Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Is Your #workouttowork Routine?

One of my greatest diet downfall is this:


And when I do fall (and I won’t mention how many times), I tend to be lax on my workout as well.
But like every fitness experts say, in fitness, it’s the little things that count.

Start your day right with McDonald's all-new Cheesy Eggdesal

Manila, Philippines – For Filipinos, nothing beats waking up to a good breakfast that is not only delicious and filling, but one that also brings a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Cheesy Eggdesal 3_opt

Ballet Manila Presents "Flight 1" and "Flight 2" July 31 and August 1 at Star Theater

Ballet Manila enjoins dance enthusiasts all over the country to cheer for their world class performers in "Flight 1" on July 31, and "Flight 2" on August 1 at 8 pm at the Star Theater.

Ballet Manila Flight 1 & 2

How to Beat Opiate Addiction

I have a friend who is a pharmacist and she told me that a lot of people buy prescription painkillers.  Her company is quite strict with dispensing these  painkillers inasmuch as abusing these painkillers will make them dependent.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Be Sexy and Hot with RedoXfat

How’s your weekend going, ladies?

Months ago, I wrote and asked about how you were doing with your new year’s weight loss goals so far. 

It will soon be August, and I know, we have become more conscious of our health and our body.
However, with all the temptations around (like those yummy cupcakes on instagram!), trying to reach our weight goals is a real struggle.

Now, your trusted life ally, ATC Healthcare, believes that a healthy body reflects a slim figure. That is why they created a product that aids in achieving a slim and healthy figure– RedoXfat.


Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Common PowerPoint Mistakes

Even though the software has been out for decades, there are still PowerPoint rookies making the same presentation mistakes over and over again. If you don't want to be one of them, here are just five common errors to avoid.


1. Walls of Text

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Best Ways to Help Your Child With Homework

Dinner is over, the dishes are done, and you can finally cozy up with a good book or a favorite TV show.

Unless you’re the parent of a tween or teen.

Evenings are when my two teenagers tackle hours of homework.  And I’m right in there – checking math problems, finding good web sites, reviewing English vocabulary…

How did this happen?

The increased emphasis on standardized testing, K to 12 programs and other educational overhauls mean teachers can’t cover all the necessary material in a given school day.  The result is the kids have to master a lot more on their own – and that means more homework.
Here’s how you can help.


Get them to use the computer

Supercharge Your Workout with RPM2

I suck at watching what I eat, which is why I get more cheat days than diet days, but I am pretty strict with my workout.

Supercharge Your Workout

I need to do at least a 3K run or a Jillian Michael’s circuit training at least 3 times a week.

On a particularly fitness-inspired day, I tend to over-train…

And that’s not good for a forty-something mom, I tell you.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Remembering the Baguio City Earthquake

It  has been 25 years since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Baguio City. 

I can remember the day vividly, but I cannot bring myself to write about:
  • the sheer terror, the pain, the sight of dead bodies of University of Baguio students wrapped in blankets lined up on my elementary school playground as I saw parents bending to take a look, hear their  silent wish (“Lord, let it not be my child…”), and cringe at the anguished wails.

Are Fruits Making You Fat?

Have you ever tried losing weight and felt VERY proud of yourself when you said no to:
  • pizza
  • burger
  • ice cream
  • cake…
and ate just FRUIT?

Because you think it is one of the HEALTHIEST things you can eat (yes, UNLI, Unlimited!) to shed those excess pounds?

That’s what you think…


Eating lots of fruits may just be the reason why you are not losing weight.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

“7 Ways Of Dealing With Your Toddler's Anger”

Recently, I refused to allow my daughter to go to a sleepover at her friends’. She yelled at me that I was a bad mother and stomped towards her room, seething with anger. We are all capable of getting angry, and we feel like we will spiral out of control. It is not any different with our kids. It does not mean you are a bad parent if your kids get angry. There are, however, ways to appropriately react to your kids when they are angry and diffuse the tension. Here are seven ways of appropriating anger management in kids that I found extremely useful with my children.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
1. Learn To Stay Calm: How do you sort an escalated argument between your spouse and you? Don’t you take time off to calm down and then talk things out? So, when your child is throwing a tantrum, it does not mean your yelling back at them will give you control. Reminding your child that she is unreasonable or that it is her fault, will only aggravate the problem. I understand it is difficult for kids, but kids also need to cool off before they can understand your reasons. Otherwise, it is just another argument with the child that ends up leaving both you and your child feeling horrible. You can ask your kid if they want some time off and take it up later. You can calm your child only if you remain calm.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

8 Tricks to Lose Weight Without Virtually Doing Anything

There are some stuff that sort of creep into you…

Like your weight.

