Friday, October 31, 2014

Enhance Your Home With New Patio Doors

Choosing the right type and style of patio door for your home is important for functionality, safety and appearance. Since patio doors come in a variety of styles and materials, select a door that provides functional access and compliments your home's existing materials.


Sliding Doors – Sliding patio doors look great with any architectural style home. They're easy to operate for quick access to the outdoors. They come with large panes of glass for unobstructed views and smaller panes with mullions for a more traditional look. Typical sliders fit five to six feet wide openings, but they're available with wider doors to fit openings up to ten feet.

French Doors – French doors offer charm and elegance with traditional appeal. They are available in sliders and hinged doors that open both in and out. You can create a double-door opening with doors that open to a deck, patio, pool or garden area. With sliders, you can create a long wall of doors that open-up the entire space to the outside.

Folding Doors – Folding patio doors are a great way to open-up the entire length of a wall. It's the perfect way to eliminate visual boundaries between your interior and exterior spaces. Floor to ceiling doors look great with contemporary architecture that emphasizes large, open spaces. Folding doors offer a good alternative to sliders when wall pockets aren't possible.
Patio doors are available in wood, steel and vinyl frames in a wide range of styles and colors to compliment your home's existing materials. Talk to a contractor and find out more here about patio doors that are right for your home.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Tips on Bringing Your Child to a Baseball Game


If you drink and eat baseball, if you played baseball as a child, traded your baseball card collection with fellow hard-core baseball fans, and can recite stats about your favorite basketball players, then you would definitely want your children to love baseball as well.

You want to let them love baseball as well you can’t wait to take them to their first ballgame! Taking little children to their first ball game requires lots of preparation, though.  Here are some tips on bringing your child to a baseball game.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Husay and Malasakit: The Unilab Way, The Filipino Way


My mind was used to analyzing financial statements, net worths and tax liabilities as I change my child’s  diaper.  I was used to typing spreadsheets as I breastfeed my son.  I was used to carrying my breast pump kit whenever I go on field. I was used to bringing my work home and staying up late at night, while doing the laundry.  My mind was constantly on work-overdrive.
I was a typical (very tired) working mom.


Until my mom got sick and passed away after a month.

That was when I had a bona fide epiphany.  I had a lightning-bolt moment.  I realized I was pushing myself too hard and missing out on a lot of things. Have I talked to my dad lately? Did I ask my daughter how her day was? Did I hug my hubby just because? Did I notice that my little boy has grown since last summer?

And I decided to…

…streamline my work.  I devised a system which made my work more organized making me not bring my work home anymore while still producing excellent results.  I was able to go to PTA meetings, join my children on field trips, and go on short vacations.  I began to bond with my dad, cherishing coffee and quiet afternoons as he talked about his childhood and how much he missed mom. He offered life hacks – useful advices which made me more “mahusay”  (expert/excellent) while being more caring and compassionate. 

In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki said,
“Whenever you feel ‘short’ or in ‘need’ of something, give what you want first and it will come back in buckets. That is true for money, a smile, love, friendship. I know it is often the last thing a person may want to do, but it has always worked for me. I just trust that the principle of reciprocity is true, and I give what I want.”
And I swear, that is the same advice my dad kept telling my brother and me when we were just kids.  He instilled in us love and excellence in everything we do as well as compassion and love for others.  
That wonderful bond was my strength when he was diagnosed with cancer.  His valiant fight and eventual defeat may have chipped a part of my heart, but his strength was the fuel for me to do my best at living life.  

His wonderful personality transcended to other people as I saw how doctors and medical personnel fought for him and how they cried when he was finally gone.  His compassionate spirit lived on as people I don’t know came to the funeral wake and told me how my dad helped them.

Having gone through my parents’ deaths somehow made me scared of growing old.  But now, as I reflect on what has happened and what may happen, I realized that you don’t get to your age without learning that there are no quick fixes or easy answers.  Now is the time for stretching my boundaries, shedding my skin, and reinventing my life.  I learned that as years pile up, I also grow in insight, energy, confidence and love – love not just for myself or my family but also for others.

And it is not just me or you who have grown in leaps and bound and insight because of an epiphany or a tragedy.  We, as a nation, have truly exemplified excellence and compassion (husay at malasakit), especially in times of calamities.

Unilab, the country’s biggest pharmaceutical company, believes in the power of husay (expertise) and malasakit (compassion).


Utmost care is given into every product they produce…


…reaching people who need them most.

Advances in technology may have changed and innovated their processes…

…but their  heart which is the very core of their existence is always present in their health care products. 

