are now called age spots! 

Like a lot of you out there (or is it just me?), I sometimes have a lot of what-if thoughts.Oh, yes, I do have a creative mind which creates scenarios growing scarier and more dramatic by the minute. Although these, of course, don’t and will never happen, this kind of negativity can actually consume you. It does, with me! Thinking of things that might never happen will just increase my stress level and make me “un-pretty” (ha!)

Bury Your Negativity

But yes, you can bury your negativity symbolically. In Baguio City, where I live, near the John Hay Historical Core, you can go to “The Lost Cemetery” / “The Cemetery of Negativism” and bury your negativity…

"Negativism is man's greatest self-imposed infliction, his most limiting factor, his heaviest burden.
No more, for here is buried the world's negativism for all time. 
Those who rest here have died not in vain-but for you a stern reminder-as you leave this hill remember that the rest of your life, be more positive.
Have a good day!Treat today like it's your last-though it's the first of the rest..." 

Designed by then John Hay Air Base Commander Major John Hightower, the Cemetery of Negativism is a symbolic burial place for all your negativity. 

Negative thoughts can be unproductive and will extremely limit your potentials. 

In this hill, you gather all those thoughts that are limiting you and bury them.  It has been wonderful strolling along the hill as it brought back memories to the time when I was a little girl and actually thought this was a pet cemetery...

Some of the buried negativity

A. Truely Miserableday






You can also find the tombstones of General Neg A. Tivism whose epitath reads,"Died of positive reaction to enthusiasm.", Itz Not Possible,Know Dam Way, Letz Study It,Kant du Nutin Wright and Ben Trid Bfor. 

Hours of obsessive, negative thinking will just make you stressed. Totally. Next time that you will be consumed with your mind-created scenarios, relax and let them be. Like one blogger commented in a post I made about not choosing to be locked out anywhere at a place of my choice because it creeps me out, "Fear leads to anger, anger to hatred, hatred to suffering - I think its Yoda who said that."

As for me, I never slipped on the wet pavement while running and hey, I can let that "age spots thing worry" me less (I called them freckles ever since I had them anyway).

Today, I am symbolically burying all my negativity and anxiety. Blessed Sunday, everyone!

Looking for a place to stay #WhenInBaguio? Here is my UPDATED LIST (As of 2016) of hotels/inns/bed & baths to stay when in Baguio.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} Zombie Invasion! What Will Adrian Do?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls joins the fight against breast cancer with Pink Power

This October, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and Eastwood City join the fight against breast cancer with the launch of Pink Power, a month-long information campaign that aims to empower women with the tools they need to help reduce breast cancer risk.

The campaign kicked at the Pink Power Cancer Forum at the Eastwood Mall Atrium. Done in partnership with Icanserve Foundation, the program hosted by Issa Litton included appearances from breast cancer advocates and health and fitness experts.

Guests were able to hear the story of Melissa de Leon-Joseph, Breast Cancer Survivor, and were able to get the facts on breast cancer from Dr. Katrina P. Ferrera, who discussed breast cancer myths and risk factors.

“Don’t be scared,” encouraged Melissa de Leon-Joseph. “It is better to have yourself checked and have peace of mind.” She also shared about how she and her friends held mammo parties, where they go to the hospital together to get their mammograms and then have coffee afterwards, to make the experience less frightening.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

{Money Mondays} Diet and Tipid Tip

A photo by Marin via

Happy Monday, everyone!  I have prepared a "Money Monday:  Understanding Your Paycheck" two weeks ago to go live today, but as usual, life got in the way, and I failed to add some important parts to it, so that would be for a later post (I am hoping you will read it because a lot of us are so happy with the money we receive during payday we don't even bother to check out our paychecks and the "sangkatutak na deductions".  Tama kaya deductions sa payslip mo? .

So, anyway,  para sa mga mommies (and practically anybody by the way) who are perpetually on a (or planning to) diet (like me), do you ever have a bad food memory that made you swear you won't eat that food ever again?  Or food you just hate?  I figured you can use this tool to finally get some of those fat off while making tipid at the same time.

This is an excerpt from the book “Kasusweldo pa lang, UBOS na?”  Practical Tips on How to Reduce your Expenses By at Least 30% by Vic and Avelynn Garcia.   

"Ang isa sa pinakamahirap na sakripisyo namin sa buhay ay ang hindi na pagkain ng baboy…na hilaw, kailangang iluto muna. (Joke only.)  Seriously, mahigit sampung taon nang hindi kumakain ng karneng baboy ang aming pamilya.  Nagsimula ang lahat ng ito nang maka-attend kaming mag-asawa ng isang seminar about wellness.  Ang nagtuturo ng araw na iyon ay isang doctor at isa sa kanyang mga topics ay ang iba’t ibang dahilanmkung bakit dapat tayong huminto sa pagkain ng karneng baboy.

