Monday, October 31, 2016

Cheers to life. Cheers to Everyday.

This post is dedicated to my eldest daughter who has given me nothing but pride, joy and happiness.

The first half of the year marked significant milestones.  Barely out of her teens, she graduated from college and within a month after receiving her degree, she has aced her board exams. 

Cheers To Life! Cheers To Everyday!

As our first-born, she has not more than once, voiced out her concern about my expectations from her, but I knew that she thrived at my and her expectations.  And as she goes through this journey called life, I know that she will thrive with the promise of future celebrations.  Because I know she knows that with her cheerfulness, joie d’ vivre and innate kindness, she will seize life.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Does Your Child Want A Puppy?(Or a cat?or an iguana? (A Family-Pet Primer)

There will come a time when your child will beg for a pet.

Is your child really ready?

Are you?

When our family cocker spaniel, Toxie, passed on a year after my dad did in 2014, I have to admit the void was overwhelming.


But when my kids practically begged me to get a new dog, I put my foot down.

I refused.

Visions of giving the dog a bath, cleaning pee and poop, walking the dog, hair on the sofa, bed, and food haunted me.

So, no.

But what if the hubby came home with this bundle of joy?


Doesn’t that look melt your heart?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Get ready for a terrific trick-or-treat with McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day

I bet all roads lead to McDonald’s as it hosts its first ever Grand Halloween Family Fun Day at J. Center Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu, on October 22, 2016, and at the World Trade Center Metro Manila on October 29, 2016!

(Why no Baguio Crying face?)


​​Kids and the whole family look forward to Halloween year on year because of playful trick-or-treats, creative costumes, and fun activities.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher: Your Defense Against the Threats of Dengue and Zika


O.M.G.! It is here! 

For long-time readers of this blog, I bet you can remember that way back in June, 2013, as my dad struggled at the ICU, my two children were confined with dengue.  Since then, the sight of mosquitoes and the threats they carry (which, by the way, includes Japanese encephalitis.  We are having cases here in the Cordillera and according to my children’s pediatrician, this is caused by mosquitoes as well).

I am so glad Sharp came up with the Sharp Pharmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher which can be one of our defenses against these diseases.

Sharp Family_opt

Payday Loans: Hints and Tips

Payday loans are often the only viable option if you are faced with a sudden financial exigency. It can be your messiah and it can help you cross that one humph that was obstructing your path. However, before taking a payday loan, make sure that you have considered all the other financial alternatives that you have and you have thoroughly weighed all your options. You need to consider the plausible outcomes also. Analyze the situation carefully.

Business Building 101: Strategies That Will Entail Real Results

If you're trying to build your business, you don't have time for strategies that don't work or yield marginal results. Instead, you need access to proven techniques that are known to generate substantive outcomes that keep your company moving forward. Here are just three business-building techniques you can use to ensure that your company attains real results:

Business Building 101

1. Purchase High Quality Equipment.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Travelite Express Hotel, Baguio City #wheretostayinbaguio

Being that I am a full-time resident of the country’s summer capital and having lived here for practically my entire lifetime, I get lots of questions on places to go and places to crash in #wheninbaguio.  The last one is very important, actually, and the good news is that hotels in Baguio City generally don’t charge as much as, say a hotel in San Juan, La Union whose receptionists quoted us a whopping P10,000 for an overnight stay (we were just looking for a place to stay on our way to Vigan!).
So, anyway, one of the recently constructed hotels in front of the Baguio City Hall has opened its doors to this awesome promo (scroll down below for their October promo).
Looking for a place to stay #WhenInBaguio? Here is my UPDATED LIST (As of 2016) of hotels/inns/bed & baths to stay when in Baguio.
Travelite Express Hotel, Baguio City

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Expert Advice on Shopping For Your Family’s Next Computer

If your kids aren’t clamoring for computer time yet, they probably will soon. 
You see, aside from the fun they can have playing games and watching Pewdie Pie on YouTube, they are also asked to do research using Mr. Google.  Other really smart ones compose music or make their own computer software programs (Seriously! I know kids who do!)
Unless you’re a graphic designer, a professional gamer or a programmer yourself, chances are your current desktop or laptop won’t grow with your kids’ needs.  When you decide it’s time to shop for a new family computer, there are lots of options.  That means you will be able to find something that ticks all the techie boxes and doesn’t blow your budget.
To help you get the combination that’s best for your family, we will walk you through the questions you should consider before you buy.

Should I buy a laptop or a desktop?