Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Choosing Cremation

When a family member dies, you probably want to grant the last wishes of the person as much as possible. This includes how the person wants to be buried. Some people wish to be cremated, and a funeral home can help you through the process so that you can learn more about the benefits. Cremation is often less expensive than a burial and funeral. After the person passes away, the funeral home will arrive to get the body for transport back to the funeral home. Some funeral homes will let family and friends gather before the body is sent away to be cremated. This can be a way to remember the family member as they would in a typical visitation service.

Choosing Cremation
A casket can be rented for the funeral service is the family wishes to have one, or there can be a table with pictures and the urn of the remains of the person on the table. A cremation is something that many people are choosing because of the price and that the services offered are much the same as they would be for a typical funeral. The ashes can be scattered at a favorite place, kept at the home of a family member or placed in a mausoleum. They can also be buried in a grave at a later date.mufavicon

Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Only Holiday Wish #IfIWereHome


Fact: Children grow up fast!

I should know.  I have two teenagers and a nine year old and as I look at them, I wonder how could they have grown up that fast.   It may not have seemed that way when my newborn eldest cried all night (and the night seemed forever), or when my then two-year old second child would refuse to drink her milk (because she preferred a different brand which was unfortunately out of stock), or when my then three-year old would suddenly play hide and seek at the mall. 

I am happy that my kids are growing up to be well-adjusted happy kids. I do have my share of the occasional teen-age angst and stubbornness, though and I start questioning my parenting style.  My endless challenge (as well as the challenge of all moms out there) is how to create a wonderful relationship with my kids because being always there for them, guiding and standing by them, is the foundation for their emotional well-being.



Staying Connected

As a working mom, I always have that guilty,  #IfIWereHome feeling that I am always missing out on something.  I feel crushed when I have to miss Adrian’s fieldtrips and send my cousin to go with him instead (“I am O.K. naman, Mama.  Other kids don’t have their moms din.”), when Nicole goes home crying and can’t talk to me because I have to finish some reports and when Paula needs to talk about how exciting her day went and would talk to her cousins instead.

And that’s not all.  Leaving them at home constantly worries me.  They are responsible kids, I know, but I still stress over them watching too much TV and not doing their homework, playing XBox 360 for six hours straight, or heating the food and forgetting about it. I stress over them not being responsible enough and leaving unwashed dishes, forgetting to feed and walk the dog, and not tidying up their bedrooms.

And worrying about them constantly affects my work productivity as well.  I sometimes sneak a text during office meetings asking my cousin to check on the children because they are not answering my calls. I have to drive home just to check on them and making sure they  are okay and driving back to work again.  Add to that the scary stories on TV and social media and the reality that the kids may be anxious about me being away, and I start wishing I am a stay-at-home mom instead.

My Only Wish

Keeping my children safe, comfortable and connected with me and their dad is my top priority and my only wish these holidays.  Of course, I won’t be checking out how they are doing from time to time since I also need to teach them how to be independent and self-reliant.  I just need something to give me the assurance that they are doing fine, are safe at home and if they  need me, I would always be available for them.

Because nothing can make up for the absence of a close relationship with my kids.  Building a closer bond and staying connected will help me raise secure, self-confident, responsible children.mufavicon

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to Really Find Some Time for Yourself

In the twenty-first century everyone is busier than ever. People are constantly taking up with different and diverse activities and they try to combine work and study with their personal engagements. If you have come across such type of situations, you are well familiar with the fact that sometimes it is becomes really impossible to find time for yourself when you are stuck between family, work and other important duties. Especially if you are a parent you can observe this each day and you know that the more you search for your piece of free time, the more obstacles appear to benefit from in an appropriate way. If you are a busy mom, you can probably name many reasons why you cannot seem to find time for yourself and we are sure that all mothers will perfectly understand you.

However, despite being parents, moms also need to stop rushing and to relax for a while, despite the fact that they always seem to manage with every task that needs to be accomplished. We will offer you interesting alternatives that you could use, if you really want to have time for your own activities.

Mommies Find Time

Give the children a suitable task

If your children are preoccupied with some important task for a couple of hours, you will be free to relax or just to watch your favorite film. And what  more appropriate task than the cleaning duties? If your children are not toddlers you can, without any hesitation supply them with the mop and with the vacuum cleaner and to explain to them that cleaning is essential for having nice and welcoming home. If they do not show interest in the cleaning process you can make a competition between them and to give small prizes to to the winner. Meanwhile you will be able to devote some time to yourself and to relax.