Sa simula ng lecture, ang sabi ko sa sarili ko, “Malabo ito.  Hindi ako pwedeng huminto sa pagkain ng baboy dahil paborito ko ang baboy.”  (Litson, inihaw na liyempo, sinigang sa sampalok o sa bayabas, adobong baboy, bacon, ham, tocino, longganisa at marami pang iba).  Isa pang dahilan ay pinalaki ako at pinag-aral ng baboy.  Isa sa mga negosyo  ng aking mga magulang ay piggery.  Marami sa aming panggastos sa pag-aaral ay nanggaling sa pag-aalaga ng baboy ng aking mga magulang.  Pero habang nakikinig ako sa doctor na nagtuturo, unti-unti akong nakumbinsi na huwag nang kumain ng baboy.  Allow us to share with you ang mga bagay na nalaman ko patungkol sa baboy.

Sunday, October 20, 2013



Have you ever celebrated the bliss of doing exactly what you want to do – no apologies, no compromise?  Has it been a while?  Do you feel a twinge of guilt just thinking about it?  

Listen:  you have the right to a moment – many moments – all to yourself.  You have the right to remain silent … and peaceful.  To stand in the shower for as long as you please, to play the best classical guitar at guitar center, to drop deep into a book, to dance all by yourself to very loud music, to enjoy a meal alone.  

Be brave, be free, and reconnect with the one and only, irreplaceable, endlessly fascinating you.

Sunday Thoughts

I always start my Sunday by going to church early.  Yup.  For a night person like me who has no other wish but to get to sleep till ten in the morning  everyday(which is so not happening because I have work and mommy duties), waking up early seems to be extremely hard...

But once I breathe in the fresh air...

see the morning sun...

And revel in my world's boundless beauty ...

I feel alive...

and thankful...

"O God, I thank You for this day of life
for eyes to see the sky
for ears to hear the birds
for feet to walk amidst the trees
for hands to pick the flowers from the earth
for a sense of smell to breathe in the sweet perfumes of nature
for a mind to think about and appreciate
the magic of everyday miracles
for a spirit to swell in joy at Your mighty presence

Marian Wright Edelman

Have a Blessed Sunday Everyone!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Want To Be Like Her!

I want to be like her! Real. Bad.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Makeup Tools and Brushes Every Beauty Junkie Must Own

Lots of girls make the mistake of splurging on expensive makeup while doing without the right tools to apply them. You won’t see professional makeup artists applying eye shadow with their fingers or using a powder brush to apply blush—and for good reason! Using the right makeup tools and brushes helps you make the most of your products and gives you better control when applying them.

For novices, choosing from the vast array of different-sized brushes can be a bit daunting. To start you off, I've narrowed down the essentials to these nine brushes:

1. Foundation brush

 For a smooth and even application of liquid foundations, BB creams or CC creams, a foundation      brush is a must! Dip your brush on a pea-sized amount of product and blend with soft, downward  strokes.

2. Powder brush

For a matte, shine-free finish, a light and even dusting of powder using a large powder brush with soft, fluffy bristles is a must. You can use this type of brush for loose powders or with compact powder foundations.

     3. Concealer brush

Avoid using your fingers when applying concealer to blemishes or to the under eye area. Your finger will only serve to irritate a zit further and pull unnecessarily on the sensitive skin around the eye. Use a good-sized concealer brush with a rounded tip instead. I found this super easy tutorial on how to use a concealer brush; you can check it by clicking here.

4. Angled Eyebrow brush

Eyebrows are everything! Never leave the house with un-groomed and sparse-looking brows. Avoid using pencils directly on your brows but go for small angled brushes with firm bristles for better control.

For super cute inexpensive brushes, you can check out Zalora’s make-up brush collection from your favorite beauty brands.

      5. Eyeshadow brush

This medium-sized eyeshadow brush is great for getting color on the lid and right along the crease and will work with cream and powder types of eye shades.

      6. Eyeshadow blending brush

Also called a bullet brush, this fluffy eyeshadow blending brush will get rid of any harsh lines and will give your eyeshadow application a softer finish.

Proper care is key to making these brushes last. Store them away in a bag or in a drawer to keep them away from dust and dirt. For tips on how to properly clean your brushes, click here.

