Saturday, April 30, 2016

One Way To Prevent Allergies This Summer

It’s summer, and you are supposed to be having fun, strumming with your fab shubb capo, but are you up to your neck in allergies?

It must be that skin care line you bought!

Skin care

Don’t blow your money on an entire skincare line.  Check your reaction to the product first.

Remember that the hypoallergenic label only states that the product has minimal chances of inducing an allergy.  It is not a guarantee.

Ask for samples of the product or buy the smallest bottle, then apply it on your jawline and wait 48 hours for any reaction.  If you know you have sensitive skin, try only one new product at a time, so you can easily pinpoint the cause of the breakout.MommyUnwired

Baby-soft Skin for Summer

In a hurry to get smooth, baby-soft skin?  It takes about a month of your skin cells to turn over and reveal soft, new skin.  This natural process slows down as you age, so you need to help expedite the process by exfoliating regularly.


Once a week, before you shower and after fixing all those rca cables you used in your karaoke session, spritz oil all over your body.

Next, take a natural-bristle body brush and in short, light strokes, work your way from feet to your neck.

Finish off with your choice of body moisturizer.MommyUnwired

Monday, April 25, 2016

Why All-Natural Belo Baby is Best For Your Baby

We have this family curse.

We have the most sensitive skin. 

I am serious.

Dust would touch my skin and my kids’ skin, and rashes will magically appear.

Sunlight shining on our skin? If it is too hot (like the sun over there at Manila…Thank goodness we live in Baguio), blisters would magically appear.

Ate something prohibited? Those annoying rashes appear, too.

(And I will tell you sometime about that time I have been rushed to the hospital just for eating fishball.)

That is why I am very vigilant of what product touches our skin. If it has something which I cannot pronounce or have difficulty spelling out (like tetrasodium edta, magnesium sulfate, sodium tallowate, phtalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate,formaldehyde (!) , and tetrasoidum etidronate. I know right. Creepy!), I toss them out.

The baby product needs to be:
BELO BABY Guarantee with Icon
…which I found in this cute bucket of  all-natural Belo Baby products…


Wait a minute.  It is from Belo. Is it a whitening line?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is the Led Outdoor Light a troubling thing?

Husband: Are you hungry? Shall I make a bowl of noodles for you?

Wife: No Husband: What about some fruit?

Wife: No Husband: How about washing cloth and moping the floor?

Wife: no

Husband: Honey, I beg you give me some tasks, I'm too free.

Wife: Go down on your knees! Don't stand up until tomorrow! I told you several times, to buy led outdoor light, what have done?

Husband: Sorry. I'll remember it in my deep heart, next time.

It's common for us to quarrel, especially, husband and wife after marriage, there is a book that describes the differences between men and women. It said that men are from Mars, women are from Venus, it's unavoidable for them to misunderstand each other, their thought, shape, action are so different from each other. They are mutually attracted and repel. However, after married, men will choose to be henpecked to avoid the quarrel. So, men, if you don't want to be blamed by your wife, buy Led Outdoor Light. Women, if you are eager to make your husband meek, buy Led Outdoor Light.


Does the Led Outdoor Light is a troubling thing? The answer is NO. Instead of causing quarrel, it really deserves to be taken home. There are four key trustworthy points of led outdoor light, high power led chip, Seiko aviation aluminum, intelligent IC driver, as well as the sole large radiate, Led Outdoor Light is born for quality. It brings us value and vigor, applying to advertising board, wall, and parks etc. Moreover, comprehensive worry-free serves, genuine security, and lifetime warranty will free you from worries. It's the best choice for you. If you aren't buy led outdoor light, you are be punished by your wife. To purchase or to be punished, it depends on you.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

McDonald’s Welcomes New Batch of Kiddie Crew this summer 2016

Five years ago, Adrian joined his very first annual Kiddie Crew Workshop.  He was the youngest and it was amazing how much he has learned so much in the five-day workshop.

He learned how to serve, wait, and clean tables…

Adrian cleaning tables

He learned teamwork…


Sunday, April 03, 2016

Do Veggies Make You Fat?

We’re done with the first quarter and…
Like a month ago, I am asking you again about your weight goals.  Are you there yet or barely there?
Well, if you are “barely there” (like me), I got news for you!
I have found something to blame again.
Now, I am blaming VEGGIES!
Do Veggies Make You Fat?
You read that right.  There are 6 veggies that you should avoid if you want to lose weight.
You've probably been told over and over again that veggies are extremely healthy and help you burn fat, but truth is, there are SIX specific veggies that you absolutely MUST avoid if you ever want to have a flat stomach.
You see, these rogue veggies wreak havoc on your body's fat-burning hormones and quickly bring weight loss to a dead stop -- even though you're trying to eat healthy! 
Want to know which ones they are? Download the brand new free report from my good friend Joel Marion in just a few seconds below and don't fall victim to these waist-expanding veggies ever again:

==> 6 veggies that CAUSE fat gain (Yikes!)