Use your best friend as a nanny

A friend in need is a friend indeed they say, and it goes without saying that when it comes to help your best friend you can of course become a nanny for a couple of hours. We are sure that many of your true friends will show responsiveness and will come in your home to take care of the children if you have planned to steal some time for yourself. If the weekend has come and you are sad because you will again miss the latest concert of your favorite band, we want to assure you that busy moms have always the right to escape from the tight family schedules and your best friend will perfectly understand this situation.

Join a group that appeals to you

By joining a group we certainly do not mean to join the club of the ''busy'' moms or to communicate with people who have little children. Think about some activity or sport that you have practiced in the past but you have neglected due to some reasons. Establish some schedule that will allow you to combine your new hobby with your family duties. For example, if your trainings are twice a week, in the evening, talk to your relatives and discuss the fact that they need to take care of the children until you come home.

Make a strict schedule to follow

If you have already tried these ideas but for some reason you still find it difficult to find time for yourself, we advise you to grab a pen and a list and to make a suitable schedule for your appointments. If your dance class starts exactly when you need to take the children from school, plan the things so that you can combine both activities. If  you find it difficult to remember hours and appointments write everything down, and you will be amazed to see that you can even find some free time in between your daily schedule.
These are some of the ways by which you can really find time for yourself, no matter of your busy family schedule. It is essential for every person to find time to relax and to be given an opportunity to show creative skills and willingness for development. And that, without doubt includes the busy moms. Even though they usually have different and busier schedules they also need to devote some of their time to other activities. In this way they will  be able to contribute for the family comfort in an unique way.

About the Author: Fiona Grayson provides guaranteed cleaning Maida Vale. She has very busy schedule and is often split between the work, the house chores and the family. She barely finds some free time to stay alone with herself and her thoughts.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing a Franchise

The risk of being a business owner isn’t worth it to everybody. If entrepreneurship scares you, a franchise might be the best option. Yes, there are still risks, but owning your own Cold Stone franchise is a lot less risky than starting a brand new ice cream shop. Read on for the dos and don’ts of buying a franchise.

Franchise Business


  • Do volunteer before making any final decisions. Learn what it’s like to own a franchise by asking a franchisee if you can shadow for a few days or help out at the store.
  • Do prepare yourself to work long hours, weekends, and even holidays. You may want to work at one of the franchises first to get a feel for what the job is really like.
  • Do read as much as you possibly can about the franchise before purchasing it. The more you educate yourself on the processes and policies, the more of an informed decision you’ll make. Plus, once you do open your shop, you’ll be prepared for what to expect and how to handle problems as they arise.



  • Don’t try to do it entirely on your own. Ask the franchisor for help and advice, go to other franchise owners for guidance, hire marketing and sales staff members if you need to - not everything has to fall on your shoulders.
  • Don’t be a rule breaker. If you like to test limits, push boundaries, and do things your own way, franchising may not be the best fit for you.

It’s true that purchasing a franchise can be pricier than starting your own business from scratch, but the success rate of franchises is higher than that of independently-owned businesses. By following the tested-and-true guidelines that the franchisor has laid out for you, your chances of success skyrocket.mufavicon

Monday, December 08, 2014

6 Ways to Prevent Money Stress

Tough financial times can put a strain on your wallet and your relationship. Here is what every couple should do to find and keep financial harmony.

I knew The Vince and I were in big trouble when I heard about the iPhone.

I know right? iPhone lang?

A friend told me her husband had spent an extra P20,000.00 on top of the suggested retail price on the latest iPhone.  The husband already has an iPhone 5.  He upgraded his still perfectly functioning iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 6 which still has to hit Philippine shores – hence, the extra P20,000 that he paid.


Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Ateneo Junior Marketing Association’s The Big Red Bazaar!

Christmas is truly in the air!


The Big Red Bazaar

Experience Christmas shopping like you never have before as the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association presents another record-breaking event, The Big Red Bazaar. Mark your calendars as all roads will lead to Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City on the 13th of December 2014, from 4PM to 3AM. Indulge in amazing fashion deals, gadget finds, and yummy eats, as AJMA brings the grandest Christmas bazaar in the Metro.