     7. Eyeliner brush

This small and versatile eyeliner brush is great with gel or powder liners. The size and the angled design also make it ideal for lining the tricky waterline.

      8. Blush brush

A blush is meant to be applied at precise points on the apples of the cheek or right along the cheekbone, not all over the cheeks! For that, you will need a perfectly-sized angled blush brush.

      9. Lip brush

Your lipstick will last longer and will bleed less if you apply it with a good lip brush. Choose one with short enough bristles so you’ll have better control when you do your cupid’s bow and the corner of your lips.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Have fun experimenting with these babies!


October 2013, Manila Philippines –Calling all moms and dads! Get a chance for your kid to be the next face of Gingersnaps as it celebrates 20 years of style.  Gingersnaps, the leading fashion brand for children and maternity wear in the Philippines, announces its online Kids Model Search – starting September 20, 2013 until November 10, 2013.  See your kids walk down the runway at the Gingersnaps 20th Anniversary Fashion Show on January 2014.

Register. Upload. Share.

All it takes to join are three simple steps.  A 50-day long digital activity, Gingersnaps invites kids ages 3-12 to participate in the contest and to show the world their great sense of style. 

REGISTER your kid as an official participant in the Gingersnaps Model Search.

UPLOAD three of their best stylish solo photoson the website. 

SHARE the pictures in all social media sites and ask your family and friends to vote at the website for your kid to win.

Twenty lucky kids will get a chance to walk the runway of the 20th Anniversary Fashion Show. Plus six of the kidscan win the chance to be the next faces of Gingersnaps.  Go to and register, upload, share.  Show your passion for fashion.

See your kids strut down the runway at the Gingersnaps 20th Anniversary Fashion Show.

A passion for children’s fashion

Gingersnaps is built on a deep passion for creating trendy, global, fashion-forward designs for children’s and maternity wear.   Started in 1993 as a modest corner in a department store in the Philippines, Gingersnapshas quickly grown to 38 department store corners and 77 boutiques in seven countries, namely Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. 

As a lifestyle brand, Gingersnaps believes in giving a 360 degrees total experience – creating a Gingersnaps atmosphere from the clothes, store setting, service, packaging and visual merchandising.Being a constant trend-setter, Gingersnaps will celebrate its 20th year in the fashion world by going digital with its Gingersnaps Model Search, and revelation of the new concept store. Visit for more details about the competition.

Monday, October 14, 2013

{Money Mondays} How To Save For A Rainy Day

ANC's On The Money 

As I approach the last quarter of the year, I can’t help but wonder why 2013 wasn’t so good to me. Sometimes, life deals us a trick card, and hoboy, what a big joker I picked!  Mydad got hospitalized, was in the Intensive Care Unit for ten days, my two kids,Nicole and Adrian, got hospitalized for dengue fever , mydad eventually passed away, and two weeks after his funeral, Adrian got amoebiasis.  Aside from the emotional stress and trauma I suffered, my family and I had no choice but to pay all the bills (considering the time my dad spent in the ICU, it was quite a big amount).

Fortunately, my dad was great with his finances. He definitely is not like Lola Pilar.  He has built his retirement pension (practically doubling his lump sum pension by investing it at PNB when they were offering the double –your – money –in five years program) and likewise built properties for rent which became a source of his passive income.  My brother, who is typically  “Like Father, Like Son” , has big savings as well. 

Which, unfortunately, you can’t say about me.  Although I should know how to manage my finances given that I am a CPA, I ended up wasting my money on expensive gadgets, toys, branded clothes, coffee (!), Ponzischemes.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blessed Sunday Thoughts!

Blessed Sunday!

and my LSS for this Sunday afternoon is:
 (Just because I saw my daughter complaining on facebook with this post: "I literally have a room that's beside my neighbor's balcony... Like when are we gonna shoot the "You Belong With Me" music video??")

Saturday, October 12, 2013

How Do You Compute Your SSS Contributions In The Philippines?

A photo by Stuart Miles via
Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard about the Social Security System’s (SSS) increase in members’ contribution by 0.6 percent starting January next year in order to reduce its unfunded liability and extend the state pension fund’s life by four more years or up to 2043.
It made me wonder if Robert Kiyosaki was right in claiming that the ”Social Security is one of the biggest Ponzischemes of all. For Social Security to work, money is taken from young people and given to the old.”  He went as far as saying that the Social Security "will soon fail as all Ponzi schemes do.  This is why most young people expect to see aliens from outer space before they ever see a Social Security check.”

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tropical Typhoon Santi

I didn't know there was a typhoon !  (Okay, it was a storm before 11:AM today when Pag-ASA officially announced that Santi morphed into a typhoon)

From Roly's FB-Shoo! Santi .... Shoo!

