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#CeletequeBDJBoxElite2016 brought the Merry to my Christmas

Hey, there, Gorgeous!
Coming on the heels of the BDJ Box Elite September (which I still have to write about – procrastination issues ) is the December BDJ Box Elite which honestly sold like hotcakes!  I reserved my box around the second week of November and NEVER received any confirmation that my order got through.
So, anyway, not until I got a shipping notice from Xend was able to confirm that I would be getting my December BDJ Box Elite.
IKR.  No “Hey, we received your payment.” churva even when I emailed the BDJ Box Team, asked them on their Facebook page, emailed them again.
But, anyway! I was one HAPPY lady when I got my box.
Aba, may karapatan naman palang magmalaki to not answer my emails and queries.
Because inside the box are FULL-SIZED beauty products from Celeteque DermoCosmetics.
Let’s check them out:
(and oh, I forgive you na, BDJ, despite not answering my email and ignoring me on facebook…)
The BDJ Elite Box which contains the gift of 2x beautiful is packed with everyday makeup that cares for your skin.
BDJ December Elite Box
Says the BDJ Box Team:
In keeping with the holiday spirit, the all-new Celeteque DermoCosmetics, included in this month’s BDJ Box Elite, perfectly blends the enhancing touch of cosmetics and the nurturing benefits of expert skin care.

Celeteque DermoCosmetics 24=Hour Photoready Matte Primer

One of my must-haves is a wonderful primer. My current fave is Smashbox Photofinish Hydrating Foundation Primer. I am having great expectations with this Celeteque DermoCosmetics 24-Hour Photoready Matte Primer, which at 15g sells at Php 825.  A steal, right? And!  I am pleased so far.  This 24-hour Photoready Matte Primer glides onto my skin creating a soft, matte look.

Celeteque DermoCosmteics CC Microhydrating Powder

I am awed Celeteque did a version of a Microhydrating Powder!  I got the Celeteque DermoCosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in Classic Natural which claims to pack hydrating power as it quickly blends, evens out your complexion, controls oil and shine, giving you a silky soft matte finish while keeping your face well-moisturized and protected with its SPF 30 double sunscreen protection. Astig! At 10g, its SRP is Php 930.
CC Micro-Hydarting Powder

Celeteque DermoCosmetics Longwear Eyeshadow Palette


Long-Wear Eyeshadow

Err, I mean, These!
Three, Trois, Tatlo!
Show vivid and naturally-toned eyelids at your next holiday party with the easy-to-blend Long-wear Eyeshadow Palette.  I got three of these palettes (Oh, BDJ, you are sooo generous) in Smokey Grey, Pink Orchid and Warm Brown.  These long wear palettes include an eye primer.  How cool is that? (SRP-P725)

Celeteque DermoCosmetics 2-in-1 Eyebag Miracle Kit

2-in-1 Eyebag Miracle Kit
Getting ngarag on too many holiday parties can give you those ugly bags under your eyes.  This product – which should be perfect for me – claims to reduce puffiness, cover and lighten eyebags.  It has CytobiolTM Lumin-eye, which claims to reduce under-eye bags and puffiness, plus Vitamin E, which nourishes and hydrates skin, and antioxidants like Ubiquinone, Squalane, and Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract.
(Comes in Light, Natural and Beige at Php 745)

Celeteque DermoCosmetics Eyebrow Defining Kit

There’s nothing that makes you look polished than a perfectly-defined pair of brows.  Celeteque DermoCosmetics Eyebrow Defining Kit (which I got in both Dark Brown and Medium Brown set – I love you, BDJ, talaga) which cost P600 each contains a tinted wax and color-complementing eyebrow powder.  This product which contains Argan Kernel Oil gives the kit a smooth texture for an easy-to-blend application for well-defined eyebrows.
Eyebrow Defining Kit
Open Eyebrow Defining Kit

Celeteque DermoCosmetics Moisturizing Lip and Cheek Duo

I love multi-tasking products, like my favorite Etude Dear Darling Tint. Since it is almost empty, like I have to rub the applicator to get to the clingy liquid tint on the bottle edges na, I am glad I got this Lip and Cheek Duo from Celeteque DermoCosmetics.  Coming in Rosy Blush and Soft Berry at P665, this oil-free, streak-free mousse formula enriches and moisturizes lips and cheeks with powerful anti-oxidants like Vitamin E.
Moisturizing Lip and Cheek Duo

Celeteque DermoCosmetics UltraNourishing Lip Lacquer

And OMG, more lippies!  I got all the colors in my box – natural nude, soft pink and velvet red! (they sell at Php645 a pop).  These babies keep your lips soft, hydrated and soft all day long with its castor seed oil  and panthenol formula.

Photo includes the Lip and Cheek Duo
Lippie Swatches

Hydrolyzed Moisturizing mist

And just when I was done hyperventilating with all the above-mentioned full-size products, I got the Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist at 50 ml! (retails at Php 150).  I hope it is as good as Evian since it claims to restore your skin’s moisture, improve elasticity and softness.

Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist

and finally, the Celeteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-aging Cleansing Oil

My bad habit is not washing my face enough to remove makeup (kaya hello, blemishes).  Celeteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-aging Cleansing Oil is a great way to remove all your makeup while preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles and providing moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits.  This oil at 50ml is priced at Php 249.

Am I loving this #CeletequeBDJBoxElite2016 #Giftof2xBeautiful or what? All of these, which retails at around Php6,700 set me back at only Php 1,480.
Isn’t BDJ Box lurve?MommyUnwired

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