Saturday, May 21, 2016

May’s Greatest Hits

For me, May is practically a perfect month.  The first week involved  a long weekend (Hello, May election day), and in between we celebrated…

Mother’s Day.

voted for the country’s future,



witnessed Adrian Move Up in a grand way (2 major awards plus an endless list of best in’s,

When you realize that yes,he is wise beyond his years.Congratulations,Yoda err, Adrian!

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caught a glimpse of him in a short Indie film called the “bullfighter,”

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May also means long, sunny days playing outside and fresh, yummy desserts…

"Strawberries are the angels of the earth" #day39

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#blessedsunday #day59

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#westietude #day51

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May means rain…


And my eldest daughter having her graduation pic…

Darling, you're a queen. Don't let any man half love you. #vsco #vscoph #vscocam #vscogrid #vscophile

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It means puppy kisses


lazy days,

Lemon water or strawberry slushie? #day53

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and beautiful memories.

Coffee,pizza and selfie #day52

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Here is One Way To Look Great and Confident

Ever feel like there was just something missing from your new bikini or whenever you wear a low cut blouse or dress?  They might be your favorite color, it flatters your butt and  and yet, you like to be more showy in a way.  Ladies are always on the vain side and looking good boost up our confidence.  For those who use ruffles, push-up tops, and even gel inserts but they never seem enough, let me tell you about this one website which can give you a great boob job to make you looking good and great! 


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Losing (even a little) Weight Can Save Your Life

It is almost halfway through the year, and I bet that you guys have stayed faithful to your new year’s health resolutions.  I probably did way better last year when I started setting goals like running for around 2 km for 30 days, adding a kilometer for another 30 days until I reach five.  I am still running now, although I miss a day or two when I am super tired, but I need to work more on the diet.  I am glad I maintained the daily run (although there are some weeks when I can’t run everyday).



Sunday, May 15, 2016

Secrets To Make Over Your Bad Habits

So you’ve tried (and tried again) to get to bed at a decent hour…or stop biting your nails…or quit losing your keys – but without any luck.  Don’t give up! Read on for the secrets to changing any self-sabotaging behavior, and your life.


When I got pregnant a few years ago, I decided to ditch my caffeine habit.  Too much coffee wasn’t good for me, my baby or my wallet.  (Plus, I don’t want my daughter’s first words to be, “Double-espresso grande mocha, please”).  For a few days, I endured headaches and intense cravings – truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I could stick it out.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Six Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you have been recently diagnosed with hypertension or have had been living with this condition for a while, but are having problems getting it under control, the following tips may help you reduce your blood pressure.


Lose your extra weight