Monday, December 30, 2013

Zip Lining and Your Fear of Heights

The much-tamer Canopy Ride
My friends have done it – and they have Facebook and Instagram pictures to prove it.
They overcame their fear of height and they insisted I should, too.
But for someone who failed to learn how to bike because of her fear to fall ( in a city where learning to bike at Burnham Park is sort of a childhood badge), zooming on a zip line is absolutely not for me.
But here’s what happened.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Gingersnaps Celebrates With Celebrities and Families This Christmas Season


Enjoy the festive holidays with Gingersnaps at SM Aura Premier. Gingersnaps recently brought the holiday cheer as they welcomed celebrities and their kids to an early Christmas shopping at their store.  It was a day filled with family, friends, laughter, colorful clothing, and little kiddie fashionistas running around Gingersnaps.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On This Christmas Eve...

How To Make Your Child Love Books

A photo by Phaitoon via

Some of my readers probably know that I am a total bookworm.
Which means I give books as gifts. I could probably be a virtual children’s book agency because I have collected tons of children’s books!
I am quite aware though that not a lot of kids love books.  I have been to my children’s school Christmas parties and I have seen how dejected a child would look like as he opens his gift – a book (which most probably came from my child lol) – and look enviously at another child who got a walking robot or a Nerf or a PS4 (Nope, they don’t give that as exchange gifts in grade school, but my son did wish he will get one.  See, he did not ask for a book!  He didn’t ask Santa either!)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Avoid the Morning Rush: Take the morning plunge with Nestea RTD

Manic Monday!

And not just another Manic Monday.  Super Panic Monday din kasi barely how many hours before Christmas Eve and I still have to complete my shopping list.  Oh, no!

I am so super-stressed!  Proof - I am writing this at 1:08 A.M.  I can't sleep because I am thinking of strategies on how to do my shopping fast (and of course, promising to myself - like I do every year - that I will do my 2014 Christmas shopping sometime July).

I will drink my Nestea Lemon Ice nga muna...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is The 13th Month Pay Taxable?

Treasure Chest

I am sure most of you in the daily grind have already received their thirteenth month pay. 

But have you wondered why it is kulang ?

Is the thirteenth month pay taxable?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Top Design Tips for Kids’ Bedrooms

Interior design can be a serious business, but when it’s time to decorate your kid’s bedroom, you can really have some fun. The whole point of this exercise is to create a space your youngster loves to be in, so make sure you consult your child when it comes to the most important design elements like colors, themes and accessories. By doing so, you can guarantee that he or she will be thrilled with the end result.

Toys on display

One great tip is to make inventive use of toys. All kids love toys and to save space and to enhance the overall look of the room, you can put some of the biggest and best of these items on display rather than hiding them all away in drawers and boxes. Dollhouses, LEGO sets, a vast teddy collection; even if your little one has a passion for ghoulish playsets, it can help to give a fun focus to the space. The Monster High Accessory, ‘Spectra Vondergeist’s Bed’ can look fantastic in full view or lit up using spotlights.

Themed beds

Similarly, themed beds are great fun for kids and they can serve as the focal point in their bedroom. The best thing is, it’s now simple to get your hands on items in a range of designs. Whether your little one is into cars or princesses, has a soft spot for a particular cartoon character such as Dora the Explorer or has passion for dinosaurs, there’s a bed out there to make them happy.

If you’re decorating on a budget, it may be wise to stick to a regular bed and combine it with funky duvet covers and cushions that you can easily swap if your child grows out of their current obsessions! By making use of playful wallpaper and touches like custom shaped dresser handles, you make sure the room looks great even without a special bed.

Get creative 

To add to the sense of magic and wonder in the space, it’s a great idea to paint designs on the ceiling or around the top of the walls, creating your own border. Older children may even like to help. Don’t worry if you’re no Rembrandt; there are plenty of stencils on the market that are easy to use. The best thing is, this process is cheap. The stencils themselves cost very little and then all that remains is for you to buy some paint. 