Every October of every year (I can prove this because I made a post about it last year!), I always get some sort of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and end up with either A. No Voice at all (which my kids love!  until they realize I am sooo not cooking dinner at all! )  or B. A Body with different kinds of pain (throbbing pain, muscle pain, headaches, you name it ).  

This year, it is A.  

Benefits of an SSS Member

A photo from

The Social Security System of the Philippines is a social insurance program established in 1957 for workers in the Philippines, providing retirement and health benefits to all enrolled members.


SICKNESS – a daily cash allowance paid for the number of days a member is unable to work due to sickness or injury
MATERNITY – a daily cash allowance granted to a female member who is unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Foggy Baguio: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Monday, October 07, 2013

{Money Mondays} Earn Big Money Online!

A photo from stockimages via

Did I get your attention?

This got my attention a year ago.

And I fell for it.

And I lost big!

(To think pa naman na of all people, ako na may financial background would fall for something like this!)

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Blessed Sunday: The Day Shay Got To Play

When I was growing up, I looked with wide eyes, with a mixture of fear and pity on the blind beggars on the street.  My boy classmates made fun of a lame man and walked behind him imitating him.

My children went (one is still there and is on the second grade) to a progressive, inclusive school.  My now-seventeen-year old girl was one of the school pioneers.  And you know the beautiful thing?  They are never surprised to see how different a special needs child is.  In a United Nations Day presentation, the pre-schoolers danced along with their classmate who can't stand or walk on his own (he had polio as a kid).  The child had a chair to hold on to for support and he danced with his classmates, with a big big smile on his face (in other schools, they will just let the child stay on the sidelines) and an autistic child also danced with them.  In another pre-school class, a blind girl danced to the beat with her classmates.  In these beautiful kids' eyes, all of them are the same.  Mas prejudiced pa ang parents, I think.  And I think this is what is missing in our society.  We talk about unity, but we are actually segregating.  As a society, we need more empathy and the ability to accept others for what they are.

Here is one of those "one-of-a-kind", feel-good spam mail about this disabled boy named Shay:

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Winners of a Digital Magazine of their Choice from Giveaway

By now, winners of my Magazine from Zinio Giveaway would have received their first issue!  I have received mine (I got to keep the tenth magazine as a price in order to facilitate a review for giveaway purposes) and my ONLY complaint is I can't bring and read it in the bathroom!

Here are the lucky ladies and a gentleman who won the giveaway! Congratulations!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 03, 2013

We Women Are Amazing

You know what I love most about women?  

We just know how to deal.  

What's it "Aawww" About?

Can't stop yourself from going all mushy when you see a kitten's innocent wide eyes or a baby's chubby little cheeks?  There may be more behind your gushing than you realize.

It is not news that we ladies are charmed by anything that reminds us of infant characteristics, from dimples to Hello Kitty, thanks to our species' evolutionary need to protect our young.  We're hardwired to adore "cute" cues to ensure that babies and children get the help they need to survive.

But recent research has discovered that it's not just our nurturing response that makes us love those warm fuzzies. Looking at cute stimuli may give us a buzz similar to that set off by chocolate.

So next time you are feeling down, don't snuggle up to a candy bar, try a kitten instead.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

{A Review} Getting Your Reading Fix From Audible.Com

Let’s talk about my first love.  Yup, I was that geek, that bookworm in the school yard who would rather stay in a corner reading a good book than hanging out with those posh girls who talk about fashion, makeup and boys.  Not that I had a dull social life, because I did hang out with girls who liked reading as well and so we visited each other’s house and talked about our books (okay, now that I think about it, it was a dull social life…)  I was in love with books.
O, see, you guys can relate ! 
And let’s talk about my current and forever love.  My family.  I am a working mom with three kids representing all the educational levels.  I have an eight year old boy in the second grade, a fifteen year old daughter in third year high school and a seventeen year old girl in second year college.  Between them and my quest to run a neat and clean household. my first love takes a back seat. Reading books is absolutely in the back burner now. No wonder I always end up with a very long To Be Read Book List!

Choosing A Bed For Your Child

A photo by Danilo Rizzuti via
Your toddler is growing up and is getting too old for his crib.  It is time to get him his own grown-up bed.  Choosing a new bed may seem very easy, but most parents are usually at a loss when choosing a bed for their little ones.  Decades ago, beds used to look plain, made of wood, with a mattress and a warm blanket.  It sure does serve its purpose – that is, a place to sleep and relax.