Unilab believes in the spirit of genuine concern, and as a healthcare company, that is what truly counts…

Husay and Malasakit, that is the Unilab way.

That is the Filipino way.

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Unilab is on social media!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bloomers for Active Girls


The weather has been great lately.  Although our place really do get foggy in the afternoons, mornings are great for taking the kids and the dog out for a walk (we do have a new member of the family!  I will talk about him in a future post). 

We have been hanging out a lot lately at the old playground over at Burnham Park. This park brings back a lot of childhood memories!  This is where I learned to bike, learned to skate, where we went boating after school…

Girl on Swing
My girls love to play on the swing and the monkey bars.  I always let them wear jeans, but sometimes the jeans get torn at the crotch seams.  They would insist on using their cotton summer dresses because they feel more comfortable in them. I used to be hesitant in letting them wear their dresses because their underpants might show until I realized they can use what I used as a kid - bloomers. 

Bloomer shorts for girls  are perfect for active girls. I used to wear them in my P.E. class and they are very comfortable.  They can be worn with dresses and skirts, even under leggings.  My girls can monkey-bar all they want with their favorite dress because the bloomers will cover them up.  They are great for wearing under the school uniform, going on fieldtrips, and just plain playing on the playground.  My girls even use them as sleepwear.

Not all bloomer shorts are perfect though.  Make sure you purchase bloomers that are made of cotton.  They need to be soft and breathable.  Most moms like me prefer cotton bloomers with spandex, because they allow the girls to freely move around, without ending up with tears on the seams.  I tend to freak out when the girls would just sit on the ground in their dresses, but with the bloomers, I don’t need to worry. 

For comfortable and modest clothing in the playground when girls would attempt to do and out-do what boys do (like swing higher at the monkey bars), bloomers are perfect.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beautiful DIY Flowers From Bloominous

One of the most important “ingredient” to a memorable wedding is a beautiful floral arrangement.  The price tag for the floral arrangement of your dreams can be very steep, though, making many brides-to-be resort to DIY.  However, with zero or little knowledge on how to make floral arrangements, the entire process just isn’t worth the stress and the dollars. 
Bloominous to the rescue!


Bloominous makes DIY wedding flowers beautiful, affordable and easy for the budget- conscious bride and groom.

Another Reason to Hug Your Hubby

A happy marriage makes a woman handle job stress way better than those who handle stress at the office and the home, says a research.  The study conducted over three years disclosed that wives who had a harmonious marriage have normal blood pressures while those who stress about practically everything at home and on the job experienced higher blood pressures.

happy couple
This must be the reason why my blood pressure is normal!  I work out, I am trying to eat right and I hug hubby a lot, especially if he will buy now my own guitar!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes for 2014

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your little one this year? How about a minion, an ewok or princess Leia? Check out these great costumes that are sure to put a big smile on your little ones face... and everyone else’s!
Minion Toddler Costume

Rubie's Costume Co. - Minion Toddler Costume Yellow,Heather Lake Blue Boys Infant - $24.99, See Site shipping - Available at


Ewok Infant/Toddler Halloween Costume

Buyseasons - Ewok Infant/Toddler Halloween Costume - $19.99, 7.95 shipping - Available at

Saturday, October 18, 2014

How To Connect with Hubby During Crazy-Busy Times

When to-do lists and bills are a mile long, which couple would even think of romance?  But think about it.  These stressful times can be a chance to bond and connect with your partner.  For starters, try tackling the problem together.  Teaming up to face difficult tasks side by side reminds you that you are allies, not just roommates.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Take eYN0OozP9QWl

Every time you handle a problem successfully as partners, you deepen the trust and bonding in your relationship.  And after a particularly tough day fighting off life’s problems, why don’t you switch on the casio keyboard power cord and play those Eraserheads hits that you both loved when you were still dating and getting to know each other?
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Attipas Toddler Shoes: “It’s Like Walking Barefoot”

So what shoes are best for a child's first steps?

Experts spoke. None. Barefoot is best.  They all say that a child’s foot will develop more naturally the longer she is allowed to walk without shoes.

So what was I thinking years ago when I bought my now 9-year old boy these shoes?Well…they were cute, they were Air Jordans (these shoes and Jordan were super-hyped way back then), and my son tossed them away and professed to go barefoot after wearing them for around an hour in the mall (well, actually, he wore them for five minutes then he finally decided he had enough.  He tossed them away and after that, peeled off his socks, wiggled his shoes and toddled – more like ran – away from me, leaving me to decide whether I should go get the shoes or him.).
How I wished I knew about Attipas Baby Functional Shoes back then…


Attipas is a compound word meaning “My Precious Friend’s Step.” 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Look Like a Living Doll with a Tidebuy Lolita Dress

For the fans of feminine fashion, I have come across a site that sells effortlessly feminine dresses you can live in.