Lighting designs

Whatever you do, don’t neglect the lighting in your child’s room. By choosing some unusual illuminations, you can dramatically improve the way it looks. For example, fairy lights can look stunning and there are lots of superb nightlights to choose from too. Of course, safety is vital. Any electrical items you buy must meet the highest standards and be suitable for kids’ rooms. 

Image by flickr, used under Creative Comms license

{Fabulous Fridays} Get Whiter Fairer Skin With Snow Caps Premium Glutathione

I bet every one of you wants to be a little fairer.


I mean, the topic of skin whitening is all over mass media.  Products like soap, toners and creams that promise whiter, rosier skin are practically selling like crazy. 

I was so into whitening creams, too, but just because of my freckles.  I have a whole bunch of them which kept re-appearing, no matter how much sun block I use.  I have kept them in control, though, after using a facial treatment which I will talk about in future posts.

What I am sharing with you today is a food supplement sent by Erick of Vida Nutriscience, Inc. – Snowcaps Premium 500 mg Glutathione.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Random Christmassy Thought

A photo by tiverylucky via

Whenever  I think back to an amazing moment or favorite memory, I always remember the scent or taste that came with it.  The day I learned to drive?  Citrus car freshener.  My first date? Apple Pie.  Getting your class rings high school?  Cool Water.  Being a mom?  Green Tea.    So this Christmas season, I plan to spritz a fresh floral scent to go with every amazing, I want a picture-of-this moment that comes my way.  

Do you have a special scent too?

Noche Buena: Why it’s Absolutely Possible to Still Eat Healthy

What a day!  I barely slept last night because Adrian, my not-so-little boy, was having chills and high fever and I was having body aches and sore throat as well. This day, after a visit to the pediatrician and after his lab tests, I found out he had amoebiasis!   I am not sure where he got it - must be the bath water which he may have accidentally drank or some street food he may have ate.  I was advised to boil my water (which I have already been doing, by the way, and to use Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rock Your Christmas Vacay!


Rock your Christmas vacay by exploring a new travel destination.  You will learn more about yourself as you meet new people, try new things, and soak up the local cuisine and culture.  You don’t have to go very far as our country has many beautiful spots to discover.  Like how about getting your surfboards out of those surfboard storage racks and head to San Juan, La Union which is barely two hours from Baguio.  Back when I was a little kid when I had no choice but to go to La Union with my mom every Christmas and Summer vacations, San Juan which is the next town from my mom’s hometown – San Fernando –was just another town.  The beaches to go then were those in Bauang, La Union.  Over the years, it has become some sort of surfing capital, though.   And wanting to surf is a part of my long bucket list – if only I can get over my fear of those strong waves…

Monday, December 16, 2013

{Money Mondays} Don't Make Waldas Your Bonus!

Sweetest Pictures Ever

I must have the world’s biggest smile…

Kasi I got na my bonus…

And Mr. Vince’s (hereinafter referred to as “The Hub” or “The Vince”)…

Should I Spend or Splurge or Save?

Friday, December 13, 2013

{Review} Foot Appeal Skin Peeling Socks: Foot Spa In A Packet

If you are one of the 30 or so readers -  composed of a group of lovely people which included a site which I thought was kind of like Facebook or My Space - guess what it was , random people who are searching for diets that are spelled die with a T and a weird site named after a vampire and which you should never ever click because it is most probably a spam site - of my personal blog, you would probably have read that I am on the (rough) road to personal awesomeness.

Yes, people, I have been working my butt off (slight lang naman.  I tend to exaggerate), because I want to look like Maria Kang really bad!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Celebrity Parenting Fails and How to Avoid Them

The following is a post by Erin:

As challenging as it can be to raise a child while hoping to instill good morals, values and behaviors, it can be even more difficult to parent a child in the spotlight. Nevertheless, fame is not an excuse for inappropriate or disturbing parenting fails. See how these celebs have provided a clear-cut example for what not to do as a parent and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes.
1. Royal Car Seat Fail
When Prince George made his first outing while leaving St. Mary’s Hospital on July 25, 2013, new parents William and Kate did not properly secure the royal baby in his car seat, according to reports. The baby was swaddled tightly, making it difficult for his royal parents to buckle him tight enough into the seat. Although mom rode in the backseat with her newborn and the royal couple was escorted by security, the risk posed to the royal baby was evident.

