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Welcome to Mommy Unwired - A blog about my awesome mommy movie moments as I deal with kids, tantrums, wonderful moments and teenage angst. For this mommy, everything is the matter.

Mommy Unwired was launched on August 4, 2012 on one tiny netbook on my kitchen table.
My goal back then was pretty small and still is today…

To Find My Movie Moments.

All too often, movies and TV series have us believing that special moments happen rarely, like maybe just twice or thrice in a lifetime (and slightly more often during finales and ratings week).  While it is true that sparks don’t fly every five minutes and life-changing epiphanies don’t rain down all day long, I still believe that magical moments happen to us and all around us – all the time.  When you learn to find the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary, you unlock a secret skill – the power to see all of life’s beauty and possibilities.

With your new power, you can have an endless string of Movie Moments day after day, and more than one Happy Ending in your lifetime – all while rocking to an awesome Life Soundtrack that’s perfectly you.  Whenever I have those girlie talks with my girls, it’s a Movie Moment in the making.  Whenever I’m riding in The Vince’s car and he gives me a sideways glance and a smile, a favorite playlist starts in my head. And every day after work, when I step in my house and my little boy hugs and kisses me, it’s absolutely a Happy Ending for me.

Parenting is tough, I know. Staying in love with your spouse amidst all the parenting chaos takes lots of commitment.  I know. For every parent, everything is a hit and miss.  But I want you to dwell on your Movie Moments to turn the drab into fab, the darkness into spectacular fireworks, the tiredness into boundless energy. 

I have faith this blog will not only help you live like a star.  I am hoping it will help you write, direct and produce your life movie too.

Lights, camera, action, Mommies!

P.S. E-mail me at marie(at)mommyunwired(dot)com anytime.  I’m a great listenerWinking smile

Meet Mommy Unwired
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Hello there. I'm Marie. So happy to meet you! I love the following: Jesus, my family and +friends, coffee, cold early mornings, awesome jeans, books, makeup, BB + CC creams, lippies, spoonfuls of peanut butter, cucumber, flowers, trees and the colors pink + purple.
I’m  a Certified Public Accountant by profession, blogger and part-time content writer, full time wife to The Vince, mom to Venessa Paula, 17, Gabrielle Nicole, 16 and Adrian Vincent, 9 who lives a Princess life.  Yes, Princess, like Cinderella on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors, doing loads of laundry and wiping snot and vomit from my sooty shirts.  I am soo kidding.  I love Sunday mass and breakfasts with my little gang , reading the whole day, shopping and occasionally staring into space (wondering why my laundry baskets keep refilling magically).  I secretly hate dieting, but I love to work out.  I love makeup and I am currently obsessed with shaping my brows perfectly.
          (And oh, the Tax Maven bit on my byline, it is really true.  If you have any tax-related Qs, shoot away           and I will answer you in a jiff!)
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