Sunday, May 31, 2015

Get The Best Value For Your Property With CitiGlobal

Do you own wide but neglected, unused and undeveloped lands?

You can maximize their earning potential as the real estate business sector is expected to grow once the ASEAN integration happens.

What is the ASEAN Integration?

Set to happen this year, the 11 member-countries of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN,) which includes the Philippines, will create a regional community wherein the region will be transformed “into a single market and production base, a highly competitive region, a region of equitable economic development, and a region fully integrated into the global economy.” The community which will be named ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will create a single market where goods, capital and skilled labor will be allowed to move freely across the borders of the ASEAN countries.

CitiGlobal Land Partnership
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elimidrol: Providing Quick Relief from the Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal

Modern medicine has grown to great lengths to discover products that alleviate intense pain. For instance, Opioids are used to reduce the intensity of pain and are usually prescribed for mild to severe pain.

Elimidrol opiate withdrawal relief
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These drugs work by reducing the perception of pain. Because of the relief that patients feel every time they take these drugs, some patients become dependent on them.  Others may in fact become addicted to them inasmuch as users experience euphoria when using these drugs.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Take An Active Role in Your Health with Personalabs

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Are you like me who worry about visiting the doctor and fearing all the costs, the time and the effort that would go with the doctor’s visit?

Are you like me who has a family curse of allergies and would endure all the sniffing and the sneezing and those awful skin rashes hoping that i t is just a seasonal thing?

Are you feeling that fatigue and the stress from your job and worried about what they can do to your body and your health?

Are you in need of a pregnancy test, concerned about exposure to STDs or a complete female health checkup and want a discreet and less expensive way to be checked?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy 70th, Unilab!


Happy 70th, Unilab!
unilab-70 years

Yes, Unilab, the brand that I and millions of Filipino household trust is celebrating its 70 years! 
Unilab, which brought us household brands Biogesic, Ceelin, Neozep and Enervon, is marking this monumental milestone as it launches its latest corporate campaign, “Alam Namin.” 
Unilab’s “Alam Namin” campaign focuses on our everyday unsung heroes as they continue to personify Husay at Malasakit in serving their family, community and country without expecting anything in return

These unsung heroes are fathers, mothers like you and me, who work hard to give our children a better life.  They are the doctors and healthcare providers who strive to work in the direst condition while giving quality service to their patients.  They are drugstore partners bringing vital and much-needed medicines to the most remote barangays in the country.   

Unilab is aware of how these unsung heroes embody husay at malasakit in giving their best care to people they serve and love. This inspired Unilab to channel its own Husay and Malasakit as it strives to consistently develop products and services that are affordable and accessible to every Filipino.  For Unilab, every Filipino is cared for the way he should be. 

Starting from research to quality compliance, marketing to distribution, from products to people—Unilab makes sure each customer’s well-being is taken cared of throughout his health journey. Husay at malasakit exemplifies what Unilab stands for, of who it is at its very core.

From a small corner drugstore, Unilab has grown to become the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the country.

Today, many of Unilab’s products continue to be trusted by Filipino families. Some of Unilab's popular over-the-counter brands are Ceelin, Enervon, Biogesic, Alaxan, Solmux, Neozep, Bioflu,Revicon Forte,Dolfenal and Myra E. Some of Unilab's top prescription brands are Vidastat (simvastatin), Lifezar (Losartan K), Combizar (Losartan K + HCTZ), Zegen (Cefuroxime), Levox (Levofloxacin).

Husay at Malasakit, that is the Unilab way.

That is the Filipino way!Mommy Unwired

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

How To Make a Tie-Dyed Shirt With Your Child

Help your child do his own tie-dyed shirt!

When our pre-school child engages in arts and crafts (even before we force on them how to read and write), we are stimulating his creativity and imagination and at the same time developing his tactile skills and fine motor development 
A child who uses his hands to make beautiful colorful strokes and shades of colors will learn to communicate, through his art creation his mood and feelings.

Before Adrian went to nursery school in 2010, instead of enrolling him in a summer class where kids do activities like learning how to read and write and do numbers, I put him in an arts and crafts program at Bridges Tutorial Learning Center where the children do crafts while listening to nursery rhymes.

Here is how he made a tie-dyed shirt:

Materials:Dye (red, blue, purple, yellow
White Plain Cotton T-Sirt
Rubber Bands
Hot Water (with adult supervision)

Monday, May 11, 2015

CloudFone Takes Lead in Tablet Innovation

CloudFone earns distinction as first to introduce intel-based tablets on newest android OS and Dual-OS

CloudFone today proved its disruptive mettle as it became the first OEM to launch the country’s first Intel-based Android Lollipop tablet called CloudPad One7.0, and the first Intel-based dual-OS tablets namely CloudPad Epic 7.1 and CloudPad Epic 8.9.

Homegrown OEM breaks ground for Lollipop in Asia

The first ever Intel-based Android Lollipop 5.0 device to be introduced in Asia, CloudPad One 7.0 is a result of close collaboration between CloudFone and partners such as Intel.

CloudPad One 7.0

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Philippines ranked 105 out of 179th in best and toughest places to be a mom

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Save the Children launched its global 16th 'State of the World's Mothers' index which ranks each country in the world as the best and toughest places to be a mother. Every year, the report contains the Mothers’ Index which uses the latest data on maternal health, child health, educational attainment, economic status and female political participation to rank 175+ countries on where it’s best and toughest to be a mother.

Here is a piece of good news: Child survival rates in Metro Manila improved by 50% says Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers report.

Metro Manila was among top cities in the world to cut child mortality rates among urban poor, according to 2015 State of the World’s Mothers global index published by Save the Children.


Thursday, May 07, 2015

Decorating The Yard

A gazebo in the back yard is a way for you to have a place to relax after work or to entertain friends and family. You can get a wooden gazebo that often remains in one place after it is erected. There are also vinyl gazebos that are easier to put up and easier to move if you leave the home or if you want to put it somewhere else in the yard.

There isn't a lot of work involved in making sure a vinyl gazebo stays in good condition. You don't have to stain them, and there aren't any seals involved to keep water from leaking. There isn't any wood that needs to be treated or painted. This material is an ideal option if you want to put a hot tub under the gazebo or if you want to add a picnic area. They are often more reliable than wooden gazebos as they are better at keeping out moisture. These are lighter, making them easier to move around if you want to change the appearance of the yard or if you want to take the gazebo to a friend's home for a celebration. You can attach items to the side of the gazebo, such as lights or decorations as you would with one that is made of wood.mommyunwired

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

{Review}Casa de Lorenzo’s Coffee Dark Castile Soap

I start my day with a cup of this…


then this…


Isn’t it obvious?  I love coffee so much I bathe in it!

How to Help Your Child with Asthma

Asthma is a condition you would not want to have.

I should know.

I have asthma.

My father had asthma, some of his brothers have asthma, several of my cousins have asthma, two of my kids have developed some skin asthma, rashes, eczema, skin issues, it will run in our family forever!

How Asthma Affects Your Child


If asthma is hard to live with even for an older person like me, imagine how asthma could affect a younger child. I personally know a parent (a high school batch mate) who lost her child to an intense asthma attack. Yes, asthma can be deadly and the younger the child suffering of asthma is, the more we should give special attention.