Saturday, November 29, 2014

RiCo Corn Rice Makes Healthy Yummy

I just made a new discovery!


RiCo Corn Rice

I have an on-and-off relationship with rice.  Although cutting on rice does  wonders for that tummy bulge, who can refuse rice with adobo? Or dinuguan? Or sinigang?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brave The Christmas Rush with Lamido!

It is soo pasko na!!!

Look!  My living room:

(I wish!  I wish!  That’s SM City Baguio.  Ang pretty ano?)

And you can’t believe the crowd that goes there to have a picture with Olaf!  My son had to pull me out of the pila.  (“Get me out of this girly place!!!”He is just scared I am going to belt out “Let it Go” because that would definitely scar him for life…)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why Do Teens Get Acne?

Once you hit puberty, aside from various physical and emotional changes that you will undergo, chances are you will start to have some acne.  If you are one of 2 (like teenage me – ehem ) out of 10 teens who don’t get acne, you are so lucky!  Even the lucky ones do get occasional bouts of acne and hey, take heart, adults do get acne, too.

In fact, old folks believe that acne comes with puberty. Knowing that doesn’t give you comfort as you stare at that enormous zit on your nose on the first day of school, right?  So, what is this gross, icky acne and is there a way to let it get away from your life forever?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

CollageIt Pro: 65% off Thanksgiving Special!

To thank all the customers' generous and continuous support, PearlMountain is launching a big
special offer for CollageIt Pro for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day.

From now to Nov.30, every interested people can enjoy the big discount offer here:


CollageIt Pro is an automatic and easy to use collage maker to create eye-catching collages in no time on both Windows & Mac. It is normally priced at $29.90, now only $9.90 during this Thanksgiving Sale, saving $20. Besides the highlighted features of ease of use, unlimited layouts, diverse templates and multiple output options in the former version, there are many more features in its newly updatedMac version. Just take this chance to try it out!

Red heartMarie

Playing Baby Games on

Times have changed.  It is normal to see babies and toddlers playing with their parents’ smartphones and tablets.  In fact, give them any gadget, and they will quickly learn to use and get the hang of them.

As a busy parent, I confess I have used these gadgets as a babysitter.  These gadgets keep my child entertained while I struggle to cook dinner or do laundry (maybe sneak in a blog post) or go through a long drive. 

The amazing thing about electronic media is that as your child gets older, there are quality apps and online games that can build vocabulary and literacy skills.  Our one-year old girl in the house particularly loves Baby Games on 


Baby Games on is one of the kid’s most favorite site!  And I don’t

Having kids, blessing or drama?

In general, while thinking about kids, only positive things come to my mind. I’m sure that most of the people have the same feelings and that is natural. Who doesn’t like to deal with small kids? Except their prettiness, having them is connected with huge responsibility. That is one of the most important and hard duties to fulfill. Having a baby at the very beginning means no sleep, no privacy and hardly free time. Parents should be engaged in raising kids one hundred percent. Only full engagement gives a parent a chance to raise the kid in the way that he or she would like to.

mom-child play

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pamper Yourself After Work

You work long hours, and you still feel stressed and can’t stop thinking about work once you get home.  Here are some tips on how you can chill at the end of a long working day:
  • Reconnect With Your FamilyRECONNECT with your family.  Play with your daughter.  Chill and reminisce the day you exchanged marriage vows and gold wedding bands with your partner.   Have a great time talking about how the day went during dinner.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Babypalooza is Back!

On November 29 at the Walter Hogan Center in Ateneo de Manila University, the Babypalooza Bazaar will once again bring together a diverse group of sellers who will be showcasing unique and indispensable products, clothing and gear for babies, young kids and parents. Pre-loved (gently used) as well as brand new items will be available during the bazaar to give the parents lots of choices at different price ranges and budgets. Visitors will also get a chance to bring home goodies and prizes from our event partners, like Huggies, Lactacyd Toddlertubs, Guard and Momble.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How Could You Use A Software Meant for HD Video Recording

Using any software meant for HD video recording is not a difficult thing to do, as long as it’s easy-to-use. Here we discuss a product by Movavi studio that has made ripples in the market from the moment it was launched. This is a comprehensive tutorial of the screen capture software of Movavi.


But first it would be good to understand what this software does exactly. This peculiar software actually records all the missions of video games, webcasts, video chats and allows the user to create a presentation for his business or classroom. All of that in pure HD format, with absolute clarity that will impress the viewer. The captured video could be conveniently saved into AVCHD, HQ, MP4 or MKV format as well as any other format of high resolution. In short, it won’t just aid in capturing, but also in editing the recordings.
How is it to be used?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Get Ready for Fall with Forever 21!

Get ready for beautiful fall leaves and hot delicious pumpkin spice coffee! The Fall season is upon us and you can be ready for it with dazzling fall dresses from Forever 21! You'll look stylish and be comfy for anything fall brings you!

FOREVER21 - Ditsy Floral Print Dress

FOREVER21 - Ditsy Floral Print Dress
A soft knit, this dress features a ditsy floral print and a braided faux leather waist belt. Buttoned cap sleeves and front patch pockets finish this casual-cool piece.
FOREVER21 - FOREVER 21 Ditsy Floral Print Dress - $12.00, 5.95 shipping - Available at Forever 21

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Lazada is back with Online Revolution 2014!!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Look!  In this mountain city in a tropical country where I live, days are starting to look like this:


And Malls are having huge weekend sales!!!!

Smile with tongue out  (I am drooling!)

Not to be outdone, Lazada, my favorite online retailer,  is preparing to take cyberspace by storm with the Online Revolution!


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Newest Family Member

Owning Your First Pet

Owning Your First Pet

Red heartMarie

Monday, November 03, 2014

End-of-the-year Financial House Cleaning

In the end of the year, it is good that you make your financial house cleaning. There are plenty of ways you can do this and there is also a useful application you can install to assist you in this. YNAB is an application you can use for thirty-four days free of charge and buy the paid version later if it serves your needs. It helps you organize your financial bills and reduce your unnecessary expenses. There are many other ways to keep your budget in line too.

Credit Report

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Join Momble Philippines and Win a Lamaze Multi-Sensory Toy and Momble products

Happy October (and can’t wait for December)! 

Let’s start this wonderful month with a giveaway from Momble Philippines!

Momble gift pack
The giveaway pack will contain customized Momble merchandise and a Lamaze multi-sensory toy! (I like, I like!Nyah-Nyah)

What is Momble Philippines?

Momble Philippines Giveaway
Imagine signing on to your facebook or Twitter and connecting to mommies from all walks of life.
Momble Philippines is like that.  It is a social media site dedicated to turning all 7,107 of our islands into ONE BIG MOMMY COMMUNITY.