Give the Gift of Sport


The holiday season is just around the corner. Once again streets will be filled with twinkling lights, and our calendars will be booked with parties and reunions. Thinking of what gifts to give is both challenging and exciting. This year, the countrys number one sports retailer, Tobys Sports, inspires you to give gifts that will help encourage your loved ones to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Their latest collection definitely has something for everyone on your list.

Go Fit Gravity Straps

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Creating a Wonderful Art Wall For Baby Rooms

One of the things a pregnant mom like you would look forward to is decorating your baby’s nursery.  It has to look perfect and lovely and beautiful.  A place fit for the prince or princess inside you.
Decorating the nursery and transforming it into a perfect haven for your little one may seem like a lot of hard work, though.  Although it does bring out your creativity and imagination, being pregnant  will most probably slow you down.
One of the easiest ways to make a nursery literally look like a storybook coming into life is by decorating with Removable Wall Stickers. 

Monday, December 09, 2013

{Money Mondays} The Three Dumbest Things You Can Do With Your Money

A photo by stockimages via

Happy Monday!  Since I still have a long – as in a loooong – way to go towards my personal financial freedom (and I have been behaving really badly lately!  I have been spending a lot on Speculoos Cookie Butters and Lotus Biscuit butters, a lot of those “boxes” – Glamourbox, Salad Box, BDJ Box, and heck, you wouldn’t want to hear of those buying sprees I have been into lately.  I need to be rehabilitated.  Seriously.), I don’t think I am the right authority (right now lang naman. I have been good for practically the whole year.  I am not a lost cause, Santa! The tide can turn over, like, after Christmas? Just a minor backslide – and I am trying to convince myself that this too shall pass) to write about handling your finances.  That is why I am posting another of J3’s articles in Stock Market for Pinoys.  By the way, he discusses the more general world of money over at  You may want to check it out and be enlightened. 

Okay.  Here goes J3:

Warning & Disclaimer: This is a rage post. So in the event that you find yourself doing one or more of the things in this list, don’t get offended. Just laugh at yourself for doing it! Hopefully, once you read this post (if you are doing any of the things listed below), you’ll be proud that you now know better than to…

1.  "Invest" in the Lotto

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Nurturing Your Baby

A photo by Jomphong via
Who among you mommies listened to classical music when they were pregnant?

I guess all of us did.

Every one of us believes that the baby inside us can see, can hear and can feel much earlier than what our older folks thought.  In fact, there are studies that prove that the baby inside you can sense your mood, your emotions and your thoughts!

That is why it is important to nurture your baby and develop her genius while she is still inside you.

Start talking to your unborn baby lovingly.  I know some future moms out there would probably think they would look silly, but just let loose and words would soon come out naturally.  Tell her how you can’t wait to see her, how you love her.  Tell her about your day.  You will feel great once you feel that tender kick from her.  She sure hears you all right. 

Mr. Vince – the hubby – loved to sing and play his Luthier’s Collection guitar when I was pregnant.  When I had a particularly tiring time calming my colicky first-born and doing stuff like rocking her, singing to her and driving her around the block did not work, the hubby started singing and playing the guitar and my baby calmed down and slept.  This is one proof that babies do remember what they heard  when they were inside you.

Play classical music.  There are some studies which point out that exposing an unborn child to classical music may be important to her brain development.  You can also play soothing, relaxing music.

Feel your baby!  Go inside a quiet room, sing to your baby, relax, then feel your baby.  Talk to her softly.  “Listen” to what she is saying, feel her, listen to her talking to you.  Radiate the love your heart is feeling  and let her feel it.

Do this every day and here is to starting a wonderful bond with your child!

Friday, December 06, 2013

How Clean is too Clean?