The Most Fattening Times in a Woman’s Life

Milestones like puberty, marriage, your first pregnancy does not only mean more memories.  They can also mean more fat cells!

What are fat cells?

A woman of normal weight has about 25 to 35 billion fat cells.  That many??? For a woman who has been overweight since childhood, she  can have 50 to 100 billion.  A severely obese woman can have as many as 270 billion fat cells.  And the not so fun part? Research indicates that a person has more fat cells will have a harder time losing weight than an individual with fewer fat cells.


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Ready, Get Set, Shop at Online Revolution culminating this 12.12!

Hang on TIGHT!!! is about to stage the biggest online shopping extravaganza this December 12!!!, the Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall is staging the biggest and grandest online shopping extravaganza this December 12 – with jaw-dropping discounts, mind-blowing deals, and incredible brand partnerships all happening as early as 12:00 AM of December 12 in!Night owls (like me! like me!) can log on in the early hours for special night promotions only available between 12am and 8am; while shoppers can take advantage of killer deals and unbeatable hourly flash sales from 8am – 11.59pm!

Find everything you’ll need this holiday season, from mobiles, tablets, gadgets and appliances to fashion, household goods, toys, and sports equipment and enjoy more than 80% discount on select best-selling items.

Lazada Online Revolution

Inanc Balci, Co-Founder and CEO of Lazada Philippines said “We kicked off the month-long Online Revolution sale in November, but the best is yet to come. With 24 hours of unbeatable deals on 12 December, consumers are in for an unforgettable shopping experience!”
Breathe in, breathe out…(Are you hyperventilating like me? Like Emma?)

super lazada sale!

So we rounded up the Five S’s why you should be part of this year’s biggest online shopping event this 12.12 only at!

1. Shop Effortlessly

Say goodbye to traffic jams, crowded malls, long queues and the struggle to find a parking space. You can shop from the comfort of your home, and Lazada will bring your items to your doorstep! As if this wasn’t hassle-free enough, Lazada also offers free delivery for orders abovePhP 1,000 and cash-on-delivery payment option.
2. Something for Everyone

Need something for your loved ones and godchildren? Lazada has it. How about your nine month old nephew? Lazada has it too! With nine (9) virtual floors of goods ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment, you’ll find everything you need on your browser or mobile app.

3. Save while you Shop

Sounds too good? Yes we mean it and we mean it very well. With special sales and competitive prices, Lazada promises great brands at affordable prices so you won’t break the bank this holiday (or all-year-round).
4. Style Up for the Season

Philippines may be all sun and no snow but the newly launched in-house fashion label, LZD, offers you a colourful assortment of clothing and accessories suitable for our tropical climate. You can also surprise your loved ones with stylish gifts from UK and US high street fashion brands, available exclusively at Lazada.
5. Shop on-the-go

Running on a tight schedule this December? Lazada offers an enviable mobile shopping experience via smartphone, tablet, iOS and Android apps so you can fill your stockings in the bath, on the train or on your lunch break!

Inanc Balci added, “More people than ever before will be shopping online this holiday season, as consumers want to beat crowds, queues and the inconvenience of shopping in malls and busy shopping districts. With a wide range of product offerings all under one digital roof, consumers can shop effortlessly at Lazada without having to leave their home.”

So how can you be part of the Online Revolution happening this 12.12? Simply log into to get the best deals of the year and subscribe to our Facebook Fanpage at

About Lazada

Lazada is Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping mall, with operations in Indonesia (, Malaysia (, Philippines (, Singapore ( Thailand ( and Vietnam (, with a sourcing center in Hong Kong that drives cross-border marketplace activities.
Launched in March 2012, Lazada has grown rapidly to include approximately 3,000 employees across Southeast Asia. The company has an online footprint of more than 2 million daily visits to its websites, and the largest Facebook following in Southeast Asia with over 9 million fans.
Lazada is pioneering eCommerce in the region by providing customers with an effortless shopping experience with multiple secure payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive customer care and free returns. Lazada features an extensive product offering in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment.
Lazada is part of the Lazada Group which also includes the C2C platform, Lamido.

About the Online Revolution

The Online Revolution is the Southeast Asian version of Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Singles Day. But compared to the other events, Online Revolution is a month-long sale at Lazada in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The event kicks off for the first time in Singapore on November 2014 and will be an annual event.

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