If dressing up to the nines is your thing, and you love to “doll” up, then has a line that could make you feel like a doll.

All the Tidebuy lolita dresses are designed like what most classic dolls wear.  Lolita fashion, which originated from Japan, involve dresses that are cute and elegant, usually Victorian-inspired.  These dresses can be worn again and again, unlike most dresses that just gather dust in the corner of your cabinet.

Lolita dresses are designed in dainty, flowy fabric in pretty pastel colors.  Just take a look at this Tidebuy sweet lolita dress:

Tidebuy sweet lolita dress

The dresses are made of fabrics that add a soft touch to the dresses.  They flow and follow the contour of your body, flattering your figure.

Tidebuy pink lolita dress
A lolita dress, like  this pretty Tidebuy pink Lolita dress, focuses on delicate prints with an additional touch, like an applique or lace on the edges , making it truly original.  Your dress becomes your personal statement.

Dresses are fun and should be fun to wear, and clearly sends the message across.  Getting dolled up does not mean wrapping yourself in skin-tight-garb that restricts your every movement.  You can doll up and still incorporate comfort and distinct style, casual fun and sophistication.  Every girl is a living doll!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Getting Ideas for a Children’s Birthday Party

Organizing a birthday party for your child may seem pretty daunting sometimes and you may even feel like you aren’t able to come up with enough ideas. The first thing that you need to realize however is that there are so many different ways to throw a birthday party for a child, and not every party needs to be a big bash where all their friends are invited.


If you were to check out this website for moms you’d realize that birthday parties vary in size. Some people generally prefer to have a party that only involves close family, whereas others prefer to have a big affair and invite all their children’s friends along too. It really is a question of preference.

For some parents, they may not want their children to ‘expect’ a big party for every birthday. As such it may be a good idea to throw a big party every couple of years, but for most birthdays limit it to a smaller event with immediate family and maybe grandparents in attendance.
Even these smaller parties can be a lot of fun, and you could even have a theme for the occasion and decorate your house for the day too.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you want to celebrate your child’s birthday, and how you feel they’d respond too. For some children, it is a novelty to be able to pick their own meals and desserts, and even that may suffice for a nice ‘birthday treat’ on the day in question.

Once you do decide on the size of the party, you could get more ideas on how to make it special from a variety of sources. In particular, this thread on how to plan 4 year old birthday party contains a lot of input from various mothers on how they’ve planned out their children’s birthday parties. As you will notice, there are many different approaches that are used – and it is up to you to choose which one you feel suits your family best.

Always remember – birthdays are a celebration where the main idea is to make your child feel special and loved. Assuming you do that, then everything else is really just extras, and you can opt to approach it in any way you see fit to make it a fun and joyous time.

Monday, October 06, 2014

How Much Will Kris Aquino Pay for Giving Boy Abunda A Hummer: (Philippine Donor’s Tax 101)

*This post was in my Windows Live Writer draft folder for a couple of weeks now!  The news may be #boompanes, but I am  hoping that this quick lesson on Philippine Transfer Taxes, specifically Donor’s/Gift Tax will be a great help for you guys. 

By this time, this Instagram photo must be very familiar to you.

*grabbed from –_krisaquino’s instagram

Two weeks ago, Kris Aquino gave co-host, Boy Abunda, a Hummer.

“Dahil mahal na mahal ko sya.”  _krisaquino

(Wish lang nating she is our friend din, ano? In love)

Around August, Boy Abunda was visibly absent from talk shows he host because he had to undergo surgery because of a liver abscess.  He claimed that his stay in the hospital humbled him.
Days after he was released from the hospital, Kris gave Boy a Hummer.  A photo (shown above) and a video with the following caption documented the gift-giving:
“Because he is my best friend, because I’m so grateful he’s alive & because I want to make him happy. I gave Boy the Hummer tonight after A&A. Uulitin ko, kulang pa this gift because sobra sobra ang pagmamahal, pagtiwala at pag-aasikasong naibigay at patuloy na binibigay niya sa kin. Together w/ my brother & my 2 sons, it’s with Boy that I continue to experience the gift of true & unconditional love. #throughtheyears #iloveboyabunda”
A couple of days later, I heard Kris blurting on A&A (their nightly talk show) about Boy having to pay the transfer tax because she doesn’t want to get in trouble with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

What Transfer Tax is Kris talking about?