Monday, July 28, 2014

{Money Mondays} The PDIC,Fractional Reserve Banking and Fiat Money

Sometimes, life deals you a trick card. The shower gets busted (and for you, warm showers are a “need”, not a “want”), the blow dryer suddenly fries (and you are that kind of person who cannot go out without your hair in place), the bedroom TV stopped working after 15 years (and you just have to know how that fifth guy in the reality show confessed he was gay), some dark greasy thing is leaking from the CRV in addition to the car remote going dead for like a millionth time, and transfer taxes on your parents’ estate are bigger than you expected...  (Okaaay,  I just let you take a peek on my shallow now that I am reading it hehe)

Financial gurus have long advised people to have an emergency fund – one that you can dip into in emergency cases like the ones I mentioned above, especially when they happen all at the same time, like the universe is conspiring against you. They advise you to save for a rainy day, save before spending, make a budget...

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But what if your emergency fund is in a bank that suddenly goes bankrupt?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

{Review} HoneySuckle® Breastmilk Storage Bags

Blogging opened me to this word – advocacy

Before discovering the online world and bloggers passionate with their own causes, I was drifting in my small, offline world, with my mini-advocacies – health, education, etc.  

Until I realized that I lectured practically every pregnant women I see anywhere (it does not matter whether I know them or not) on the benefits of breastfeeding.  And that was when I realized one of my personal advocacies is breastfeeding.

I breastfed my youngest,  Adrian, for five years. 

While working full time.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Preschool Fast Fact


Experts have confirmed that 80% of your child’s brain develops by age 5.  This is why it is very important to choose the best early childhood program for your child.  A rich early learning environment and staying involved in every step of your child’s education will make for a strong foundation when your child goes to the big school.  Utmost safety of the child is also important, like the use of fire retardent tablecloth - here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Five Financial Lessons From Disney's Up

Happy Money Monday! For this Money Monday edition, I am again featuring J3 Patino of Game of Wealth with his fun but thought-provoking post on:


Friday, July 11, 2014

What Are the Benefits of Using Wall Quotes Decals?

More and more are putting on wall quotes decals due to various reasons. Decorating your old and dull walls was never so much fun before the emergence of wall art and stickers. People always thought that redecorating a house by doing something creative with the walls in the past but never really could do anything apart from putting up a fresh new coat of paint as all the other ways were way to expensive and also very complicated and time consuming.

Wall quotes decals

But with the emergence of the wall quotes stickers people are spoilt with choices. They can stick pictures, letters, words, numbers, names, special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries and even quotes in the walls of their houses making it look bright and trendy thus giving a cheerful atmosphere where living becomes so much fun. There is a whole list of benefits attached to these wall quotes stickers and decals which make it the obviously choice for home decorating for all.

Where to buy wall quotes decals and stickers?

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Fun Times are Ahead!


Some people wait for “fun in the sun” nearly all year. When it’s time to get that boat back in the water, people know fun times are ahead. Click here to discover options on how to lower a boat into the water.

Some people choose to lounge around on their boats. Despite the many fun activities that people can do on the water, lying on a boat and catching a nap is extremely relaxing. For starters, the up and down motion of the boat is particularly soothing. The bobbing motion puts people asleep rather quickly. Catching extra rest helps the body to recuperate form stress.

Fishing from a boat is sometimes better than fishing from the shore. People are more likely to catch fish when they are out on the water. Fish are likely to swim further out and may be found around forms of vegetation—either to eat or hide from larger fish.

Picnics and grilling are fun on a boat. A small barbecue can be brought aboard and some boats are equipped with small kitchens for cooking. With a seating area for four to six people, an intimate setting is created. Being with good friends and family on the water while eating and having beverages is a guaranteed good time.

It’s important to enjoy the finer things in life. A boat offers many possibilities and opportunities for fun. It’s time to get the boat in the water and enjoy it.