Sunday, December 27, 2015

Nutri10 Plus Keeps The Doctor Away

No, offense, Doc. B! 

But Adrian is doing really well, despite the germs that I have been harboring for like two weeks na!

If you have been wondering why I am publishing lesser posts this month, blame it not on the busy holiday season. Just when I thought I would end this year without getting my yearly upper respiratory tract infection (I swear, it is like clockwork.  I hope it won’t visit next year), I came up with an infected right ear, a congested left ear, and a very bad case of upper respiratory tract infection.  I needed to stop my 4K daily run although I was not able to get my badly-needed rest because of the office party where we need to do a crazy ‘80s dance routine.

So, anyway, I was so worried this tough boy could catch my bug.

Not a chance!

Could it be because of what was inside this package which I got from Wert Philippines via Mommy Bloggers Philippines

2015-11-18 19_opt

Nutri10Plus Syrup

2015-11-18 19_opt (1)

Nutri10Plus Syrup helps our kids have healthier bodies and minds.

What’s in Nutri10Plus Syrup?

Every 5mL of Nutri10Plus Syrup contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) + Zinc + Taurine + Lysine + Vitamins such as A, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C which help overall immunity, maximize physical growth and enhance brain development.
Here’s what these awesome ingredients do:
  • Chlorella Growth Factor helps children grow at an accelerated rate and increase healing of damaged tissues.
  • Taurine plays an important role in brain development, it is an anti-anxiety agent and helps protect the cells from the damaging effects of too much sunlight.
  • Lysine helps boost a child’s appetite
  • Zinc helps strengthen the cells and organs
Nutri10Plus is recommended for children 1-12 years old when rapid growth happens and additional energy is required to sustain their activities.
Just the right vitamin Adrian needs. MommyUnwired

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