I have been comfortable with myself, and my 3K treadmill run (which used to be every day, then every other day to once a week to once a month), until I noticed my loose jeans became skinny jeans…



Tuesday, July 07, 2015

I Dare You To Love Your Body

We know we’re supposed to love our bodies, but like many things in life, it is EASIER SAID THAN DONE. 

But why shouldn’t we love our body?  It just happens to be the most sophisticated machine ever invented and we only get one in our lifetime, right?

Whether it is eating smart, dressing for your body type, indulging it with our talents like our love for music and anything from musiciansfriend, or appreciating it instead of putting it down, treating it right is equal to loving yourself. 

Show it some love and it will thank you for the rest of your life.Mommy Unwired

Exciting New Looks For Your Walls

After living with the same color walls for years, sometimes it can be time for a change. But if just changing colors doesn't sound interesting enough, there's also the option of murals or wall decals to add more scenery and personality to your rooms. If murals are too expensive and decals seem too simple, you might be surprised by some of the current ones out there. More realistic decals are a new and exciting trend, furthered by websites such as The prices are very reasonable and the available categories quite varied.

While intended for children's walls, either at home or in school classrooms, adults will also enjoy the fun and unique designs. Beautifully painted animals of many different kinds are featured, from cows, sheep and horses to majestic birds and even exotic safari animals. A room can be designed to look like the middle of Africa, a South American rainforest or a quiet country farm.

For sea life lovers of every age, there are gorgeous underwater decals of creatures as varied as playful dolphins and adorable clown fish. Some are even positioned to look right at you. Turn a wall or a room into a beautiful ocean to look at and enjoy every day.

Monday, July 06, 2015

What are De Minimis Benefits Given to Employees?

When we get our sweldo, tanggap na lang tayo ng tanggap, without figuring out how it was computed.  For instance, have you ever considered re-computing your withholding tax to find out if it would come close to the amount withheld from your salary?  You can check it now via the Withholding Tax Calculator.

Have you also wondered why some benefits you received has no bawas na withholding tax?
These benefits must be “De Minimis Benefits.”

What are De Minimis Benefits?


Saturday, July 04, 2015

How To Compute Your Withholding Tax

I get a lot of queries on how to compute Philippine Withholding Tax on Compensation.  I have been intending to make a post about it, but taking screenshots of the withholding tax table, while explaining the computation at the same time may be difficult for the readers to comprehend.

Finally, you can now compute your withholding tax by using the BIR’s Withholding Tax Calculator.


Restrictions/Limitations on the use of BIR's Withholding Tax Calculator

  • The application is not downloadable.

  • The application is simply an automated computation of the withholding tax due based only on the information entered into by the user in the applicable boxes. Accordingly, the withholding tax due computed by the calculator cannot be used as basis of complaints of employees against their employers.

  • No validation process is being performed on the following information:

    • Basic Salary/Statutory Minimum Wage Earner (whether or not the basic salary is more than or less than the statutory minimum wage in the National Capital Region or in other regions)

    • De Minimis Benefits (whether or not the total de minimis benefits received by the employee is more than or less than the total threshold)

    • The Cumulative Average Method in computing withholding taxes (where the total supplementary compensation is equal or greater than the total regular compensation) cannot be accommodated in the calculator.


What are Personal and Additional Exemptions?

Income Tax Return Filing for Employees and Individuals Earning Non-Business/Non-Profession Income

Tax Exemption of Minimum Wage Earners

What is BIR Form 2316?

To access Withholding Tax Calculator click here.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Hand-Made Jewelry Made in America

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.

Happy Fabulous Friday!

Who loves jewelry? Raise your hands.

(I bet all you ladies are raising your hands!) Practically every woman loves jewelry. For me, it started when I was a pre-schooler, when my mom had my ears pierced.  Since then, there is something about the dazzle, the glitter and the glam that made me want to sneak inside my parents’ room, open my mom’s jewelry box, try every ring, necklace, bracelet, even her brooch, then return them to their proper places before she gets home.

I still love jewelry now, even if I had to give up my earrings when I had babies and they would literally grab the earrings and try to put them inside their mouths.  Lately, I also have been on the lookout for eclectic designs and designs hand-made by independent jewelry designers and artisans.