The hygiene hypothesis is a medical theory that posits that lack of exposure to dirt, germs, and other microorganisms makes you more susceptible to allergies and other diseases[1]. Just as a vaccination makes you immune from future diseases by introducing you to weakenedstrains of the disease, being exposed to pathogens can also strengthen your immune system.

But for mothers, exposing their children to dirt and grimegoes against their instinct of protecting young ones from harm. So how clean is too clean even for kids?



The biggest family event of the year Baby & Family Expo Philippines 2013 presents Family Fashion Weekend featuring apparels from country’s finest brands – Cotton On Kids, Petit Bateau, Mothercare Philippines and F&X Philippines, happening on Saturday December 07, at Hall 1, SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Music Inside Me

While other kids watched lots of cartoons and anime growing up, I grew up watching musicals.  Grease,  Annie, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, The Phantom of the Opera…I loved them all.  Even as a teen, I loved music and movies.  My friends and I always attempted to make our own musicale using my older brother’s synth and a replica of the  cheap midi foot controller at musicians friend .

Musical heroines were always strong, sassy gals who would not let witches or wicked stepmothers ruin their lives.  There’s a song for every feeling they feel, and no matter what they may be going through, there is this special song that somehow tells them they are not alone.

If you feel a particular mood music bursting out, set it free!  Because it is that certain special music that really, truly speaks to you, makes your heart raise, gets your feet moving and lets you be yourself!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Bet You Didn't Know! 15 Bizarre Facts To Blow Your Inquisitive Kids' Minds Away

Adrian with the chalk he made in Arts class

I bet you get those days...For me, it is everyday.  When your pre-schooler or grade schooler would ask you non-stop about stuff and would give you an endless barrage of whys and whats after you answered his first "why?" and "what?"

Well, here are some stuff I saw around the world wide web that would feed his thirst for knowledge.  Just hoping he won't have a follow up "Why" and "How Come" (I seriously did not know all these as well, so for all you single ladies - and men - out there, you can shoot these facts out - and impress - I hope- your dates.)

  1. You share your birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world.
  2. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. (This one is true.  I tried and it really is impossible.  And oh, ladies, have you noticed how you sort of open your mouth when you put on your mascara? I tried applying it with my mouth closed and it just won't work.)
  3. A cockroach can live for several weeks without its head!  (Ewww! Good thing it does not happen to people!)
  4. Elephants spend 23 hours a day just eating!  (Don't look at me...)
  5. Tigers have striped skin,  not just striped fur. 
  6. All the planets in our solar system rotate counterclockwise except Venus.  It is the only planet that rotates clockwise (Bet your Science Teacher did not tell you that!) Edit:  Kat of Kat's Journey said her Science Teacher told that Venus and Uranus rotate clockwise.  I checked and found out another bizarre fact:  Uranus rotates on its side!
  7. Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents (I will start listing all those scents...)
  8. The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.
  9. No word in the English language rhymes with MONTH, PURPLE, ORANGE or SILVER.
  10. Snails can sleep for three years (Do they need to be kissed by Snail Charming to wake up?)

  11. Ants do not sleep.  (I bet they want to turn into snails...)
  12. The ears of a cricket are located on its front legs, just below the knee.  (Huh?)
  13. There are more chickens than people in the world.  (Good because I don't want to run out of my Chicken Joys and KFCs)
  14. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain (I know somebody who is like that and she is not an ostrich...just kidding)
  15. Polar bears are left-handed - although some scientists do dispute this.  (I used to call Paula, my first-born, Paula bear when she was a baby and she turned out left-handed.)

Monday, December 02, 2013

{Money Mondays} An Absolutely Brilliant Investing Perspective For People Who Love To Spend!

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday morning!

Here's hoping your Monday is fine, making me the only person in this world to hate Mondays!

For my Money Mondays Series, I am sharing here a post by J3 Patino of Stock Market For Pinoys. The article - like the title says - is absolutely brilliant, something I can't even think of myself (because I am that kind of person who loses her senses when I see the word "Sale")!  In this Season of Love, Sale,Shopping and Giving, why don't you go in depth on how much your spending efficiency is?